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Spanish classes in Noida

Spanish is spoken by over 400 million worldwide. It is world’s second-most spoken native language after Mandarin Chinese. It is also third most studied language in the world.

It is the official language or de facto language of 21 countries such as Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Perú, Uruguay, Venezuela, etc. In USA, Over 50 million people speak Spanish as their native or second language.

The world is becoming more connected and demand for those who are proficient in Spanish language in India is growing. Being fluent in Spanish language opens up the door to a variety of jobs and career options in India and abroad.

BPO and KPO industry offers excellent career scope for Spanish speakers in India. Most of these BPO/KPO come from USA where Spanish is the second most important language.

Multiple career paths like Travel and Tourism, Foreign service, Translation, Interpretation, Teaching, Journalism, International business for which proficiency in spoken and written Spanish can be a valuable asset.

Many Spanish-speaking regions such as Latin America are specifically seeking bilateral cooperation with India. This approach is opening a world of opportunities for many Indian companies.

Fluency in Spanish language will give you the opportunity to showcase yourself as a global employee, which can be filled with exciting and lucrative professional opportunities. Ability to speak the language definitely increase your growth manifold if you have Spanish mentioned in your CV.


Spanish Classes in Noida

We offer all types of Spanish classes in Noida – Whether you’re looking for Group classes at the institute or crash or or one to one french classes.

We also offer customized Spanish courses in Noida especially designed for CBSE, ICSE and IGCSE schools and various universities.

If you’re looking for Spanish classes in Noida, then you are in right place. LanguageNext offers various Spanish courses according to your level, interests and requirement.

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Key Benefits

  • Learn to speak, read, write and listen Spanish as you progress through the course levels.
  • Communicate in Spanish more confidently.
  • Improve your current or future employment opportunities with the addition of a Spanish language skill.
  • Small class sizes allow for high levels of interaction between students and the teacher.
  • Highly qualified and experienced teachers and advanced classroom technology create an ideal learning environment.
  • Our Spanish course contents are designed and customized as per international standard and guidelines like CEFR, DELE, SIELE.
  • We provide effective & self-explanatory study material, audio-video lessons, E-books, several practice set, etc. developed by our language experts.
  • We offer a certificate of completion after completing each course. We also prepare you to gain embassy and international certification.


  • CURRICULUM – Effective curriculum with a measurable plan and structure to enhance and develop learners’ competencies to complete tasks.
  • IMPLEMENTATION – Establish program goals, Create engaging learning through time-tested method, Deliver training at the right time and pace.
  • PROGRESS – Regular assessment through formative and summative assessments to monitor progress towards achieving learning objectives.
  • OUTCOME – Focus on cover career readiness, employability skills and enhancing the other activities with the aim of practicing Spanish skills.

Course Level, Duration, Fees

Beginners40 Hours / 3 Months₹ 12,000Weekdays and Weekends
Intermediate 140 Hours / 3 Months₹ 12,000Weekdays and Weekends
Intermediate 240 Hours / 3 Months₹ 12,000Weekdays and Weekends
Advanced 140 Hours / 3 Months₹ 12,000Weekdays and Weekends
Advanced 240 Hours / 3 Months₹ 12,000Weekdays and Weekends


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