Spanish for Beginners (Level 1)

Spanish for Beginners

This course, Spanish for Beginners (Level 1) introduces the fundamental elements of the Spanish language within a cultural context. Emphasis is on the development of elementary listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.


If you don’t have any Spanish background at all, this is the place to start. The Spanish for Beginners (Level 1) is also suitable for people who studied Spanish years ago but need to brush up on the basics. To ensure our students get direct and dedicated instruction from our experienced teachers, we keep our average class size between 6 to 10 students.

The Spanish for Beginners (Level 1) introduces the fundamental elements of the Spanish language within a cultural context. Emphasis is on the development of essential listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Each lesson will also include in-class conversation practice and real-life situations such as talking about yourself.

This Spanish for beginners course offers the grammar elements that students need to speak with appropriate structures. At the end of this course, the student will be able to perform oral and written exercises, use his cognitive abilities to analyze and understand the basic grammar rules and to strengthen his memory.

This course introduces students to the Spanish language by an intensive study of important aspects of pronunciation, intonation, vocabulary, grammar, and sentence formation through the use of practice sets, and audio lessons. At the same time, it introduces the workings and sounds of the language, and it provides the necessary tools to enable students to make sentences from scratch. This Spanish for Beginners (Level 1) course is based on level A1 of the CEFR.

Course Information

Duration — 2 to 3 Months / 40 Hours.
Students Per Batch — 6 to 10.
Mode of Instruction — English and Spanish.
Certification — Yes, at the end of the program.
Fee — Rs. 12,000 per level. (Original Price: Rs. 14,000).
Course Includes — Study Material, Audio Lessons, Registration, Job Guidance (Everything is FREE).
Prerequisites — No prior knowledge in Spanish.


The Spanish for Beginners (Level 1) program ends with a 2-hour test at the end to assess the student’s ability on listening, writing, reading and speaking and entitles them to a Certificate of completion. A course certificate is a proof that you completed and passed the course. Our institute helps you to prepare yourself for the official Spanish language diplomas and tests (DELE and SIELE).



Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs) are central to our course’s curriculum.

  • Over 34 topics and a minimum of 40 hours of Spanish classes!
  • LanguageNext will offer 30 beginners audio lessons that will help you to improve your listening and speaking skills.
  • Read, comprehend, and analyze a wide range of texts, such as small paragraphs and comprehension in Spanish.
  • Enable students to gain an appreciation and understanding of the diversity of the Spanish speaking world within the broader framework of multicultural communities and global perspectives.
  • Upon completion, students should be able to comprehend and respond with grammatical accuracy to spoken and written Spanish as well as demonstrate cultural awareness.
  • Course contents are designed by considering the current requirement, time-tested methodology, and the job market.
  • Our Spanish Courses are designed according to the student’s linguistic needs and teaching methods according to the individual’s profile.
  • Assignments, homework, practice sets, and audio lessons at the end of every session.
  • Knowledge of cultures is essential for facilitating communication with people. This course covers beginners level history, culture, and civilization.

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