Benefits of Learning Russian Language

Why Learn the Russian Language in India? If you’re uncertain about taking the plunge, then you’re at the right place. Explore 12 great reasons you should learn.

Why Learn Russian

Why learn Russian of all the choices?

If you’re uncertain about taking the plunge, then you’re at the right place. In this post, I’ll unveil 12 surpassing reasons you should study the Russian Language in India.

The knowledge of language unlocks doors and opens a whole new world for you.

Language skills are indispensable to be able to interact at the world level and understand the social and cultural functions.

You might already have your genuine reasons for acquiring a new language.

Perhaps you are exploring new language career alternatives, or you like the sound of a particular accent or taking advantage of an exciting language job.

Maybe you plan to do business abroad or visit the country concerned as a tourist or student. The benefits are endless!

It’s not usually the first choice people think of when they envy to learn a different language.

Most people tend to pick popular European languages like French, German, or Spanish, or something ambitious, i.e., Turkish, Arabic, or Persian, or maybe more challenging East Asian languages like Chinese, Korean, or Japanese?

So, Why less popular languages like Russian?

To some of us, the name Russia invokes fear and mystery.

As a result, some think Russia isn’t worth contemplating. At the same time, a few who even consider Russian see it as a difficult language to learn.

But for people like us who see beyond the stereotypical garbage and the nonsense propaganda written against Russian, there are dozens of reasons you and I should learn the Russian Language in India.

Не важно, как медленно ты продвигаешься, главное, что ты не останавливаешься.

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.

12 Amazing Benefits of Learning Russian Language

If you ask me why I want to learn Russian or why I am recommending acquiring Russian to others, here are ten reasons.

So sit back and enjoy, and in the end, you would be glad you did.

Russian Language in India

1. One Of The World’s Most Widely Spoken Languages

Russia occupies one-eighth of the earth’s land area.

Many critics don’t even realize that the Russian language seats at number six in the world’s catalog’s most spoken languages.

Over 265 million people speak Russian. It is the official language of Russia and is widely spoken in Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan.

Furthermore, the Russian language has a substantial native-speaking population in Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Estonia, and Uzbekistan.

It also has an active Russian-speaking population in Israel, Cyprus, Hungary, Finland, Poland, Mongolia, the US, and China.

The United States alone houses more than 900,000 Russian language speakers. It is one of the six official languages of the United Nations.

If you find yourself in Eastern Europe, East Asia, such as other places where the language is widespread. Well, you can get on well with people and businesses.

2. Russian Is A Language Of The Internet

It will surprise you that Russian edges out Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, French, and Spanish to become one of the worlds’ most used tongues on the internet after English and German.

According to Statista, the Russian language is the ninth most used language online as of April 2019.

Why Learn Russian

Considering that we live in a digital and internet age, learning Russian as a second language is essential for achieving a wide range of success.

It can be in your economic, political, social, and education projects based online.

3. For The Love Of Russian Literature & Culture

If you are fascinated by the works of great writers, be ready to be taken captive by Russian literature.

Literary history is dotted with the tremendous and thrilling works of Russian writers.

Once you start reading one book at a time, you will never stop. You will just get sucked in more profound than you can ever imagine.

The world of Russian classics is immense.

The philosophical postulations of writers like Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy, Chekhov, and Pushkin will charm you. Their ideas are compelling enough to cause a “civil war” between you and your friends.

The majesty of Russian ballet and its twinklers Anna Pavlova, Tchaikovsky, Mikhail Baryshnikov, and Rudolf Nureyev do not fade even today.

You can also learn Russian by watching movies in their original versions. It is when you know Russian, and then only you can enjoy every bit of them.

4. If You Are A Business-Minded Individual

Why Study Russian

Russia is a prominent name in the international arena.

Because of the country’s size and natural resources, the Russian market is of high interest to foreigners.

The Russian economy plays an essential role in the global economy.

Russia imports and exports a massive array of raw materials and finished products, including woods, minerals, vehicles, machinery, foods.

Suppose you are committed to expanding your business reach, especially to the east of Europe and East Asia. In that case, you might want to consider learning Russian as a starting point.

It will help you negotiate and close deals favorably.

5. It Is Good For Scientific Studies

If you are a science enthusiast, you probably know that Russia is one of the world’s best scientifically advanced countries.

From the Soviet Union’s days to Russia’s present-day state, Russian scientific achievements are honored and remain among the world’s best.

Russian engineers and inventors are well celebrated in shipbuilding, IT, weaponry, electrical engineering, communications, aerospace technology, space technology, nuclear technology, etc.

Learning Russian will enable you to broaden your web of knowledge and understanding of science if you are interested in any of these areas.

6. Good For Career Prospects in India & Abroad

The Russian economy is mainly based on resources. It is not severely affected by recurring financial crises globally.

It has rich and robust petroleum, gas, gold, copper, diamonds, silver, platinum, and many more natural resources. Russia supplies Europe with a third of the gas it needs to survive.

The country’s oil reserve is the second largest worldwide after Saudi Arabia. Companies in India, the USA, and Europe doing business in these sectors are always looking for job seekers who can speak and read the Russian language.

So when you learn Russian, you will still be first in any employment opportunity that comes your career way.

7. Jobs After Learning Russian Language in India

For the last many decades, India-Russia has close ties of friendship and mutual trust.

The numerous bilateral cooperation in various fields has done quite well.

Knowing the Russian language in India can enhance the opportunities to work in international companies.

Russians rarely speak English. So communication with them is troublesome. Therefore, Indians need to learn Russian. It will make collaboration with Russian more smooth.

Scope of Russian Language in India

The demand for Russian language experts has accelerated at an unprecedented spurt in India.

Today, there is a rising requirement in various sectors like Finance, Education, Information technology, Technical Support, IT/ITES, and of course, jobs in BPO.

Proficiency in Russian will improve your job opportunities in embassies, language specialists in the export industry, language teachers, International businesses, and ever-growing career breaks in the tourism sector.

Besides, you can also explore the possibilities to work as a Freelance translator or Interpreter, content writer, or linguist tour guide.

8. Travel More Freely & Work or Study in Russia

Are you looking for new spots to spend your vacation?

Traveling to Russia to any of the countries where the language is expressed is always an experience you would be glad you never missed.

Ability to Speak Russian will go a long way for an enthralling encounter in this mesmerizing beautiful country.

Russia is the largest country on earth by area of landmass. Its natural habitation is breathtaking. The cathedrals are enchanting, and the museums are entirely fascinating.

The national parks and zoos speak of a country that excels in nature’s blessings. Russia has a charming 29 UNESCO world heritage sites boasting immense ecological and cultural wealth.

Other Russian-speaking countries like Georgia offers excellent tourist destinations, and it would significantly make up a magnificent bucket list for you.

But your joy can only be complete if you can speak a conversational Russian language.

Beautiful Moscow

Plus, suppose you’re planning to study or work in Russian-speaking countries. In that case, it gives you another compelling reason to learn Russian.

You can also stay in Russia, find a good job, and make your living worthwhile.

You will find it much easier to quench your thirst for all things Russian if you can speak the local language.

9. Growing Russia’s Popularity & A Better World View

In the ’70s to ’90s, Russian was one of India’s most popular foreign languages in India and other parts of the world.

However, the decline of Russia’s superpower status resulted in a loss of interest.

Because of the USSR’s history, the legacy of Stalin, and the Cold War, including to some extent, volatile economic and political situation.

Some are quick to list and perceive the Russian language as unimportant in the 21st century.

However, by the time you learn Russian, many of the things you have heard about Russia would change twice as possible.

The language would allow you to see Russia for what it is, what it stands for, and why many people are now seeing it as the future language.

The language will allow you to dismantle the stereotype about Russia and its people.

Career in Russian Language

Russia’s popularity is increasing today because it shares a mutual worldview with powerful nations like China, India, Brazil, Iran, and more.

Russia isn’t just an economic powerhouse but is also back as a military superpower.

When you learn how to speak, Russian will change your worldview. The Government of Russia has started giving more considerable attention to “Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language in India.”

10. It Opens The Door To Other Slavic Languages

One of the most significant advantages of learning the Russian language is that it would open up a gateway to learn several Slavonic languages.

The closest branch of the East Slavic language related to the Russian version is the Belarusian and Ukrainian versions.

Once you can learn Russian, you will understand almost all said in the Ukrainian and Belarusian languages.

Furthermore, learning Russian will also enable you to know Georgian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, and Bulgarian. All these use the Cyrillic or an enhanced Latin alphabet.

11. The Russian Way Of Life Is Unique

The standard and way of living in Russia are not the same as those unattainable in the western world. Everything has a unique “flavor” in Russia.

The family value, health care system, the upbringing of children, making friends and keeping relationships, you name it. It is entirely different from all that you ever know in the West and other places.

The education system (schools and kindergartens), conventional ways of doing things, and organizational setup differ significantly from what you have in the US, UK, Australia, France, India, or wherever.

Learning the Russian language will open you up to an exciting and new way of life.

12. Why Russian is Easier than You Think

Studying a modern foreign language takes time and can be difficult.

As per the research of FSI studies, Russian is ranked at Category III in the language complexity table.

Learning Russian can seem overwhelming at first. Indian or an English speaker will have to practice some tricky sounds of Russian.

Russian Language Levels

There are contrasts between soft and hard consonants.

You can learn the 33 letters of the Cyrillic alphabet in a breeze.

While the case system may look complicated, Russian does not use intricate sentence structures and articles and has fewer tenses like English.

It implies that you can say what you want with just a few words.

Yes, the grammar can be complicated and the pronunciation hard, but it is always worth it at the end of the day.

If you follow the proper language methodology, a little dedication, and possess enough love for the language.

You can take your Russian to higher levels and pass the TORFL-II / B2 of Russian Proficiency Test, i.e., TORFL (The Test Of Russian as a Foreign) in 2-3 years.

Conclusion — Should You Learn Russian?

If you’d love to learn the language, you already have a convincing reason for learning Russian.

Learning how to speak and understand Russian has a lot of perks for you.

It is not as difficult as many thought. Nothing is ever hard, provided you have the right mindset. You will never regret beginning to learn Russian! The best way to learn is to join regular classes.

Do you aspire to learn the Russian language in India?

You can join one of the reputed Russian institutes in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, and other parts of the country.

If you feel you need support and advice, let me know, and I will gladly help you.

8 thoughts on “Benefits of Learning Russian Language”

  1. Avatar

    What is the best course to learn Russian? I am based in Bangalore. Which is the best institute or college I can take up the course? I would like to take up a full-time course that would give me an advantage for applying to jobs.

    1. Vikash Gupta

      You can try Bengaluru University, though it doesn’t offer full-time courses. There are some private institutes too, but not aware of any full-time programs.

  2. Avatar

    Respected sir!
    I am Jatothu Naresh. Recently I submitted my Ph.D. [Russian] thesis at The English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad, Telangana. Now I am teaching the Russian Language to my Telugu students. They want to go to Russia for study purposes. Which level they have to complete to go to Russia? Where can they write the TORFL exam in India?
    Jatothu Naresh

    1. Vikash Gupta

      Not all the courses require TORFL certification. It depends on the University and program. It is better to contact the RCSC in New Delhi or Chennai. Langma in Delhi claims to be an authorized TORFL test center though I’ve not found any exam center in India on the official website.

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