Benefits of Learning Portuguese Language

Ever considered learning the Portuguese language in India? But you are still on the fence? Need some convincing reasons? Here are 12 great benefits.

Portuguese Language India

Ever considered learning the Portuguese language in India?

Need some convincing reasons? Besides the apparent benefits that a foreign tongue brings, studying Portuguese can do a lot for you and improve life in many different ways.

Here are 12 significant advantages.

We live in a technology-driven world that is fast becoming a global village.

So gone are the days when you have to rely on your native language to thrive in communication and business dealings.

There is an abundance of reasons to learn a new foreign tongue.

Language-based careers, immigration, study abroad, traveling, health benefits, and the pursuit of a hobby are crucial advantages of the fascinating language learning journey.

When choosing an international language, most people prefer French, Spanish, German, or challenging Japanese, Mandarin, Korean, or West Asian languages.

Unlike these languages, Portuguese is hardly ever taught as a foreign language in India or any English-speaking country.

Well, it is one of the foreign tongues you can rely on too. But why learn Portuguese instead of Spanish?

“Um idioma novo é uma vida nova.”

“A new language is a new life.”

12 Benefits of Learning Portuguese Language

“You mean Portuguese? Oh, my gosh! It’s not worth it!”

Well, if that is what you think, I’m glad to prove you wrong. It is so much more than just Portugal.

Here are twelve genuine reasons why you should learn Portuguese as a foreign language.

career in portuguese

1. Portuguese is a Language of Immense Popularity

While Portugal is a small country regarding size and population, but Portuguese reign supreme in many regions worldwide.

It will surprise you that Portuguese is spoken as an official language in 9 countries spread across four continents.

Brazil, Portugal, East Timor, Cape Verde, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Mozambique, Angola, Sao Tome, and Principe are countries where Portuguese is widespread. It is also one of the official languages of Macau.

These countries, particularly Brazil, account for more than 230 million native speakers.

Only Spanish has a better native speaker population level; it has a more prominent native speaker than most popularly studied languages.

More people speak Portuguese as their mother tongue than German, French, Japanese, Persian, Russian, Italian, Turkish, or Persian.

Lusophone Nations

According to Ethnologue, it is the 7th most widely spoken native language in the entire world.

The Lusophone (lusófonos) nations make up more than 270 million Portuguese speakers globally.

In India, thousands of people also speak the Portuguese Language in Goa, Daman, and Diu.

2. An “Underrated” Language of Rare Opportunity

Learning how to speak the Portuguese language will enhance new linguistic horizons and bring about professional ones.

Despite having such vast native speakers, the Portuguese language is one of the most underrated and less considered languages by language learners.

While many people are speaking the language, only a few are studying it.

Do you know what that means?

It means If you learn Portuguese, it will put you ahead of others studying more popular languages.

It will enable you to communicate with a larger population that other learners of popular languages cannot do.

The better part is that it will look so cool on your resume.

So, when job opportunities come by, you would be the first to get the employer’s attention.

And since it is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. You can be sure such opportunities would come, especially now that the global economy is rising and Brazil is the 8th largest economy globally.

3. It is Perfect for Changing the Environment

If you are tired of living in your native places or cities where the cost of living is high, you want to change the environment and settle for a decent and enjoyable life.

Well, Portugal is one place to contemplate.

Why Learn Portuguese

Portugal is a beautiful place to live in.

You can spend your life in areas like Lisbon, Porto, Algarve, and many incredible cities worth moving into. Sorry that I sound a bit bias.

However, thanks to Portugal’s low cost of living, fantastic weather, great food, and laid-back lifestyle, you can’t help but list it as your number one spot to be.

That is why expatriates, entrepreneurs, retirees, digital nomads, tech specialists, and many more people are moving to Portugal.

Learn Portuguese, and it will allow you to settle down and enjoy a new life in the land of Magellan.

You can also travel to Brazil, the country with the most Portuguese speakers globally, and a paradise for tourists.

4. It Is A Gateway To Other Romance Languages

Learning how to speak Portuguese has an extended effect when you decide to learn any other Romance languages.

Portuguese originates from Latin, and its vocabulary, grammar, and conjugation are somewhat related to other Romance languages like Spanish, French, Italian, and Romanian.

When you know of one of these languages, it makes it easy for you to pick up and fully comprehend any of the others quickly.

Thanks to the fact that they all came from Latin and shared similar syntax as well.

5. Portuguese Is A Beautiful Language

One of the factors that motivate people to learn a language is the pleasure they derive from it.

Portuguese has all that it takes to make the learning process enjoyable and thrilling.

Why study Portuguese

The phonetic disposition of the Portuguese language, when spoken, is highly intriguing.

Romantic characteristics make all the words seem to be running together in a mesmerizing flow. It is as beautiful as other languages like French and Italian.

The nasal tones are out of this world. At the end of a word, the sound of “M” is just like “ng” in a sung.

Portuguese is a language that is particularly great for Slavic-speaking people as well.

6. It Opens The Door To A Rich Culture

Portuguese has a rich and fascinating culture.

It will interest you to know that Portugal is a Southern European country, ranked as the smallest. Still, it has the highest number of world heritage sites.

It boasts 21 in total for such a size!

Portugal’s cultural heritage can make you blush and feel right at home if you are a lover of architecture, harmonious music, and breathtaking landscapes.

The evidence lies in Serra and Sintra’s city, known as cultural landscapes with impressive buildings and natural parks.

It exposes the astonishing secrets of the history of Portugal with its glorious presence.

Gastronomy is another reason to learn Portuguese. While French cuisine is well known, the Portuguese one is not far behind. Thanks to its explosive tastes and flavor, It is recognized worldwide.

UNESCO rates Portuguese gastronomy as a guarantor & provider of the Mediterranean diet. The Cataplana is a fish dish.

The divine cake or pasta de data is there for you to enjoy on a Sunday morning. Its perfect port wine is known to so many people.

The Portuguese language is also famous for writers like Saramago, Pessoa, and Luís Vaz de Camões. If you want to fall out rightly in love with another Romance-like language with thrilling music and art, Aprenda Português (learn Portuguese).


Portuguese stands out as one of the best and most identifiable musical renditions when you consider all the Latin languages.

The atonic and tonic syllable provides a distinct and harmonious singing tone. Fado music remains one of the most thrilling, culturally speaking.

Portuguese and its speaking countries offer great literature and other unusual forms of entertainment. You can also watch some entertaining movies to improve your Portuguese.

It gives you a reason to love the world you are living in.

7. Learn Portuguese To Enhance Your Job Prospects

The global economy is growing, and Portuguese is known as the official language of some of the world’s rising and relatively prosperous economies.

Learning Portuguese as a second language will help boost your resume.

It takes you a notch ahead of others who speak other popular languages like Spanish and French when searching for a job.

For instance, Brazil is among the best and ten largest economies worldwide. It has become a great player in global business activities.

So, Are you into cross-border business dealings?

Learning the language will give you a competitive advantage in closing deals with businesses and companies operating in Brazil, Portugal, some countries in East Asia, and Africa.

Also, career opportunities are opened in Portugal for people who speak Portuguese.

Sectors like the Service Industries, restaurants, hotels, tourism, telecommunications, and computers offer an excellent job opportunity range.

Also, in Africa, the Portuguese–speaking country of Angola offers the best place to find a good-paying language job.

The country’s economy is thriving. It has attracted many foreign investments, while many Portuguese native people are getting jobs in the country.

Plus, you can also work or do freelance jobs as a translator, an interpreter, or tour guard for a decent income.

8. Career After Learning Portuguese language in India

India and Brazil share a very close relationship at the bilateral and international forums such as BRICS, G-20, BASIC, IBSA, G-4, and broader multilateral bodies like UN, WTO, UNESCO, and many more.

Today, Brazil is India’s most vital trading partner in the entire LAC (Latin America and the Caribbean) region.

Portuguese Jobs in India

Today, there is a rising demand for Portuguese Language specialists in India in various industries like Technology, Finance, Education, Technical Support, IT/ITES, Tourism, and KPO & BPO.

The global economy is seeking experts in Portuguese.

Proficiency in Portuguese will set you apart from everyone else wanting to bolster their resumes and enhance their job possibilities with more popular languages.

Additionally, there are job prospects in foreign embassies, international business, export houses as language experts, language teachers, and ever-growing job opportunities in the tourism sector.

9. It Enhances Your Love For Soccer

One of the world’s most famous and followed sports in the world is soccer (football).

Learning Portuguese is another excellent way to enjoy the game. The game is so massive in Brazil and Portugal.

No other countries have ever won the world cup more than Brazil.

Portugal and Brazil produce some of the finest players like Pelé, Garrincha, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Zico in the game, including that the two leagues in these countries are highly popular and followed worldwide.

Once you learn Portuguese, it will allow you to finally follow your favorite football superstars on social media and elsewhere on the internet.

10. It Is A Language Of Rich Tourist Destinations

If you are looking to experience a different touch in your vacation or travel destination as a tourist, learning Portuguese can give you a different experience.

Do not forget that the language is spoken in some different countries across four continents.

Some of these countries, Particularly Goa (India), Macau (China), and Brazil offer a wide range of vibrant and beautiful tourist attractions and features mostly on travel bucket lists and tickets.

portuguese language expert jobs

You can now spend your holidays and vacations in style, as Brazil alone has a 7,000 square mile of beaches and many more exotic resorts and charming landscapes.

Learning how to speak will make you enjoy this whole phenomenon.

11. The Fifth Most Used Language On The Internet

New technological development is making Portuguese one of the most popular languages online.

About 84 million people who surf the internet speak Portuguese, even as the rate of Portuguese WebPages increases every year.

As per the Internet World Stats, it is the fifth most used language on the internet.

These entire points make Portuguese one of the most common and desired internet languages. It continues to attract new business and educational prospects.

12. It is an Easy Language to Learn

Although Portuguese is originally from Portugal, Brazilian Portuguese is its most famous variant on the globe today.

While language learning takes time, dedication, and years of hard work, however Portuguese is a straightforward language to pick up.

Portuguese is descended from Latin and is quite closely related to Spanish, French, Italian, and Romanian.

Thus, if you already know how to speak one of these Romance languages, you’ll find it quite simple to learn Portuguese.

The grammar and sentence formation is straightforward.

Portuguese pronunciation may be a little difficult to master. However, with practical language learning approaches, you will undoubtedly achieve a higher competency level.

Are you learning the Portuguese Language in India?

You can appear and pass B2 for the Portuguese proficiency test, i.e., CAPLE (Centre for Evaluation of Portuguese as a Foreign Language) or the Brazilian Portuguese test (CELPE-Bras).

Affiliated to the embassy of Portugal, The Camões Institute in New Delhi is the official test center.

Conclusion — Should You Learn Portuguese?

Learning a second language is essential for everyone in the 21st century, and Portuguese is such a tongue.

The economic, social, and educational prospect it offers is bright and rewarding, now and in the future.

If you’re on the fence about picking Portuguese, don’t hesitate and do it! It will be worth it!

You can start taking Portuguese classes in Delhi, Goa, or other parts of India today.

It is a comparatively uncomplicated language to learn. If you have any questions, I would be glad to be of help. Just ask and get your desired answers.

Happy Portuguese language learning in India!

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    Talking to the people who know this language would be better to learn it and grab it, its not much easy, because many words are related to English words, find a Portuguese partner and start talking, I am doing same.

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    Dear Vikash,

    I acquired a Resident visa for Portugal last year, and to get my permanent residence, after 5 years I will need to do a basic test in Portuguese. I am looking for a Portuguese language teacher, to start learning early, as it takes time to learn a language. I live in Bombay, and it will be helpful if you can introduce me to someone who can teach the language. There are a few housewives from Goa, who say they can teach, but the standard of teaching is not professional. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanking you, Anita Aurora

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