15 Important Reasons to Learn French

Of all the reasons, why choose to learn French? Here you will find many genuine and compelling reasons why you should study.

Of all the reasons, why choose to learn French? Here you will find many genuine and compelling reasons why you should study.


There are many benefits to learning a second language.

Of all the choices, French is the most popular foreign language to learn, not just for Indians alone but also for all and sundry.

Apart from boosting your brainpower, the economic potentials offer by French as a foreign language cut across all spheres of international business life.

Career opportunity in Foreign Language is probably the main reason for which one would learn French.

The fascination towards the French language extends beyond the distinct aesthetics of French cuisine, history, tradition, culture, arts, literature, places, customs, and the like.

Learning French will only open new doors for you!

15 Reasons to learn the French Language in India

Below are 15 concrete and compelling reasons why you should consider learning the French language.

Why Learn French

1. Widely Spoken and lingo of international prominence

With over 30 French-speaking countries, It is a language spoken by about 300 million— both native and non-native speakers.

It is the official language used by 29 countries of the world, cutting across five continents. French is the second most widely spoken mother tongue in the European Union, after German and English.

The varieties of a French-language spoken by an estimated 120 million people in Africa spread across 24 francophone African countries. 

La Francophonie is a group of 84 countries that share the proper use or teaching of French. French is the second most widely learned foreign language after English.

Thanks to the ever-growing job opportunities in French, it is also the most popular choice among students who want to learn a foreign language.

French is one of the few languages taught in every nation of the world and is among the most widely used languages of the United Nations Organization (UN), the African Union, and other organizations.

The widespread French has created many beautiful French dialects, accents, varieties, and creoles around the planet.

2. An inspiring career language and Job opportunity

If you are seriously considering the international job market, adding French to your English speaking abilities will boost your chances of landing a lucrative job.

Thanks to an array of career choices, the perks of learning French in India is quite good.

Most of the companies operating in the aeronautic, automotive, banking and finance, hotel management, international trade, journalism and media, education, luxury goods, and retailing sectors, demand French as a prerequisite for recruitment.

A knowledge of French opens the doors of High-paying language jobs in several French companies, namely, L’Oreal, BIC, Atari, Axa, BNP Paribas, Orange, Airbus, Alstom, Alcatel, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Lacoste, Michelin, Christian Dior, Carrefour, Peugeot, Michelin and many more.

You can work as a language specialist expert in the export and import sector. There are also plenty of French Jobs in KPO, BPO, MNC, and Call centers.

Other options include a career in travel and tourism, leisure, hospitality, French Jobs in the embassy, embassies, French teacher jobs in Schools, Universities, and private institutes.

Proficiency in French can derive a lot of professional mileage.

You have the potential to one day embark on a career as a French translator and interpreter, providing an invaluable service to global corporations.

3. Travel enhancing language

Another good reason to learn French is Travelling.

Imagine for some reason you are to take a tour of Africa or visit France or other French-speaking countries in Europe and beyond.

Knowing how to speak French will make your travel enjoyable.

With 89 million tourists visiting it in 2017, France is the most visited country globally, and that number keeps growing.

France has numerous famous monuments, museums, galleries, landscapes, and historical sites reflecting a country with roots deep in history and a wonderful heritage.

You will be able to show more appreciation and enjoy the Francophone culture.

You won’t just be a spectator but someone involved.

Knowing French makes it a more pleasurable, productive, and enjoyable experience. We can enjoy more when we can communicate with the natives in their language, don’t you agree?

4. Access to rich culture, literature, music, and movies

French is most times described as the language of an enduring and unique culture. It is the language of international fashion, visual arts, theater, dance, architecture, and more.

Learning French exposes you to a world of immensely rich literature in original French, including their music and movies.

There is a wide range of quality French movies and TV shows to improve French for your viewing pleasure.

Watching these films and TV-Series without reading subtitles is a great way to learn this fascinating language.

France has the highest number of recipients for the Nobel Prize for Literature, with 16 Laureates. It has been the birthplace of numerous great and supremely talented writers for centuries.

Knowing French enables you to understand cultural diversity, which will enhance your competitive advantage abroad.

5. A language of higher education in France

Want to study in French? Within Europe, France is the third most popular destination for international students.

In 2017, over 5,500 Indian students chose France to pursue higher education.

Higher education in France is known to prepare highly skilled and talented professionals; that is highly skilled.

Companies will see you as a candidate with an international mindset and a problem solver.

Why Study French

Their degrees are respected and recognized by employers all over the world.

Your ability to speak French will open you up for higher educational opportunities in both French business schools and universities.

Indians who know how to talk to the French can obtain a scholarship from the French government to study in France.

6. A world-opening and a language of the Internet

French is one of the critical tongues on the internet. Thus, it will offer you the opportunity to view the world from an alternative point of view by communicating with millions of French speakers from across the globe.

Fluency in French will help you get the news from the top international French media (TV5, France 24, Le Monde, and Radio France Internationale).

Since plenty of relevant websites is in French and worldwide, Knowledge of French, therefore, offers you useful, extended, and additional access to information.

7. A bridge for other European languages

The French language is what you can rightly describe as “the bridge-building” language.

The proficiency in French has a knock-on effect when starting to learn any other Romance language like Spanish, Catalan, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian.

You can find many French words similar to English and other romance languages.

An insight into French offers new perspectives to English.

Suddenly many words like parliament (“Parler” is “to talk”), sentiment (“Sentir” is “to feel”), a donation ( “Donner” is “to give”), relay (“Relayer” means to “take over from”), etc. seem to make greater sense and not just limit themselves as mundane and obvious.

Knowing French will make it easier for you to appreciate a bit more about these languages.

You will be at a tremendous advantage if you ever try to learn the next European language.

It is because of many recognizable, common elements that are more easily assimilated and expanded upon by tapping into the previous language-learning experience.

8. An exciting and not a difficult language to learn

Learning French is not very difficult though not that easy either.

Of course, it is quite fun and motivational to learn. Children and adults can learn French through a large number of methods that simplify the learning process.

It will never take you long to start communicating in French at a certain level.

French and English share thousands of cognates – some identical and others very closely related. Edition becomes Édition, Liberty becomes Liberté, and Quality turns into Qualité, Music is Musique, and so on.

Generally, French is perceived as a complicated European tongues but not that difficult language as you think.

French pronunciation and accents are quite complicated and sometimes tricky as well, though written are okay.

How long does it take to learn any language?

Armed with the right language learning techniques, interest, persistence, proven study materials, and proper motivation, one can master French in a matter of 3 years.

You will complete the French Language proficiency test, i.e., DELF and DALF B2/C1, in 2-3 years.

9. A language of international relations and diplomacy

French is famous not just as a means to career asset or to order food at restaurants or initiate business deals in export houses. It is a means to assist in all sorts of international connections.

Bridge-building is an excellent way of ensuring peaceful coexistence among different people and different nations of the world.

One way to do that is by learning French as a foreign language since it is a prerequisite in most international organizations.

The reason is that French is used as a global language of communication.

Reasons to Learn French

Many international organizations and agencies use French as an official language.

Examples are the UN, the EU, UNESCO, WHO, UNHCR, UNCTAD, ECOSOC, NATO, the IOC, ICJ, the IRC, The international courts, and many more.

French plays an essential role if you are considering a career in an international organization. It is acknowledged as the language of diplomacy.

10. Health benefits and Good for brain

According to various studies, scientists believe that bilingualism makes you smarter and helps keep your memory sharp.

Learning French will help to develop your brainpower, boosting your IQ, improves your concentration, enhance problem-solving ability.

Besides, it increases your efficiency in prioritizing tasks, harnessing and sustaining your capability to undertake multi-tasking, and improving your perception and decision-making functionality.

Research at the University of Ghent in Belgium recently concluded that Bilingual people might delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

11. A language that boosts international information

Once you know how to communicate in French, you will open a whole new and existing world of knowledge.

There are hundreds of TV, radio, and internet communication services operating in French.

French is widespread in more than 56 countries in Africa, Europe, and other parts of the world.

Since the language cut across five continents, these sources of information will open up to know more about the world, especially the extended culture of the people and countries where the language is useful.

Many important works are written in French and continue to be produced in the same.

French allows you to appreciate this information in their original and unfiltered form.

12. Immigration to France, Canada, and other Francophone countries

Whether you want to settle in France or immigrate to Quebec or Canada, you have to appear for the various French proficiency test such as TCF and TEF exam.

French is one of the requirements of economic immigration to Quebec province or Canada.

It is one of the main reasons why the government of the respective countries provides incentives for immigrants’ language learning.

Imagine you are fluent in French, and the company where you are working is out looking for personnel to fill various positions in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Canada, Africa, or other French-speaking nations.

Your resume will unquestionably receive priority, among others, ahead of others who don’t have such qualifications.

13. The language of creativity, enlightenment, and reasoning

The French language is one of the best and most prestigious analytical tongues.

The language structures and develops thoughts and critical thinking. It is also famous for being a language of eminent scientists and renowned philosophers like Georges Charpak, Pasteur, Marie Curie, etc.

Paris is often called “La Ville-Lumière” – the City of Light as it was the birthplace of the enlightenment. And more literally because Paris was one of the first European cities to adopt gas street lighting.

French is the language that shaped universal ideas championed by eminent philosophers that reigned in the Enlightenment period of the 18th century.

That led to the widespread views and popularity of human rights as we know it today.

French is a type of language that is often heard and demonstrated on stage.

Teachers for their students hold thousands of theatrical festivals that involve French every year in different places in the world.

It allows the student to develop self-confidence while facing other students. Students also learn French through motivational French songs available from a vast repertoire of French singers.

14. To impress others and be a center of attraction

You wouldn’t learn a language just for the sake of impressing people, or would you?

While I don’t advocate learning French to impress friends, acquaintances, or strangers, nor is it a great long term motivation, it is nevertheless impressive.

The ability to speak French can single-handedly create a great impression around you, particularly if you don’t flaunt this skill.

If the foreigner happens to be part of a business meeting, this impression can turn to a successful business partnership, bringing you professional and social satisfaction.

Moreover, you could even become a source of inspiration that motivates others to learn French for themselves.

15. French is a beautiful language

There is a reason why French has been called the “language of love” for decades – maybe longer.

If there is one language in that world which draws a unanimous consensus regarding its beauty, it is one and only French.

It may sound cliché, but It is an aesthetically pleasing, amazingly beautiful, poetic, mellifluous, and a very musical language.

It seems incredibly musical to the non-native ear. French language rules to make sure that French always sounds like a harmonious and melodic song.

Due to its softness, sensuality, and seductive power, many like this language, including me.

Conclusion — Should You Learn French?

French is an excellent option if you’re looking for the best foreign language for corporate jobs. The incentives for learning French as a foreign language is fabulous and in-exhaustive.

Why don’t you become part of this beautiful language today by signing up for a French study? French is a road to the new world experience.

If you want to learn, LanguageNext offers a wide range of French courses in Noida.

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  1. Sir, I completed graduation in history (Hons) from Delhi university. I want to learn the French language to get jobs, but how? Where is the best institute for this? Please guide me.

  2. Hi Sir,
    I have completed my B.Tech degree in 2015 from Mechanical stream. After that, I was preparing for my Government Examination. Now, I have nothing to do. I want to do a Foreign language course which one is better for me for a high paying job in India or abroad. Please help.

    1. You can pick one of the in-demand languages like French, Spanish, German, Japanese, and Chinese. Then you can enroll in any institute to achieve at least intermediate or lower advanced level fluency to get a job.

  3. Sir, I am an MA, BED in Hindi. I want to do a French language course to get a job in a foreign country. Please guide me, sir.

  4. Sir, I have done my graduation in mass communication from JIMS Rohini, New Delhi. As French as a subject, can I take admission in a master’s degree in French at Delhi University?
    Please guide. Thanks a lot

    1. No. For an MA in French, you need a BA or Advanced Diploma in French, or DELF B2. Admission is through entrance test and to clear that, you need to have excellent command over French.

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