7 Best French TV series for Learning French

Do you ever want you could just sit back, relax, watch, and improve your French? Well, it's achievable! Explore the seven best TV-Series for studying French.

TV Series to learn French

Do you ever wish you could just sit back, relax, watch, and improve your French?

Well, it’s possible! Discover the seven best TV-Series for Learning French.

While there are multiple reasons to learn French in India, one of the vital purposes is career options after learning French. It offers a wide range of entertaining French Movies and TV series.

One smart way to learn French is by watching TV and films.

Viewing these TV Shows with or without subtitles is an accessible and entertaining way to learn and improve this beautiful European language.

Suppose you only rely on textbook audio lessons and educational listening exercises. In that case, you might end up speaking in a slow and stilted way.

However, if you watch lots of French Movies and TV-Series, you’ll start talking more naturally over a while.

7 Best TV Series for Learning French

Due to the rapid development of communication, you can improve your French accents and proficiency by watching French TV shows.

There are tons of excellent French TV Series that the sky’s the limit. Don’t know which one to watch?

Here are the 7 Best French TV Series that you need to be watching, especially if you are learning French!

Irrespective of your French level, this list of TV shows for learning French is guaranteed to boost your French vocabulary, pronunciation, understanding of the language, and cultural insight.

Best Tv Series for Learning French

1. Kaamelott (2004)

Kamelott is a historical fantasy TV series that dates back to ancient times.

It is full of humor, and the theme of the series centers on King Arthur and the Arthurian legend.

It talks about the king, who struggles to carry out the task entrusted to him by the gods of the land.

With a bunch of incompetent Knights of the white table, the king had to deal with the challenge of the barbarian and Roman intrusions.

Still, he must find the Holy Grail even in the face of all the setbacks that confront him.

Kamelott series is loaded with rich information that will inspire a learner to visit France and learn more about its beautiful Roman landscape and impressive ancient castles.

And thanks to the humor and load of simple French idioms, this TV program will undoubtedly develop your French vocabulary.

It is best for those who want to practice their French comprehension.

2. Les Revenants (The Returned) (2012)

A group of dead and forgotten people comes back to life, reappearing in a quiet and peaceful French Mountain village.

While, all was fine at the beginning, as they act ordinary like everyone else. However, after a short period, a series of strange and fearful events started resurfacing from the past.

Superb acting and an attractive location that offers a thrilling take on each episode’s zombie genre makes for enjoyable and entertaining viewing.

It is a classic drama and horror TV series that get you hooked.

Thanks to the slow pace at which the characters converse, this movie is excellent for beginner and intermediate French learners.

3. Le chalet (The Cottage) (2017 – )

Le chalet (the cottage) is a Short mini-series of 6 episodes. As often in most thrillers or horror films, Le Chalet offers a plot that finds some of its answers in the past.

The story is about a childhood friend’s reunion at a remote cottage in the French alps for a summer holiday and how they are caught in a deadly trap as a dark secret from the past surfaces.

It is an excellent thriller and struggles for survival as they get cut off from the rest of the world.

The chalet is a considerable series that can be viewed, preferably with paper and a pencil, to find the solution to the enigma developed before our eyes.

Who is responsible? Why?

With this suspenseful mini TV-Series, you will learn and improve French vocabulary and various proverbial phrases and expressions.

4. Une chance de trop (No second chance) (2015 – )

Une chance de trop (No Second Chance) is another thriller mini-series of 6 episodes.

It is one of the most intense French TV shows. It is a story about a woman seeking vengeance against those who killed her husband and kidnapped her daughter.

With no help from the police, she decides to lead her investigation and hunt for the culprits.

Exquisite direction, addicting story, and flawless acting make this a very entertaining and often moving film.

The show is based on Harlan Coben’s thriller novel.

All in all, a genuinely gripping mini-series from beginning to end. It is highly recommended!

The French TV-Series is considered quite a challenge and putting your French knowledge to the test.

5. Dix pour cent (Call my agent) (2015 – )

Dix pour cent (Call My Agent) is another well-written French comedy TV series. Other than great acing, It has all the ingredients of a good show to make it hit.

The show is set in a Parisian talent agency, ASK, where four agents struggle to keep running smoothly amid a series of unexpected crises.

Great cast, musical soundtrack, astonishing acting, excellent storyline, and the show are pleasurable to watch.

Parisian French is considered Standard French.

If you’re interested in improving the Parisian accent and French dialects, along with learning various expressions, you should watch this show.

6. Engrenages (Spiral) (2005 – )

I started watching this show while researching for this post, and I’m already enjoying it. Spiral (Engrenages) is a French crime drama with a total of 52 episodes through 5 sessions.

This series will keep you deeply engaged. This series is one of the most successful French TV series, so Spiral was broadcast in more than 70 countries.

The story is about the French justice system through the life of six different persons: a prosecutor, a judge, a lawyer, a police captain, and two lieutenants.

It is so powerful as such that it receives so many awards. Want to enhance your knowledge of French legal words and various formal sentences?

Well, you should be watching it.

7. Braquo (2009-2016)

Braquo series, internationally acclaimed, hooked me immediately and stuck in front of the TV until the last episode. However, the show is not for the faint-hearted since it is pretty dark and violent.

With eight episodes per season, the hard-hitting French cop series Braquois is about four police officers’ revenge.

Their lives completely changed when their friend-cum-boss Max kills himself after being falsely accused of corruption and failure.

The series is not only addictive and exciting but a compelling thriller story to watch.

It is the type of TV-Show that would never get you bored. Personally, I loved every minute of each season.

When a narrative is good, it will also help you to enhance your French. It is one of the best TV shows for learning French.

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    How to improve speaking French? I am a beginner in French. I am doing a course in IIT Kanpur. Please give me some tips and guidance

    1. Vikash Gupta

      Spend time in listening exercises and reading comprehension. Try to speak French as much as possible. There is an abundance of online material, books, and audio lessons that can help you.

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