Spanish Language Proficiency Test in India

If you’re learning or interested in pursuing a Spanish course, you might be aware of Spanish language proficiency test in India. In this article, you’ll find all the details about Spanish DELE exams in India, centers, fees and why you should take the official Spanish exam recognized and accepted all over the world.
spanish dele exam

If you’re learning or interested in pursuing a Spanish course, you might be aware of Spanish language proficiency test in India. In this article, you’ll find all the details about Spanish DELE exams in India, centers, fees. And why you should take the official Spanish exam recognized and accepted all over the world.

In the age of globalization and evolving world, There are plenty of Career opportunities in Foreign languages. If you’re not sure which foreign language to learn for Jobs, then Spanish is an excellent choice. But Why Learn Spanish?

While there are numerous benefits of learning Spanish in India, the job opportunities after learning Spanish is probably the biggest motivator. With 20 Spanish speaking countries, there is currently over 500 million Spanish Speaking population in the world.

What is the Spanish Language Proficiency Test?

Spanish Language Proficiency Test is standardized tests that assess someone’s Spanish language proficiency test. The exam ascertains whether you have the language abilities necessary to succeed. It is a way of proofing the competency of a person’s ability to speak the Spanish language.

Importance of the DELE Spanish Exam

Spanish Language Proficiency Test in India

First, they can be used as proof of competence for job applications and advanced studies in Spanish speaking countries. Spanish Language proficiency examinations are well known throughout the world, and the associated certificates and diplomas are accepted as a qualification by employers and further education institutions in many countries.

The DELE is recognized worldwide by public and private educational institutions, governments, and corporations. It is also a prerequisite for many undergraduate and postgraduate university courses. DELE opens doors to a wide range of career and recreational opportunities around the world and supports career advancement.

There are few more benefits like boosting one’s confidence, improving the odds if you’re planning to immigrate to Hispanic countries, and traveling. Besides, a career in Spanish, and of course confirmation of your Spanish proficiency level are some other benefits.

What is DELE Exam?

DELE stands for Diplomas de Español Como Lengua Extranjera. DELE is administered on behalf of the Spanish Ministry of Education & Science, by Instituto Cervantes. The examination adheres to the strict standard of the CEFR — Common European Framework of Reference for Language.

What are the DELE Levels?

The test has six different levels from which you can choose at will. From A1 (Breakthrough or Beginner), A2 (Waystage or Elementary) to B1 (Threshold or intermediate), B2 (Vantage or upper intermediate), C1 (Effective Operational Proficiency or Advanced), and C2 (Mastery or proficiency or Near-native). The A1 level is the most basic, and the C2 level is the most advanced.

DELE Exams in India

Each of these Spanish diplomas is strictly independent of one another. It means that candidates are free to register and sit for the course of their choice. You can choose beforehand which of the test you would like to take. The certificates you will obtain from DELE are valid for a lifetime.

Minimum age is 16 for these DELE exams. There is also DELE exams for young learners or schoolchildren (aimed at students from 11 to 17 years old). There are only two levels, namely A1 and A2/B1.

Structure of the DELE Exam and passing marks

Like all other European Language tests, you will have to undergo four different proficiency test at each level, which includes reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Depending on the competency scale, Spanish DELE exams last between two to five hours (including breaks). Every level has a different exam structure that you should know before you sit for the exam.

To pass, you need a score of 60% or more in the writing and reading section combined and a 60% or more in the listening and verbal sections combined.

DELE Exams in India

spanish proficiency test

DELE Exam Centers for 2019 in India

For 2019 DELE Exams, According to the official DELE website, there are five exam centers in India. They are New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, and Jaipur. However, all exams are not conducted at every center.

  • April — Mumbai and New Delhi
  • May — Jaipur, Mumbai, New Delhi
  • July — New Delhi
  • November — Jaipur, New Delhi, Chennai, and Kolkata.

Address: Inaword, No 26, Teachers Colony, Kasturba Nagar, Adyar 600020, Chennai.
Contact: 044 – 24455077, 9962935152. Email: [email protected]
Person In-charge: Sra.Dª. Zenobia Irani
Website: LINK

Address: Genesis Group, 84/260, Roondla Plaza, Madhyam Marg, Mansarover Plaza, Near K.V. – 5, Jaipur. 
Contact: 044 – 24455077, 9962935152. Email: [email protected]
Person In-charge : Sra. Dª Dimple Gudhaneia

Address: RMIC, School of Languages, Golpark, Kolkata.
Contact: 033 – 2464 1303/07, Email: [email protected]
Person-In-Charge: Sr. D. Dibyajoti Mukhopadhyay
Website: LINK

Address: Instituto Cervantes, 48, Hanuman Road, New Delhi
Contact: 011 – 4368 1900 / 1999. Email: [email protected]
Person-In-Charge: Sra. Dª Eva Mónica Calvo Ruiz
Website: LINK

Address: Hispanic Horizons, Vas Chambers Building, 18 Hill Road, Bandra (W), Mumbai
Contact: 022 – 2640 9039, 8082647938. Email: [email protected]
Person-In-Charge: Sra. Blanca Dean
Website: LINK

DELE Exam Dates for 2019

The DELE exams are conducted FOUR times a year — April, May, July, and November. Registration procedure starts a few months in advance.

  • 5th April 2019 — (A1 to C1) – Registration closes on 06th of February.
  • 24th May 2019 — (A1 escolar and A2/B1 escolar) – Registration closes on 27th of March.
  • 25th May 2019 — (A1 to C2) – Registration closes on 27th of March.
  • 12th July 2019 — (A2 to C1) – Registration closes on 16th of May.
  • 22nd November 2019 — (A1 escolar and A2/B1 escolar) – Registration closes on 9th of October.
  • 23rd November 2019 — (A1 to C2) – Registration closes on 9th of October.

How much does it cost? DELE Fees in India

The price for the exam will depend on the level that you sign up for and the country in which you decide to do it. For 2019 DELE Exams in India, Fees are ₹ 4,000 (A1), ₹ 4,500 (A2), ₹ 5,500 (B1), ₹ 6,500 (B2) and ₹ 7,000 for C1 and C2.

In the next article, we will cover another Spanish language proficiency test in India, i.e., SIELE Exam in India

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Our Spanish courses contents are designed and customized as per international standard and guidelines like CEFR, DELE, SIELE. If you’re interested in pursuing a Spanish Language course in Noida, then Contact Us.

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Vikash Gupta

Vikash Gupta

I take a great interest in the languages of the world and that is why I choose this career. By profession, I'm a College lecturer and Foreign language faculty and by passion, I am still a language learner. I write at and

38 thoughts on “Spanish Language Proficiency Test in India”

  1. Hello Sir,
    I want to appear for Dele and have done a BA (Spanish as the primary language) and also did A1. 2 levels from the online course of Cervantes. I am revising Spanish as it’s been some years I left it. I couldn’t continue with Spanish as I started to work in HR dept after PGDM in management. Now I have taken a break from work and want to complete my Spanish studies. But I can only study at home due to personal reasons (or online) or just on Sundays for outside classes. Please advise the best option to clear Dele and to become a teacher later on. I found many institutions in Gurgaon area but don’t know which institute can help in Dele prep only on Sundays. Is it possible to learn and clear Dele with online courses of Cervantes? Waiting for your valuable advice.

    1. I’m not sure if there is any good institute with only Sunday class. Beyond elementary levels (A1, A2), I won’t recommend online or self-study mode. Maybe you can try a quasi method (self-study + offline classes). You can try Lexcios, Berlitz, or Inligua in Gurgaon. LINK

    1. For the November exam, you can visit one of the 4 test centers. And then apply by filling the form, choosing the level and exam fee.

  2. Hello Sir,

    I have completed my Spanish Diploma through Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, and I want to crack the M.A language entrance of JNU. Could you please suggest me on this? I am not getting any study material from anywhere! What should I do?

    1. A diploma from BVB may not be enough for JNUEE. You can read my article JNU Language Courses. At the end of it, you will find the link of E-prospectus (Syllabus is mentioned), and also previous year question papers. Everything is there 🙂

  3. Can anyone advise me any alternate on how to register for DELE B2 since I am a Cervantes student and I am enrolled in B2.3 that’s why the institute doesn’t allow me to register for dele b2 exam from the Delhi center, i.e. Instituto Cervantes?

    1. Anyone can appear for any DELE exam even if you’re not a student of Cervantes. For the 22nd November exam, the last date to apply is 9th October. So, I guess you can if seats had not been filled up. You still have to contact Cervantes because that is the only option in Delhi.

  4. Hello sir, I am a housewife and have a keen interest in languages. I want to learn Spanish through distance learning from JNU. Please suggest me the procedure required.

    1. JNU, or for that matter, no University offers distance learning language courses. Avoid IGNOU. If you just want to study the beginners level as a hobby, you can try on own through books and online resources. If your goal is a career, you have to enroll in regular classes or find a teacher.

  5. Namaste sir.
    Planning to give Spanish A1 level. so how many days it requires to prepare for exam and which book to refer.

  6. Sir, I am a student of 3rd yr and my hons. subject is aihc & arch in bhu but I want to study Spanish and want to do it from Jnu so tell me what I need to do.

  7. sir my daughter is learning Spanish from the cervante institute, New delhi. can she apply for diploma course from JNU this year? what are the requirments for that? kindly tell me about the entrance exam, fee, duration etc. Thanks


    Namaskar Sir, I am Rabin Chakraborty and live in Kolkata and working in railway. I have completed intermediate in Spanish and want to appear for DELE. Please tell me sir, how can I get a part-time Spanish job in Kolkata.

    1. There are not many part-time jobs. One such option is teaching beginners level Spanish at an educational institution or individual classes. You may get some voice-based work or as a freelance translator or interpreter but for these jobs, you need higher level proficiency like DELE C1.

    1. While A1 is just a beginners level, 15 days aren’t enough to prepare. I’m not sure how you are studying. Take the help of any institute or Spanish teacher if you’re studying on own.

  9. Hello sir, I have keen interest in languages of world and want to learn many language as much as I can. Sir, can I able to give exam of languages without joining any Institute but by self study?

    1. While one can learn any language through self-study but in most cases, it is not very effective. A good learning centre or foreign language teacher will show you the right way and speed-up learning process through interactive classes, assignments, activities and time-tested language methodology. Motivation and discipline are also missing in self-study mode. If possible, enroll in any centre for regular classes otherwise you can try to learn on own. At least there is no harm. Good Luck!

  10. Hello sir, i can speak a little Spanish, but i am not sure what my level is. I had learnt spanish years ago from an institute in Jaipur. I don’t have any certificate. But i want to obtain all certificates regarding business Spanish. I just want to give exam to try my level, not to join for any course. Is there any procedure?

    1. Yes. if you feel you know some Spanish but not sure about the level. You can appear for SIELE Exam in India. Like DELE, SIELE exam also consists of Speaking, Writing, Listening, and Reading test. In SIELE Test, you’ll score on a scale from 0 to 1000. So without passing or failing, you just find out which level you are. The certification is valid for 5 years only. If you want certification for life which will be helpful in career, then DELE is the best option. You have to choose the level and need to study properly.

  11. Hello Vikash. I just saw the dates to register for the DELE exam for Jaipur. Is there a procedure o fill the forms with late fees also. This is for the month of May 2019.

    1. There are 100’s Education institutions offering a wide range of Spanish course. Without knowing your affordability, where you want to learn, purpose, etc., it would difficult suggest anything.

  12. Kishan Kannayya

    Do we have any coaching center for Spanish (I mean any authorized center like, Alliance Française for French) in Hyderabad.

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