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Movies to learn Persian
Movies & TV-Series

15 Best Iranian Movies to Learn Persian

If you love films and also studying Persian, why not combine them for improving your language abilities? Here is the 15 must-watch movies to learn Persian.

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Movies to learn Arabic
Movies & TV-Series

12 Incredible Movies to Learn Arabic

An excellent way to learn a language and culture is through films. If you’re studying Arabic, you can advance your knowledge by watching 12 movies to learn Arabic.

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Movies to learn Portuguese
Movies & TV-Series

12 Must-Watch Movies to Learn Portuguese

Immersion is a great way to learn a new language. If you’re studying Portuguese, why not make it more enjoyable by watching 12 movies to learn Portuguese.

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Movies to Learn Russian
Movies & TV-Series

Best Russian Movies to Learn Russian

The best method to improve Russian is to immerse yourself in it. And what is a better way than watching films? Explore 15 famous movies to learn Russian.

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Language Courses in Mumbai
Foreign Languages

Foreign Language Courses in Mumbai

Searching for some foreign language courses in Mumbai, and not sure where to find them? Let’s explore ten top-rated institutes offering language classes.

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Movies to Learn Chinese
Movies & TV-Series

Best Mandarin Movies To Learn Chinese

Watching films is a great way to study and practice a new language. Mandarin is, of course, no exception. Here are 12 fabulous Movies for Learning Chinese.

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