Lingopie Spanish Language Review

Do you enjoy watching films & TV series and learning Spanish? Check the 2024 Lingopie Spanish review, an app for language learning with videos.

Lingopie Spanish Review

Do you enjoy watching movies and TV shows and studying Spanish? The Lingopie language app can help you combine Spanish learning with entertainment.

What is the effectiveness of the Lingopie platform? Does it really work? What are the key features, advantages, and shortcomings of this product? Is it worth the money?

This comprehensive Lingopie Spanish review analyzes the popular video platform for language learning and covers everything in-depth.

I tried to cover as much detail as possible. So, this is a comprehensive Lingopie review of Spanish. The table of contents allows you to jump directly to the sections that interest you most.

Let’s get started!

About Lingopie Language App

An interactive language-learning platform, Lingopie uses videos to teach languages. You can learn and enhance 8 languages, including Spanish.

Hundreds of films, television series, documentaries, and shows are available. It covers various topics, genres, and categories. The result is that you will have plenty of videos to watch for a binge-worthy experience.

Is Lingopie Spanish good

Many features make Lingopie stand out. E.g., progress tracking, video learning tools, podcasts, community interactions, and 1-to-1 tutoring.

Besides being available on Android and iOS, you can access everything via a web browser.

The Lingopie company was founded by David Datny and Roy Oppenheim in 2019. David is the CEO, while Roy manages the product division.

The main headquarter is in Tel Aviv, Israel, and they have an office in New York, USA.

Who is Lingopie Spanish For?

Are you a fan of Spanish movies and TV shows? Recently, it has become increasingly popular thanks to online streaming channels.

Those who love such amusing content will find Lingopie helpful.

For those who enjoy watching TV shows and films to learn Spanish, this is an ideal platform. And you also improve your Spanish language skills using this app.

This platform is accessible anywhere and at any time. You only need a laptop or smartphone with internet access, which everyone has these days. Thus, all types of learners can benefit from the app. 

After only a few episodes or videos, you will see good progress in your knowledge. With the excellent tools inbuilt with videos, you will understand most of the conversation in Spanish.

If you find language learning tedious and looking for a delightful way to take your Spanish to the next level, learn Spanish with Lingopie.

Lingopie videos are as much enjoyment just like Spanish studies.

It won’t feel like you’re learning. Instead, this is a fun way to understand more about Spain and the Hispanic world and improve your Spanish.

Lingopie Spanish language

How to use Lingopie Spanish app?

The Lingopie Spanish app is easy to use.

Create an account through an email address or via your FB, Google, or Apple account. Then, you’re ready to go once you’ve downloaded the app or logged in on the web.

A 7-day trial is available. Afterward, you will discover a pleasant way to learn Spanish.

The app does not take any placement tests. You do not need to pass any quiz, so it can specify your starting level. You can instead access any random video and begin studying and practicing with Lingopie.

Features of Lingopie Spanish

Many innovative and unique features are available in the Lingopie Spanish learning app. As a result, you can learn more effectively.

Here are all the top features you should know about.

1. Plenty of contents

Once you choose Spanish as your target language, you’ll find plenty of videos in Spanish.

Lingopie organizes videos into multiple categories based on genres, difficulty levels, themes, durations, and types. The layout is carousel-style, so you can scroll and swipe.

These videos have no academic goals or lectures, which may make them boring for some. Instead, these are actual flicks and tv shows. So, no matter what your language goal is, you can watch them.

Overall, there are many videos in various genres and kinds, so you can search by interest, runtime, genre, and purpose.

Using the Lingopie app, you can create playlists to track your progress. You can also enjoy Spanish education and entertainment with no problem.

Review of Lingopie Spanish

2. Video tools to enhance your learning

Lingopie simplifies language learning by letting you watch your favorite films or TV series.

The videos come with subtitles in the original language (e.g., Spanish TV drama with Spanish subtitles). You can also use two subtitles together for a better grasp.

The app also has a mashup segment that mixes subtitles in English and Spanish and highlights words to help you memorize them.

Spanglish (Spanish + English) aids you in pronouncing words correctly and improves your listening and reading abilities.

As you study, you can also click on any word, phrase, or sentence to get an instant translation. Plus, you can examine your new vocabulary and grammar rules with the built-in flashcards and word list.

We can also adjust the playback speed of Lingopie according to your current skill level. For instance, you can change it from 0.5 to 1x.

You can watch and read simultaneously with a full frame for parallel learning. This is excellent for learning unfamiliar words and phrases and how to pronounce them.

Countless other language-learning tools are available to help you learn Spanish. This includes auto-pause, slow replay, auto-loop, repetition tools, and an AI voice for listening to slow, easy-to-understand sounds.

2. Value-added services, like podcasts and tutoring

This pandemic has led to an increase in online language tutoring sessions. To take advantage of this trend, Lingopie added 1-on-1 online language teaching.

The schedule can be tailored to your requirements, and the tutors can set their own pricing and timing. Some tutors offer free or discounted first classes, but not all.

As a teacher, you can apply for any language you teach. Lingopie manually verifies and approves teacher profiles.

For example, Netflix’s Spanish dramas “Chicas del Cable,” “La Casa de Papel,” and “Narcos” are famous globally. The app has free resources on these TV shows to learn and practice Spanish.

There are also plans for Lingopie to start Spanish podcasts covering various topics, like yoga, education, literature, health, journalism, crime, horror, etc.

Listening to podcasts is a convenient way to learn a language. It boosts your word power and motivates you to speak right away.

Lingopie plans to offer a wide range of language-related value-added services in the future.

Check their catalog → Spanish comedies to learn Spanish and Spanish songs to learn Spanish.

Pros and Cons

Lingopie Spanish has both advantages and disadvantages, like any language platform.

Spanish on Lingopie

4 Advantages

This language education program offers the following apparent benefits.

1. Everyone can benefit from Lingopie

Most Spanish language learning apps are designed for beginners. Yet, once you cross the initial hurdles of understanding basic vocabulary and talking, you will barely have anything left to learn.

This is the area where Lingopie excels. It is appropriate for all learners, regardless of their level of proficiency.

Lingopie has something for everyone, no matter your level of ability. Even if you start from zero, you’ll benefit from it.

This app can enhance your learning experience and be a long-term resource thanks to its video library for all levels and users.

2. Huge collection of movies, shows, and documentaries

If you love Spanish language films and shows, you will enjoy your time at Lingopie.

There are hundreds of Spanish-subtitled videos available there. Students will always find new content since they add new content regularly.

You can choose from a variety of categories. This includes binge-worthy shows, Top 10, popcorn shows, short movies, love & drama, family time, solving mysteries, comedy, cartoons, and more.

Lingopie also has a rich catalog of travel and tourism. For example, tour Latin America, a world to explore, travel & food, walking tours, etc.

It also offers Beginner-friendly videos for new learners looking to start at the introductory level.

Do you enjoy documentaries and kids’ programs?

There are plenty of short videos and telenovelas from various Spanish-speaking countries, foods, adventure, Hispanic customs, and society.

By improving your Spanish, you enjoy and increase your awareness of Spain and Latin America’s rich culture.

Learning Spanish on Lingopie

Log Out

3. Learning through immersion

Video is a practical way to improve your language skills because it uses familiar dialogues that are authentic and easy to remember.

They contextualize the learning process at Lingopie.

It focuses on the actual usages and tones that native speakers would use in their daily talks. So, you will not only be learning new things but also how to use them in real-life scenarios.

This approach teaches you how to use words and phrases in various contexts and how to use them differently in other discussions.

4. Abundance of innovative features

Language learning apps like Lingopie are impressive because of their innovative features.

There are a lot of top-notch features. For instance, there are two subtitles, correct pronunciation, auto-play, loop sentences, transcripts, and videos.

You can improve your listening and speaking abilities with tools such as podcasts, artificial intelligence, and audio recording. The video dictionary can also help you find your favorite phrase.

5. Learn various Spanish dialects

Do you want to learn different varieties of the Spanish language?

Spanish, a widespread language, differs depending on the region. But thanks to Lingopie’s vast Spanish content, you can immerse yourself in a specific dialect.

While picking the video, you will see the region or country. This helps you choose the one whose dialects you prefer or want to learn and practice.

If you wish to learn one of the dozens of Spanish language varieties. You can view videos from Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Spain, Mexico, Peru, etc.

2 Disadvantages

There are many reasons Lingopie Spanish is a good choice. There are, however, some downsides you should know before diving in.

Below are two obvious flaws.

Lingopie Spanish App Review

1. This isn’t a proper Spanish course

Using Lingopie is a great way to learn unfamiliar words and sentences and tune your ear to Spanish sounds and accents. As a result, you will progress in learning Spanish in many areas.

Yet, it is not a substitute for traditional Spanish classes. It does not cover intricate grammar, sentence formation, nuance, or cultural context.

There are some known perks to the immersion approach. But, most new learners find it challenging to understand and gain context in the language since they are unfamiliar with it at their beginning stage.

Unlike Duolingo, Memrise, Babbel, Busuu, and Rosetta Stone, Lingopie does not teach absolute beginners a language.

It is inadequately prepared for you. The reason for this is that this isn’t a language-learning app.

You view videos and learn something from them. It helps you improve your existing skills, not start learning new ones. You cannot rely on it and use it as a supplement. 

When you lack inspiration and don’t have a plan, you will end up in the middle of nowhere. To put it simply, you’re on your own.

The program does not have grammar drills, practice sets, vocabulary lessons, or phonology exercises. Hence, expanding a systematic education method through activities is impossible.

This will be helpful for those who already know Spanish well and want to practice and improve their skills. Also, you can maximize your learning potential by combining it with other language resources and teachers.

2. It lacks a diverse range of videos

Would you like to learn Spanish through TV series? Maybe you are more interested in great Spanish dramas, romantic flicks, or nail-biting thrillers.

Despite Lingopie’s growing library, it lacks enough content to attract a wide range of learners. You cannot search for videos you’re interested in because it lacks proper filtering.

In addition, there aren’t a lot of kids’ or animation videos or well-known videos. So it leaves a lot to be desired. Hopefully, the team will address this soon.

Lingopie currently offers video content in eight languages. Adding more languages, genres, and levels of difficulty would be great.

The Lingopie Spanish Pricing

Lingopie offers no free plan. It is a 100% paid app.

Trials are available for 7 days. Before subscribing to a paid plan, you can try all the features. The free trial period allows you to cancel any time if you are unhappy with the service.

Premium membership comes in three forms.

Lingopie costs $12 per month. The cost of a 1-year subscription is $71.88, which translates into $5.99 per month.

Lingopie Spanish pricing

The annual price is discounted by roughly 50%. Still, it is worth it if you plan to use the app for over a few months.

The price varies depending on the location. In countries like the USA, the cost is higher. Still, it is less in places like India, the Philippines, Brazil, etc.

A $75 family and friend plan is available for up to four people. So if multiple users want to use this app, the fee is reasonable.

Is the paid plan worth it?

The list above shows how impressive the features of paid subscriptions are. And compared to other identical video learning platforms, the price is also affordable.

Yabla and FluentU, for example, cost $99 and $240, respectively. While the price is higher than Lingopie, the features and quality aren’t superior.

The price and features of this product make it an excellent value.

At least you’ll have access to thousands of premium videos worldwide, regardless of how much you learn.

Final Review of Lingopie Spanish — Rating 4.0/5

Lingopie Spanish Rating

Taking on a new language is always challenging, mainly if it is widely spoken with too many variants, like Spanish. It is possible to make it simple and enjoyable, however.

That’s what Lingopie does well. Offering many interactive videos and flashcards, it combines immersion and entertainment.

With the help of several great tools, you learn new things and improve your Spanish language skills.

An intuitive, engaging, relaxed, and user-friendly layout makes the platform easy to use. You can access nearly everything on the dashboard and user interface with only a few clicks.

There are also some flaws in it, of course. Among its limitations are the lack of an extensive video library and a limited selection of languages.

The app does not teach language and aspects such as grammar, sentence structure, etc. As an outcome, it does not replace traditional study methods.

For more information, visit or download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

You can try the app or web version for 7 days. After that, you will need to spend a few minutes understanding how useful and valuable it may be to you.

I would be glad to answer any questions you may have about the Lingopie Spanish review. Comment below with your thoughts and suggestions!

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