Why & How to Learn a Language With Netflix?

Watching movies & TV series is a natural method of learning a foreign language at any age. And what is better than Netflix? How does it work? Let’s find out!

Learn a language with Netflix

How would you react if I said that you can study a foreign tongue while binge-watching your favorite films and TV series? Stunned?

I am sure you are surprised to know this, but the truth is you can learn a language with Netflix. Yes, with Netflix — the most popular online video streaming service globally.

The advantages of language learning are enormous. It is a skill that can become an indispensable part of your career and give you an edge in your job search, whether in India or elsewhere.

Apart from the monetary gains, there are plenty of practical and cognitive benefits of learning languages.

You may know that the best method to learn a language is through 24/7 immersion.

Surround yourself with people who speak the language you want to gain, talk with the locals, and dive deep into the cultural aspect. Plus, create the environment to soak the language into your brain.

However, everybody can’t shift to the location where they can converse with the natives.

The improvement of technology has made it easier and more accessible for everyone to learn a foreign language.

And Netflix is the best video streaming service to entertain and benefit from your quest. It will astonish many of you to know this.

But trust me, you can learn a language with Netflix.

Why Learn a Language with Netflix?

Netflix has gained immense popularity because of the unique content that the channel presents to its audience.

As of February 2022, Netflix has 222 million subscribers in over 190 countries worldwide. As a result, there is a demand amongst both young and old.

The best thing is — you can use the same channel to see your beloved web series and movies to learn a language.

As a language student, How can Netflix benefit you?

Let me explain why and how to learn a language with Netflix. Here we go.

learn foreign language with netflix

1. Vast Collection Of Movies and TV-Series Library

Netflix is an incredible digital success.

You will find a vast collection of cinemas, television series, documentaries, stand-up comedy, anime, and kids’ programs in almost all the dominant languages used throughout the planet.

Netflix library comprises over 10,000 titles across all its global libraries. The only caveat is not all titles are available in every country.

All you have to do is select the flicks in your target language and start viewing them.

I recommend movies and tv shows with subtitles for the elementary level. It makes it more manageable for you to understand the conversations.

Later, you can see without subtitles to develop your ear tuned to how the language sounds.

You can also download a movie or tv series for offline viewing without an internet connection.

In short, you can see it whenever and wherever you want.

Since we all like Netflix either way, why not utilize it to increase our foreign language proficiency?

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2. Options For Different Audio & Subtitles

Netflix has many audio tracks with titles in several languages, making it easy to learn a language with Netflix.

All you have to do is go to the audio section and pick your desired one.

Netflix has content in dozens of foreign tongues, including Arabic, Turkish, Persian, Danish, Swedish, Russian, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, among others.

You can search for your preferred language, and you are all set to embark on the trip!

Netflix provides subtitles in various languages.

You can visit netflix.com/browse/subtitles and netflix.com/browse/audio to choose the subtitles and audio of your liking.

But mind you, not all titles have captions available in every language.

Subtitles are great for learning a language.

There you will find all the titles available on Netflix. You can select in your selected language and place captions at the bottom or anywhere on the screen.

Whether you see a movie with subtitles in your target language or a tongue you already know, you will positively advance your language competence.

3. Netflix Originals & Dubbed Movies

How to learn a language with Netflix

Another excellent tool to learn foreign languages is Netflix Originals.

These are the exclusive and spectacular original movies and web series from multiple genres you can’t find anywhere else.

Most of these Netflix original films and shows are dubbed and subtitled in multiple languages like Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese, etc.

You can locate a show in your fancied language and begin diving into the language more accurately.

You can study either way – subbed or dubbed.

From Latin America’s “Narcos” and South Korea’s romantic K-Drama “My First First Love” to American’s “House of Cards” and the twisted German suspense flick “Dark,” you can discover many dubbed movies and tv-series.

While dubbed involves re-recording of the voices into another language. However, people find dubbed movies challenging to understand as the sounds won’t sync with the characters’ lips.

Nevertheless, it assists language enthusiasts.

Through subtitles, you can hear the dubbed language audio along with a translation in your target language. But, of course, this might not be the best approach.

You can at least enjoy the movie in your mother tongue or a language you understand and simultaneously learn lots of vocabulary and phrases through subtitles of the original language.

How to Learn a Foreign Language with Netflix?

Depending on your current level, you can always combine and match subbed and audio to learn a language with Netflix.

Like, if you are an English speaker and wish to learn the French language, you can mix and match subs and audios in the following ways:

  • At the Beginner Level: Don’t bother with the French audio first, especially if you’re relatively new to learning French. You can watch with English dialogue and French subtitles as you are more comfortable with English. It supports you get accustomed first. Besides, you will improve your reading skills.
  • At Intermediate Level: You can see with French dialogues and English subtitles. At this level, it becomes obvious to understand the language to some extent. You learn unfamiliar words and also how to spell them correctly. And whatever you don’t grasp, you can get the aid of English subtitles to get the knack.
  • At Advanced Level: You can follow with only the French audio and French subtitles. It will contribute to you have a better command of the language that you already learned. Also, it helps to retain things better. Listening to your target language while again seeing it written on-screen helps connect speech to written words.
  • At Expert Level: You can view with French audio with no subtitles. Once you have control over your target language, you require not to take the guidance of subtitles. By avoiding subtitles, it will serve you to have greater confidence in your knowledge. Plus, it will further enrich your accents, articulation, intonation, rhythm, and nitty-gritty pronunciation.

How to Navigate Netflix For Learning Languages?

Before you take advantage of Netflix for language learning, you need to know some settings and tricks.

You need to make some modifications to your Netflix account.

Here are some tips and tricks that will dramatically enhance your Netflix viewing experience, all compatible with the current version.

Here we go.

Netflix profile for Language Learning

1. Customize Your Profile

Netflix collects several data points of its subscribers to create a detailed profile.

The streaming service has specialized sub-genres of movies and TV shows, which can be accessed when you have watched something similar in the past.

You can customize your profile and use the viewing activity for your profit.

First, create a separate profile for language education, especially if you share this account with someone else or when many family members use the same account to access Netflix.

Log in to your Netflix account, add a profile, and name it.

For example, language learning.

Then through manage profile, you can change the language of your profile.

For example, if you change into the German language.

Now nearly everything — menus, titles, and even in most cases, audios and subtitles will be German.

You can watch and read subtitles of hundreds of your favorite television shows, web series, and movies in the German language, regardless of where you’re.

You can also change the font size, color, background, and more for your viewing pleasure. Isn’t that incredible?

Netflix Dual subtitle for learning languages

2. Netflix secret codes that unlock tons of hidden contents

There are plenty of good foreign language movies on Netflix. Still, it is not easy to access those subgenres and content in the language of your choice.

With the secret of Netflix’s genre codes, you can swiftly find the entire available treasure and save time.

Suppose you aren’t a fan of Mandarin Chinese movies but want to watch them help you progress to the next level of the Chinese language?

Or maybe you have compelling reasons to learn Korean, Scandinavian, or perhaps Italian?

The process is effortless. Just log into your Netflix account and enter www.netflix.com/browse/genre/XXXX into your browser’s toolbar (in place of XXXX. Then, you’ll type in a series of numbers corresponding to Netflix’s subgenres), and that’s it.

Below are some of the hidden genre codes you can try.

107573 – Danish Movies & TV-Series, 61145 – Arabic Movies, 107464 – Norwegian Films & TV Shows, 10606 – Dutch Cinemas, 1133133 – Turkish Flicks, 711367 – Japanese Dramas, 3960 – Chinese Movies, 2638104 – Korean Dramas, 61330 – Spanish Comedies, 100393 – Russian Films and TV, 62041 – French TV Series, and many more.

Remember, these genre codes will only work on the browser and not on the app.

If you want more, here is a longer list (LINK). You can also use the search bar to explore the infinite wealth of content.

There’s truly something for everybody.

3. Language Learning With Netflix Extension (LLN)

Are you learning the Japanese Language and looking for alternative ways to make it more engaging and fun?

You can do so while watching your favorite movies to learn Japanese by using Language Learning with Netflix or LLN.

It is a free and straightforward chrome extension with an impressive set of features to make your language study worthwhile.

With LLN, you can see a side-by-side translation in both your native and target languages.

It even automatically pauses to help learners to understand more. In addition, LLN has a pop-up dictionary that you can reach by hovering over words or clicking left or right.

You can also highlight the words, keep them for your later reference, and take the pronunciation support.

Another valuable tip is to keep a pen and some paper handy to jot down words and sentences you don’t recognize.

Language learning with Netflix

They also have a catalog to encourage you to find films and tv series in the language you study.

You can pick two types of translation — Human and Machine translation.

You can select what suits you best. Then, check out the LLN instructions on how to use it effectively.

Netflix doesn’t come along with the LLN feature.

With a free Google Chrome extension, you can use this feature to learn a language with Netflix. Unfortunately, LLN only works in the Chrome web browser, so you have to make sure you are using it to view Netflix.

Can you successfully learn a language with Netflix?

Netflix indeed looks promising in the quest for language studying — but don’t expect to learn a foreign language only by seeing movies and tv series.

By merely viewing “Casa de Papel,” it won’t make you fluent in Spanish.

However, Netflix helps you ease into the Spanish language and culture.

You’ll authentically learn Spanish, the way indigenous people express themselves. Plus, you will strengthen the language that you already speak.

Netflix is a convenient and affordable way to upgrade your language abilities.

As it makes your learning comfortable and straightforward, you can study even when you are on vacation or spending your free time at home.

If you spend enough time, you may as well learn something while you’re at it.

Foreign language learning is more vital than ever in the 21st century. To accomplish that, you can take the traditional education and watch movies and tv series.

Just make sure you maintain consistency and practice all that you learn a language with Netflix!

That’s all! You are all set to reap all the benefits of Netflix!

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