Foreign Language Courses in Kolkata

Looking for foreign language courses in Kolkata? Find the best institutes for French, Spanish, German, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, etc.
Language institutes in Kolkata

Looking for foreign language courses in Kolkata and unsure where to start? Let’s find the best institutes and learning centers for French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese.

Learning a new language is helpful. It improves your memory, decision-making, and self-control. Learners also find it simpler to immerse themselves in places where it is spoken. The benefits of language are evident.

Language learning will allow you to communicate with people when traveling. Plus, it will boost your chances of studying and working in other countries and your home country as a foreign language specialist.

Of course, it is a time-consuming goal that demands dedication, patience, and effort. But you likely already know that if you’re reading this.

What you may not realize is that there are ways that might help you learn more successfully and efficiently. It allows you to enhance your progress by putting your time and energy into the right approach.

This is where learning centers, institutes, and other organizations may help. For example, at a language school, the entire class is in it together, and your fellow students can assist you in your challenges.

Your teacher or, sometimes, your peers will provide immediate comments showing if you have something you said was right or wrong.

Many educational institutions provide language classes in live classrooms. They also use reading materials, quizzes, and other tools to help learners achieve their language objectives.

Top 12 institutes for language classes in Kolkata

Foreign language courses in Kolkata

Kolkata, the city of joy, has many language schools offering courses in foreign languages.

Choosing the right one can be tricky. So, I have researched the best ones to make things easier for you.

The following list features 12 of the best foreign language institutes in Kolkata.

1. Alliance Française du Bengale (for French)

Since 1940, the Alliance Française du Bengale has been promoting the French language and culture in Kolkata. It is part of the global network of Alliance Française that has a presence in 134 nations.

AFB is East India’s only official French training center supported by the French embassy. It is the authorized test center for DELF Junior, DELF Prim, DELF, DALF, TCF, and other variants like ANF, Canada, and Québec.

AFB provides regular and intensive French courses focused on general needs throughout the year to students of all levels. Also, they offer specialized courses for children, conversational lessons, and online classes.

The teachers at Alliance Française du Bengale use a communicative approach to assist students. As a result, learners enhance their French abilities (grammar, vocabulary, conjugation, phonetics) in particular settings.

French courses in Kolkata

AFB organizes many cultural events. It helps students know more about France, French, and Francophone countries. AFB is ideal if you are looking for French classes in Kolkata. The only disadvantage is higher tuition fees.

2. Goethe-Institut (for German)

The Goethe-Institut, also known as Max Mueller Bhavan, is a branch of the international German cultural organization of the Federal Republic of Germany with offices worldwide.

The German institute in Kolkata aims to facilitate global cultural exchange, German language teaching and encourage German studies abroad.

They offer ‘Intensive’ and ‘Superintensive’ courses in German as per CEFR levels. ‘Intensive’ is for 14 weeks for level A1, whereas ‘Superintensive’ is for 8 weeks covering A1 and A2. They also teach customized courses, online classes, programs for children, and exam preparation.

You can learn German on their online platform, where you get lessons, advice, and all that one needs to study German. You can also verify your language skills by passing the Goethe-Zertifikat exam at this facility.

German courses in Kolkata

The Goethe-Institut offers advanced training to German teachers and educational institutions and develops teaching and learning materials and concepts. They also hold activities and events to encourage German students.

3. Korean Culture And Language Centre

Korean Culture And Language Centre is one of Kolkata’s most reputable Korean institutes. It provides engaging classes in the Korean language and culture.

Mrs. Chang Sung Hee founded the Korean Culture Language Center (KCLC) in 2001 to promote Korean language and cultural education.

KCLC offers Korean courses on 4 levels — Beginners, Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. The starting fee for 1 level is INR 10,000.

Their Korean programs are based on the Test of Proficiency in Korean. Thus, you will benefit from their Korean classes if you aim to take TOPIK for career or GKS scholars.

They organized many events related to South Korea. For example, you can learn much about Korean culture at their Indian-Korean Cultural Meet.

4. Ramakrishna Mission (School of Languages)

The Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture was envisioned in 1936 and formally formed on January 29, 1938. RMIC was started in Kolkata as a division of the Ramakrishna Mission to spread Sri Ramakrishna’s teachings of Vedanta.

Learn languages in Kolkata

The School of Languages (SOL) provides certificate courses in 19 languages, 14 of which are foreign and 5 of which are indigenous to India.

Ancient Greek, Arabic, English, Chinese, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Latin, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and Persian are among the foreign languages.

The Sol uses innovative language teaching methods like audiovisual and internet-based VLE for remote education. Students can also use the school’s modern and ever-growing language library.

You get a certification once each language’s senior course is completed. After completing the advanced course, you earn an advanced certificate.

They also issue temporary certificates for the elementary course based on submitted applications. Also, you can get a certificate in 6-month communication courses in Chinese, German, French, and Spanish.

5. Spanish Study Centre, Kolkata

The Spanish Study Centre was established in 2003 in Dum Dum, Kolkata, to equip students with the Spanish language. It has a unique approach to teaching this sweet and rhythmic language in its genuine spirit.

It uses the same method and module of courses used by top-rated Spanish learning centers with audio and video support. Also, it offers study materials and multimedia content to help students learn Spanish.

Along with classroom instruction, the center introduces students to the culture of Spain and Latin America through seminars, film screenings, and cultural performances.

They offer three semesters, covering levels from A1 through B2 and much higher. Basic (A1 and part of A2), Intermediate (A2 and B1), and Advanced (B2 and above).

Each lasts seven months and includes a minimum of 28 one-and-a-half-hour lessons for 42 hours of instruction. Weekend classes are the most common. Plus, they conduct two exams each semester: the first term and the final.

The Spanish course adheres to the modules of international DELE and SIELE exams. Instituto Cervantes, linked with the Spanish Ministry of Education and Culture, administers both exams worldwide.

6. CDA Center for foreign languages

Cucchiaio d’Argento, CDA Center, is another language institute in Kolkata that offers various language courses for all age groups. It aims to provide this generation with the linguistic abilities they’ll need in a world.

Language courses in Kolkata

Besides regular classes at Salt Lake, it partners with colleges, B-Schools, companies, and private institutes to teach foreign languages.

It prepares for international language exams like Start Deutsch, CILS, DELF, CAPLE, DELE, HSK, JLPT, and more.

They offer courses in various languages like German, Spanish, Italian, French, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, English, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Persian, Swedish, and even Sanskrit.

Their courses have 2 options. A standard 3 months (72 hours total with 6 hours a week) and an intensive crash course of 6 weeks with 48 hours. It offers tailor-made corporate courses and translation and interpretation services.

7. Indo-Japan Welfare and Cultural Association

The IJWCA has been the host institution for providing quality Japanese language education since 1998. It is also the approved test center for JLPT in Kolkata.

IJWCA introduces learners to the Japanese language, so they can converse and understand the culture and civilization of Japan. The levels comprise Beginners, Junior, Intermediate, Senior, and Advanced.

The first period runs from January through June. Then there’s the one that runs from July to December. The courses are six months long, and all programs hold classes twice a week. The crash course is also available.

A single student’s fees are Rs. 6000 (six thousand) for a minimum of 20 hours of instruction. Admission is on a first-come, first-served basis. It hosts a JLPT orientation for learners with a basic understanding of the Japanese language.

8. Learn Spanish at Indo-Hispanic

Indo Hispanic is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the Spanish language and culture in India and the Indian languages and culture in Hispanic nations.

They work with Spanish and Latin American embassies, colleges, and other institutions, as well as the other way around. They have 32 years of experience, which attests to their skill and long-standing reputation.

They offer programs at levels A1 to B2 through their courses. Each lasts 4 months (32 hours and 16 sessions for 90 minutes each).

They also offer business-level Spanish, translation practice, cultural studies, and professional courses. They also have individual lessons and exam preparation courses for SIELE and DELE exams.

9. Institute of Russian language (Gorky Sadan)

The Russian Government founded the Institute of Russian Language in Kolkata in 1974 to teach the Russian language.

It focuses on Russia’s and the CIS nations’ rich traditions and cultures. They also closely engage with their Indian counterparts and run a vast, famous library. To enroll, visit Gorky Sadan.

Learn Russian in Kolkata

They provide a variety of programs and prepare for the TORFL test. Their typical Russian language courses in Kolkata include a 

  • 6-month certificate course with 1.5-hour lessons given twice a week, with costs of Rs. 1100.
  • A 10-month diploma program broken into two 5-month semesters. Each class lasts 1.5 hours and is given twice a week. The cost of the fees would be Rs. 2100.
  • A 10-month post-diploma course broken into two 5-month semesters. Each class lasts 1.5 hours and is given twice a week. The cost of the fees would be Rs. 2100.

They also provide a one-month crash course for businesspeople or visa applicants. They schedule the classes for one hour each, and the fee is Rs. 2500.

10. NILI Japanese, Kolkata

NILI Japanese institute offers a structured learning process created in collaboration with Native Japanese specialists. They adapted it to the needs of both corporations and individuals.

NILI designed the courses to provide a route for holistic language skill development. It uses the Japanese Language Proficiency Test and NAT-Test as its guiding compass.

Besides Japanese language education, they provide their clients with interpretation and job placement services in Kolkata.

The Japanese courses they provide cover N2 to N5 levels of the JLPT and last for 6 months except for N2, which lasts 12 months. The duration is 125 hours for N5 and N4, whereas it goes higher for N3 and N2.

They also provide conversation sessions to enable students to speak and understand Japanese discussions in everyday situations. They aim these studies to teach basic to intermediate conversational Japanese.

11. The School of Chinese Language (Zhongwen)

A few Chinese language centers in India are associated with the Hanban, CLEC, and the Confucius Institutes. Zhongwen: The Chinese Language School in Kolkata is one of them.

It offers various Mandarin Chinese language courses in Kolkata. For example, 120 hours basic, 208 hours intensive, 80 hours express, and 51 hours of classes for children, to name a few.

Zhongwen is one of the testing centers for the HSK Mandarin test in India.

12. Jadavpur University (School of Languages & Linguistics)

Learn French, German, Korean, Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, and Japanese and earn a certificate at Jadavpur University through the School of Languages and Linguistics department.

Once you complete a 1-year certificate, you can pursue a 1-year diploma in French, German, Spanish, Japanese, and Korean. Further, you can do an advanced diploma in French and Japanese.

The fee for the certificate is Rs 3640, a diploma is Rs 4820, and an advanced diploma is Rs 5410. The minimum eligibility criteria are 12th.

Final Words on Learning Foreign Languages in Kolkata

Language classes in Kolkata

These are only a handful of the many foreign language learning centers in Kolkata.

Some are solely for one language. But many provide multiple language courses to help you learn languages and differentiate yourself in today’s competitive market.

Choose what works best for you and use your language skills to reach new heights!

Do you have a question or suggestion about language institutes in Kolkata? Share your message in the comment below.

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