Foreign Language Courses in Bangalore

Language courses in Bangalore

Studying a new language through a learning center is the quickest and most suitable way to learn and integrate it into daily life.

Happily, if you are keen to pursue foreign language courses in Bangalore, there are many excellent language institutes here. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started today!

Do you know that learning a foreign language is one of the most pursued hobbies?

It does not come as a surprise, given that our world is growing more globalized and competitive. This makes multilingualism arguably an essential real-world ability to have ever existed.

More organizations than ever are conducting business in many countries.

This requires companies to hire employees who can speak at least one foreign language. These skills can set you apart from the crowd.

You would naturally want someone fluent in helping you learn a language in the right way. Without proper guidance, the task looks difficult.

This is where teachers, institutes, centers, or colleges offering language courses come into the picture.

Many education institutes offer courses comprising live classes, reading materials, and tests. This helps motivate language learners. Plus, you interact with experienced teachers, enhancing your language skills.

Top Institutes for language classes in Bangalore

Picking the right language school is an important and difficult decision. I have researched the best language institutes in Bangalore, so you don’t have to.

This list will look at the top 12 such language institutes in Bangalore where you can learn foreign languages.

Language institutes in Bangalore

1. Bengaluru City University (Centre for Global Languages)

As the name suggests, Bangalore University is based in Bangalore. It was founded in July 1964 as a spin-off from the University of Mysore.

Students can enroll in foreign languages at the Bengaluru City University (BCU) Center for Global Languages. It includes French, Polish, German, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, and Portuguese.

They have both regular and weekend courses to choose from. Also, you can choose from certificates, diplomas, higher diplomas, and advanced diplomas.

The regular and weekend certificate courses are available for all languages. But some weekend courses are available at the certification and other levels for some languages only.

The department has also begun offering ‘conversation classes,’ basically a 2-month crash course. It covers the fundamentals of a foreign language that are useful in everyday situations.

In another form, the language department at BCU offers BA and MA in French and German and Ph.D. in French.

Here is the list of language courses:

  • Certificate I and II — Chinese, Korean, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Finnish.
  • Diploma — Spanish, German, Japanese, Russian, French, Korean, Chinese, Italian, and Portuguese.
  • Higher Diploma — Spanish, German, Japanese, French, Korean, Chinese, Italian, and Portuguese.
  • Advanced Diploma — Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese, and French.
  • Conversation classes — French, Spanish, German, Hebrew, Polish, and Chinese.
  • MA in French and Spanish.
  • Ph.D. program in French.

2. Alliance Française (for French)

Your go-to for learning French should be the Alliance Française de Bangalore. It is one of the 100’s franchises of the renowned Alliance Française global network.

The Bangalore chapter began with the establishment of Alliance Française de Bangalore in 1970. It plays a vital role in cultural contact between India and France and its core mission of teaching French.

French courses in Bangalore

The French language course at Alliance Francaise enables you to prepare for a recognized diploma worldwide.

AFB is the official test center for DELF, DALF, and TCF Canada. These are internationally recognized French proficiency diplomas awarded by the French Ministry of National Education.

All the teachers are FFL certified, which means they can teach French as a Foreign Language. Currently, they offer both offline and online French courses.

Their classes are extensive and range from those for children to those for adults at all levels of French. The prices range differently based on the course and timing you want to apply for.

AFB is the place to dive deep into everything French, thanks to its modern infrastructure, high-tech audiovisual resources, and expanding library. Of course, the cost is on the higher side, but the quality is excellent.

3. Goethe-Institut (for German)

This institute is an extension of the Goethe-Institut, a cultural institute of the Federal Republic of Germany working worldwide. It supports global cultural interchange and promotes its language and studies in Germany.

Max Mueller Bhavan (Goethe’s Indian version) offers various German courses in Bangalore, which you can choose from. They usually provide offline programs, but they also operate some classes in the online mode.

They have two general courses — Intensive and Super-intensive courses. The intensive is for 14 weeks and covers A1, A2, B1, B 2.1, B 2.2, C 1.1, C1.2, C 2.1, and C2.2.

On the other hand, the super-intensive ones are for 6 weeks, covering only levels A1, A2, and B1. The prices for both are in the range of around Rs.24,000, though it may change.

They also have blended learning, exam-based, tailor-made programs, and a self-guided online course.

They are also the authorized testing centers for German language tests. For instance, Goethe-Zertifikat, C2-GDS, TestDaF, and specialized exams for professionals.

For those who are starting fresh, they also offer a placement test. So that you can understand your current level and thus know where to begin your learning.

4. Instituto Hispania (for Spanish)

Laura Benito, founder, and director, started Instituto Hispania in 1997 to spread Spanish teaching in India.

Instituto Hispania is a famous name for learning Spanish in Bangalore. All courses are intensive, and each level has a specific syllabus to follow.

They have a unique teaching style intended for Indian students. That’s why a student can get the highest level of competence in the shortest amount of time.

All courses are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and the Spanish DELE exam. They are also testing centers for DIE and SIELE.

They divided the courses into eight levels and grouped them into 3 categories. So you can pick between 60-hour courses you can complete in 4 weeks (weekday) or 8 weeks (weekend).

The Basic Module has (A1 + A2) [Hispania Uno (A1), Dos (A2.1), Tres (A2)]. The Intermediate (B1 + B2) [Hispania Cuatro (B1.1), Cinco (B1), Seis (B2.1) and Seis (B2)], and the Advanced Module is Hispania Ocho (C1).

They also offer private tuition packages for people who want to study Spanish at their own pace and convenience. You can decide about timings and days according to mutual availability and convenience.

They also provide online Spanish classes for kids. Also, tailored courses for individuals and businesses. They also assist with job placement.

5. Inlingua — Language center

Inlingua was founded in Bern, Switzerland, in 1968. They started the Bangalore center in the year 2005.

Inlingua has provided English and foreign language training programs, translations, and online training to retail, corporate, and institutional clients for the past 17 years.

They conduct regular courses in French, German, and Spanish. The classes are available on weekdays and weekends and offline and online mode.

Their prices vary based on the language course you pick and the level. They offer classes starting from A1 and going up to C2 as per DELF and DALF, Goethe-Zertifikat, and DELE and SIELE.

They also offer programs in rare and other languages. For example, Arabic, Czech, Danish, Korean, Finnish, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Romanian, Turkish, etc.

They teach these languages through virtual classrooms. Also, they conduct them through private or one-to-one classes.

Inligua claims to have a unique teaching method. They prepare you for international certifications and exams, combined with their study content.

6. FluenC — Language Classes in Bangalore

FluenC is a well-known language institute in Bangalore. It provides high-quality German, French, and Spanish classes.

The center provides a variety of courses, focusing on top-quality instruction. They also offer the classes to pass competence examinations in German, French, and Spanish.

Foreign language courses in Bangalore

The curriculum and test format used at FluenC are based on the CEFR, which most embassies also recommend.

Their French, German, and Spanish classes follow the stages of learning and provide courses ranging from A1 to C2.

They also provide private classes at a variety of prices. The learner does not have to stick to batch timetables because the timings are changeable. Timings can be set according to the student’s and trainer’s preferences.

7. IFLaC (Institute of Foreign Language and Culture)

The Institute of Foreign Language and Culture is a leading language academy in Bangalore founded in 2007. They aim to encourage the study of foreign languages and cultural enrichment.

They offer various courses in over 20 languages. This includes German, French, Japanese, Mandarin, Portuguese, Swedish, etc.

Their courses are Junior, Express, and Enterprise levels, with different online versions available. They also organize cultural events to make language learning a remarkable experience.

They follow a conversational method that guides you through the levels. They use simple conversations and activities that progress in difficulty.

Most courses are available from level A1 to C2, some ending at B1 or B2.

The fees differ depending on the package and the language you choose to learn.

8. Dutch Roof Consultancy (for Dutch)

Dutch Roof Consultancy LLP was founded in 2019. But, they have been in business since 1995 and since 2004 in Bangalore via GMAB services. 

They promote the cultural aspects of the Netherlands, Dutch language teaching, and recruitment. It is one of the few institutes that teaches the Dutch language in India.

Starting with beginner courses at the A1 level, they offer lessons and classes at the A2, B1, B2, and C1 levels.

They’ve also created ‘Dutch Language and Culture Training programs.’ It is mainly for corporates and caters to individuals. They also specialize in training small groups of IT consultants.

They prepare candidates for the CNAVT Dutch proficiency test, which is internationally recognized. They cover A2, B1, B2, and C1 levels in the Bengaluru center.

9. Sakuraa Nihongo Resource Centre (For Japanese)

Sakuraa Nihongo Resource Centre is a Japanese language school in Bangalore

It specializes in translation, Business Etiquette, corporate training, interpretation, and cultural orientation services. They also prepare for JLPT.

Japanese courses in Bengaluru

Their language courses focus on reading skills, vocabulary, listening to kanji, and grammar. This helps students improve their language ability for the Japanese tests.

They offer 4 levels of Japanese. It includes N5 (100 hours), N4 (120 hours), and N3 and N2 (150 hours each). Currently, N1 is not available, which is the most challenging level.

They have a conversational course focusing on speaking skills. It trains to help you expand your vocabulary and improve your pronunciation. As a result, you can build a firm command of the Japanese language.

They also provide special courses for children and corporate trainees.

10. Yellow River Chinese Academy (for Chinese)

Yellow River Chinese Academy is a Mandarin Chinese language school. YRCA provides lessons for beginners, intermediates, and advanced students. 

The courses are based on the Hanban Institute of China’s HSK Chinese proficiency tests.

Their level 1 course is 25-30 hours long. It covers the foundations of Chinese, such as phonetics, tones, grammar, and other topics. All this helps you achieve conversational fluency.

Level 2 is 25-30 hours long and covers more complex sentences and listening and speaking practice. Likewise, level 3 covers listening, writing, and reading practice over 60-70 hours.

Both levels 2 and 3 follow the HSK level 1 and 2 test formats.

They also provide Mandarin courses for juniors that adhere to Youth Chinese Test YCT. They also conduct conversational classes, on-site corporate training, and translation services.

11. Sayuri Japanese Language School

Learning Japanese need not be difficult. Still, you can simplify it by studying at Sayuri Japanese language institute in Bangalore.

The Japanese institute offers various courses for individuals, JLPT test preparation, corporates, and kids.

They have customized classes for specific goals, online, distance learning, and conversation lessons. They also take one-to-one sessions.

The general JLPT (N5-N1) course lasts between 3 and 11 months, ranging from 80 to 900 hours.

For example, N5 is for 3 months and 80 hours and N2 for 6 months in 600 hours. The fee also varies between ₹ 16,000 to ₹ 65,000 for 1 level, and they have stated that it’s non-refundable.

12. Namaste Mandarin Institute in Bangalore

Namaste Mandarin is yet another Chinese institute in Bangalore.

NM conducts courses such as young learners for kids and Advanced learners for 10+ age. They have also developed programs for corporate training and working professionals.

The team of Namaste Mandarin comprises well-qualified language teachers. They specialize in teaching Mandarin as a foreign language.

The program includes study materials and covers the cultural aspects of China. Besides regular face-to-face sessions, they also conduct online classes.

The Chinese language institute also prepares you for the HSK test. You can also take Mandarin classes at Sonestaa-iWoods, Bellandur.

Final Words on Learning Foreign Languages in Bangalore

Language classes in Bangalore

Knowing a new language opens a world of possibilities. The most efficient way to learn is by enrolling in a reputed learning center or finding a tutor.

These are some of the many institutes offering foreign language courses in Bangalore.

Some of them are specified for one language, many offer a variety of courses, and more so on online modes. Thus, it makes it possible to master languages from the comfort of your home.

The purpose of this blog is to help you find the top institute. So pick what suits you best and get on the language learning train!

Do you have a question or suggestion about language courses in Bangalore? Let me know in the comment below.

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