French Language Proficiency Test in India

If you're studying French, you might be aware of French language proficiency test in India. In this article, you'll find all the details about various french test such as DELF, DALF, as well as exam centers, fee, and why you should take the official french exam recognized by the French government.
French Proficiency Test

If you’re studying or interested in learning French, you might be aware of the French language proficiency test in India. In this article, you’ll find all the details about various french tests such as DELF, DALF, TEF, and TCF. Besides, exam centers, fee, and why you should take the official french exam recognized by the French government. 

There are myriads of reasons to learn a foreign tongue. The career opportunity in languages and high-paying language jobs are the most sought-after reason.

Why learn French of all the choices? There are tons of compelling reasons to learn the French language in India. The advantages of learning French is immense and full of career options. With over 30 French-speaking countries in the world, there is currently over 270 million French Speaking population in the world.

What is the French Proficiency Test?

The French language proficiency tests are administered for people whose native language is not French. The various French proficiency, namely, DELF, DALF, TEF, TCF, etc. offers an international standard for measuring and determining who can communicate effectively on an independent and proficient level in French.

The exams are designed to assess the communicative skills of a candidate in a real-life situation, rather than the theoretical, linguistic, and formal grammatical knowledge.

Importance of French Proficiency Test in India

You can demonstrate your level of French competency by passing an international language test (TEF or TCF) or by earning a diploma (DELF or DALF). Since these certifications give job seekers and employees a competitive advantage. Thus, It is a great asset to include on your resume.

Documentary proof of French language test certificate added to other requirements will put you on your way to a smooth interview process. The test result will somehow restrict the interviewer on the types of questions you are supposed to answer. Instead of asking you about things like “what is an office called in French.” It is most likely that you would instead be asked, “what level did you attain in DELF/DALF? It is as a result of your French language test certification included in your qualifications.

You want to study in France or any Francophone countries? These diplomas and certifications are recognized and accepted by French universities and institutions for undergraduate entry as well as for postgraduate admission.

There are few more advantages like boosting one’s confidence and improving the odds if you’re planning to immigrate to French-speaking countries. Besides, it will help you when you visit Francophone nations, Career in French, and of course, confirmation of your French proficiency level.

DELF / DALF Exams in India

French Language Proficiency Test in India

If you want to test your proficiency in French, there is one test you cannot afford to miss, and that’s the DELF/DALF certification tests. DELF stands for Diplôme d’Études en Langue Française while DALF stands for Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française.

These two proficiency tests are designed for non-native French speakers as a way of certifying their knowledge in French. Each year in the world, over 300,000 students register to take various French language proficiency test.

The above tests are crucial, and they’re currently being administered and awarded by the French Ministry of Education. They are acknowledged as an international benchmark test that gauges your skill and knowledge in French.

The proficiency tests of DELF and DALF consist of six different diplomas that also meet the standard set by the CEFR (Common European Reference Framework for Languages). Each of these diplomas is strictly independent of one another. It means that candidates are free to register and sit for the test of their choice.

Appearing for DELF Junior/Prime is restricted to candidates aged, whereas there are no age restrictions on the other versions of DELF / DALF. A candidate may give several examinations during the same session, but may not appear for two versions at the same level (e.g., DELF A1 and DELF Pro A1). One can take the same examination as many times as may be necessary for obtaining the desired diploma. However, they may not appear for a qualification they already hold.

You will have to undergo four different proficiency tests at each level, which includes reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Your proficiency level will be certified after attaining a set minimum overall pass mark.

The certificates you will obtain from DELF and DALF are valid for a lifetime and are highly respected across the world. It is even more impressive that once you pass the DALF C1 exams. Then, you never need to take any other entrance examination when entering into any French University.

The Center International d’études pédagogiques (CIEP) is the body in charge of administering the DELF/DALF tests on behalf of the French Ministry of Education.

What are the different levels of Certifications?

delf dalf dates
  1. DELF A1: Breakthrough or beginner
  2. DELF A2: Waystage or elementary
  3. DELF B1: Threshold or intermediate
  4. DELF B2: Vantage or upper intermediate
  5. DALF C1: Effective Operational Proficiency or Advanced
  6. DALF C2: Mastery or proficiency (Near-native)

Each of these has its accompanying CEFR level marking, as well.

List of different French Diplomas

  1. DELF Prim (ages 8-11) – This is an official diploma awarded by the French Ministry of Education to certify the proficiency in French as a Foreign Language of children ages 8 to 12. There are only three levels, namely A1.1, A1, and A2.
  2. DELF Junior (ages 12 +) – It is a specially adapted version for juniors/teenagers of the DELF diplomas. The levels evaluated are A1 to B2.
  3. DELF Pro – It assesses communicative skills in familiar business situations. It allows non-francophone adults in training or activity to enhance their French language skills in the world of work. Total levels are four — A1, A2, B1, B2.
  4. DELF Diplôme dÉtudes en Langue Française (for all age groups) – DELF is carried for levels A1 – B2. All four exams, A1, A2, B1, and B2, necessarily have the same structure.
  5. DALF Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française (for all age groups) – DALF is handled for Levels C1 and C2. After completing DALF exams, candidates are capable of using the French language for academic and advanced-level purposes. In the end, proficiency is near-native.

DELF and DALF Exam Centers in India

The Alliance Française conducts DELF Exams at several centers in India. North India – Chandigarh, Delhi, Jaipur. East India – Kolkata. West India – Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Indore, Bhopal, Mumbai, Pune, Panjim. South India – Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Pondichéry, Mysore, Mangalore, Trichy, and Trivandrum.

Only a few centers conduct DALF, DELF Pro, Prim, and Junior French language proficiency exam in India.

In addition to the Alliance network, the French Language proficiency test in India can be attained in Lucknow (UP) at the Institute of Tourism Studies. Also, in New Delhi/NCR, students of Delhi Public School can take the DELF Junior exams at DPS Mathura Road and DPS Noida.

DELF / DALF Exam Dates in 2019

Generally, DELF exams are conducted four times in a year, i.e., March, June, September, and December. DELF Pro, DALF, DELF Prim, and DELF Junior are also conducted a few times in a year though not at every center of Alliance Française.

Delf Exam dates 2019 India

Test Fee for each level

For 2019 DELF/DALF, Fees are between Rs. 4012 and 6490 for internal students (who are studying at Alliance Française) whereas for external students, fees are generally twice, i.e., Rs. 8024 to 10,856.

  • DELF A1 and A2 (Internal – Rs 4012 / External – Rs 8024)
  • DELF B1 and B2 (Internal – Rs 5310 and External – Rs 9440)
  • DALF C1 (Internal – Rs 6490 and External – Rs 10,856)

In the next article, we will cover another French proficiency test — TEF, TEF Canada, TCF, TEFAQ, and more.). Read — TEF Exam in India

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Our French course contents are designed and customized as per international standards and guidelines like CEFR, DALF, DELF, TEF. If you’re interested in pursuing a French Language course in Noida, then Contact Us.

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Vikash Gupta

Vikash Gupta

I take a great interest in the languages of the world and that is why I choose this career. By profession, I'm a College lecturer and Foreign language faculty and by passion, I am still a language learner. I write at and

66 thoughts on “French Language Proficiency Test in India”

  1. Sir, can one clear B1 with one months’ preparation? I have all the basic knowledge and know Grammer well. But I haven’t practiced speaking and listening much. Can you also suggest listening and speaking practices online?

    1. No, One month is not enough. Listening and Speaking are the two most essential components of the DELF B1, and that takes time (12-18 months). I’m planning to write an article on online resources. You should explore some offline French classes in your locality where you can practice listening and speaking, and improve reading and writing skills.

  2. Bonjour Monsieur!
    I have cleared the internal A2 level at Alliance Francaise with the knowledge acquired in school and college in french. Now I have started with B1. Is it necessary that I appear for DELF A2 before appearing for DELF B1?

  3. Bonjour Monsieur,
    Pourriez vous me conseiller si on peut passer l’examen DELF A2 directement et Quel est le meilleur livre on doit acheter pour avoir une bonne note?
    Merci beaucoup

  4. Bonjour Monsieur,
    I started my Beginners A2 level class a year ago, but I cannot speak properly. I even don’t have time to rejoin my courses due to my academic graduation. I want to pass the DELF exam. So, what can I do to help my studies? Sir, Please help me.

    1. As per my experience, most students only able to speak correctly at the end of B1 or during B2. Although acquiring elementary level competency can be done within a few months. You can study on your own, especially speaking and listening sections. There are plenty of online resources available. Once you’re ready, you can give the DELF exam as per your level.

  5. Bonjour! Est – ce que je peux passer DELF A2 directement sans écrire DELF A1 en étudiant dur pour deux mois! Merci beaucoup.

    1. C’est difficile. Cela prend habituellement environ 6 à 12 mois. Aussi, Passer = to give the exam, Réussis = To pass. Bonne Chance 🙂

  6. Dear Mr. Vikash. In 2004 when I was in Delhi, I joined Alliance Francais Delhi and did élémentaire. Now, its long gap and I want to start anew. What course do you suggest? Just for my information can I do some program in French Literature. Merci beaucoup!

    1. Fifteen years is a long gap. You have to start from beginners level. You can join Alliance Francais or any private institute to get A1 to B2. No, without decent knowledge, say B1, French literature will be challenging.

  7. Hi Sir,
    I’m Keen on learning French but can’t join any institute. Is it okay if I learn from any private tutor and the appear for A1 exam? They charge 12 k to 16 k for 30 to 40 hours. Please guide. Thanks in advance!

    1. Can one appear for the TEF/TCF and use it for job-seeking? Could you advise; between DELF/DALF C1 – C2 and TEF/TCF, which one is perfect for taking if I want to teach French?

      1. No. TEF and TCF are useful for immigration and visas, and not for getting a job. Besides, both are valid for only two years from the date of taking the test and not accepted everywhere. If your goal is career advancement, go with DELF/DALF.

  8. Hi. I finished my B2 in 2010. I am planning to apply for Canada PR. Will my B2 certificate fetch me additional points? Or do I have to sit for TEF?

    1. For express entry, you need to appear for TEF or TCF. DELF is not accepted. For other requirements, B2 can add some extra points provided that the exam was cleared in the past two years. If your French is good enough, you can practice and appear for TEF or TCF.

  9. Sir, If I complete my C1 level, then is my diploma still equal to someone who has got an honors degree in French.

    1. Knowledge wise, definitely Yes. However, the degree is not comparable to a Diploma. You still need at least a bachelor degree in any stream.

  10. Bonjour Monsieur, I own a French language institute in Chennai, and its a kind of startup and I have n number of doubts regarding the certifications and stuff, it will be very helpful if you can guide me sir. And by any chance, I can connect you via LinkedIn?

  11. Why are the fees for internal students low, than those of external students? How can one be a member of Alliance Française?

    1. The Alliance Française fee is on the higher side. The total cost for the French tuition is over 2 lakh from scratch to B2. In the end, you get a little discount of 5 to 10 thousand for DELF as an internal student. Not worth. Of course, AF teaching quality is good but AF students pay much more than students from other centres.

    2. Hello sir
      I want to try for the United Nations, that’s why I want to learn French. Would I be benefited? If yes, how much time I needed to learn because I am a complete beginner and if no, so what could be career opportunities? Thank you!

      1. If there is any requirement that demands French skills, then Yes. Time depends on the proficiency level you wish to achieve. It typically takes 2-3 years to complete B2 (Upper Intermediate level).

  12. Hello Sir,

    I want to go to Canada with family. I’m a graduate with commerce. I have 5 years of experience as a front office executive. Please help me what can I do?

  13. Sir, I want to learn French. Is Alliance Française 1-year course is equal to a certificate? If I joined Alliance Française then after 1 year can I take admission in Diploma course at university?

    1. No. It is not equivalent. You don’t need to take admission in any University. You can enroll in AF with a goal to complete B2 in 2-3 years. After B2, you’ll be eligible for most of the jobs.

  14. Gunjan Srivastava

    Thanks for sharing very important information. I would like to know if we can give A2 Level directly, or need to give A1 then A2?

      1. Well, it is certainly not the best option, but it is definitely possible to clear A1, A2 through self-study, books, and other resources.

  15. Hi,
    I wanted to know about my students. I have 10 students those who want to give the French exam from AFD. Can you please help me out to explain all the things.

    1. Everything is mentioned in this article. If you have any specific question, let me know. In addition, you can visit AFD, fill the form and submit the fees. You can also do online. Check — LINK

  16. I am interested in learning the French language and would like to pursue a teaching career once I get certified. Please let me know the details of Alliance center in Chennai where I can enroll? Also, do I have the option of attending online classes rather than in-person training? Please let me know on that also.

    Thank You

  17. I live in Jaipur and passed A2. What is chance to get a job in Jaipur and how to search concern job?

  18. Sir,

    My name is SK Abdul Gafur. It means that my surname is “SK” and my given name is “Abdul Gafur”. But if I use the exact information on the DELF application form then my name is going to be as “Abdul Gafur SK”. So what is the best solution, according to you?

    Thank you

  19. Prakash Chaudhary


    Je suis maintenant au niveau que je peux lire les romans de Camus en français avec une habileté facile. Je peux ajouter que je lis le Bhagavad par swami chinmayananda en français chaque jour. En plus j’écoute à radio France culture aussi régulièrement. Est-ce que je suis prêt à assister à l’examen de dalf C1 ? Merci beaucoup en avance de mon côté mon ami linguistique !!

    1. It is difficult to know your knowledge on basis of these things. That is why we have the DELF/DALF Exam to find the exact level. You can try for B2. If you paas, then C1. Bonne Chance!

  20. Bonsoir monsieur,
    My DELF A2 is cleared and now I wish to take admission in alliance for B1 level, and as they have sublevels of each level, so on what basis they give level of a particular level?
    As in on DELF score basis or what? It would be very fruitful for me if you will provide me with this info.
    Thank You!

    1. The Alliance Française course is designed as per DELF exam and focus on all 4 aspects of language, namely speaking, listening, reading and writing. The B1 course is divided in 3-5 parts such as part A, B, C, etc. Each sublevel covers a certain part of the B1 course content and book they follow. For example, if they follow Saison 3 books for B1, then in 1st sublevel – they cover a part of it say first 2 units and in 2nd sublevel next 2 units and so on. AFD is a top-notch French institute in Delhi. The two disadvantages are (i) Lengthy course (ii) Fees is on higher side. This was not the case when i use to study there many years back.

      1. Sir, I have two years of experience in learning french so please can you tell me which course will be suitable for me? I want to learn spoken.

  21. sir, i am going canada for further study. i want to study French for sometime so i have not difficulty in canada. please suggest me good institute in ldh. i have only 2 or 2.6 months time.

    1. What is ldh? Ludhiana? 2-3 months is not enough to learn French. You can join any institute to learn Beginners level French and later you can continue your French learning in Canada.

  22. Thank you for the information. Really helpful. Is the next article out about TEF and TCF examinations? Eagerly waiting for it.

        1. Of course you can skip A1, A2 and B1 appear for B2 exam directly but it is not advisable to do so. If your French is good enough, there is no harm in trying B1 before B2.

      1. Hello,

        I have a couple of queries –

        1. Where can I appear for TEF/TCF exams in Bangalore? And what is the fee?
        2. If I could take only one exam, which one would you recommend, specifically for migrating to Canada?

        Many thanks in advance!

        1. As per my last available information, there is no TEF/TCF centre in Bangalore. The nearest one is Chennai for TEF. You can contact Alliance Française, Bangalore and Chennai for confirmation. The fee will vary between INR 15,000 to 20,000. Both tests are fine. Check out — TEF and TCF.

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