Scope & Career in Foreign Languages

Of all the reasons for learning a foreign language, career and job opportunities are the most important factor. How? Read along.

Career in foreign languages

There are plenty of good reasons to learn a foreign language in India.

Of all the people I’ve surveyed, met, taught, and listened to over fourteen years, a career is the most decisive factor people choose to study a new language.


Languages are the central theme of communication in every aspect of human endeavor–be it in the social, economic, and political sphere.

With modern-day Indians emerging as a global player in the socio-economic scheme of things, it has become needful for every individual to be well equipped.

The ability to maintain parity with the rest of the world’s multinational and international players is mission-critical. And one can accomplish this through the rudiments of communication, which lies in the invaluable process of using multiple languages.

Gone are the days of relying on one’s native language in communicating with people, especially in business dealings.

The innovative advent of modern technology has made the world a global village. Now, the language barrier has to be broken more than ever.

To remain competitive and increase your career opportunity and job prospect, you have to communicate smoothly to pave the way for unfettered business connection flows.

And here is where learning a new language becomes the latest trend in India and offers careers in foreign languages.

Why Learning Foreign Languages is Important in India?

Career Options in Foreign Languages

People don’t jump on the bandwagon of learning foreign languages in India for the fun of it.

There has been a steady increase in business interrelationship, accelerating globally at an unprecedented rate. Indian companies and entrepreneurs operating in the country is no different.

Companies like Amazon, Infosys, Samsung, TCS, HCL, LG, L&T, IBM, Genpact, Fujitsu Technology, Accenture, and Geometric Ltd, among others, are now evaluating employees based on their foreign language proficiency.

Some of the significant incentives to know additional foreign languages involve on-site options and more job openings across various industries.

It also increases the salary level compared to regular graduates, ease of doing business with counterparts, and other stakeholders based outside the country’s shores.

If you are looking to earn extra cash from your peers, learn a foreign language.

For instance, a recent advertisement was published on LinkedIn by IBM, stating: “A core developer is needed, with proficiency in French.”

Imagine if a renowned tech giant like IBM emphasizes a foreign language as a prerequisite for equally important employment.

It speaks volumes on the importance of learning foreign languages. And that is why so many Indians these days are taking foreign language classes.

Following the exploitation of globalization, knowing just the mother tongue is no longer enough.

Your engineering degree or MBA may no longer earn as much cash as a foreign language, especially Mandarin, German, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, or French.

The entire business environment is driven by a massive requirement for foreign language experts, translators, trainers, and software developers.

To compete competitively and stand a better chance of realizing your career dream, you have to see the importance of learning a foreign language.

The Career Mindset

There are several benefits to learning foreign languages. However, the career scope is the most inspiring reason why so many students are interested in that.

We came to discover that there are two main primary categories of people learning foreign languages. These are;

1. People learning a foreign language because it offers them a better career opportunity to gain employment.

2. People start studying a language because of personal reasons. It includes migrating to other countries, hobbies, traveling, peer group influence, or accessing music, movie, and literature in different languages.

At some point, they decided it’s a good idea to use what they have learned to start a career or further the objectives of an existing profession.

These two classes of reasons can be referred to as “extrinsic and intrinsic” inspiration for foreign language learning.

About 200 Chinese firms are doing business in India alone, and about 5,000 Japanese firms operate here.

More than 2,00,000 people with proficiency in various languages are required for employment opportunities in India.

Furthermore, the demand for bilingual credibility increases, ranging more than 20% each year.

Career in Foreign Languages

foreign language careers

There are many foreign languages available for you to learn. However, there are many factors to consider when choosing the right language to learn.

The five leading foreign language in India for studies are Mandarin Chinese, French, German, Spanish, and Japanese.

These languages are regarded as the most sought-after for career prospects, employment opportunities, and immigration.

However, other foreign languages in India are gaining increasing attention from Indian individuals at home and abroad.

These are Russian, Dutch, Portuguese, Arabic, Italian, Persian, Korean, and others.

Job Opportunities After Learning Foreign Languages

Academic qualifications and adequate proficiency in foreign languages is the key that opens a more large-scale door for a career in vital sectors.

It includes tourism, diplomatic services, embassies, journalism, mass communication, public relations, entertainment, arts, publishing, interpretation and translation, and federal and international organizations.

It also affords the opportunity of working with multinationals corporations (MNCs) and specialized governmental agencies.

India is the third fastest-growing economy in the world.

India’s high expectations will expand the business and bilateral trade links with many countries in Europe, Africa, Latin America, and Asia in the coming years.

A process that is already in full swing today.

The country seeks to diversify from reliance on traditional markets, like the USA and Europe, in the global economic slowdown.

Thousands of Indian firms are now becoming more proactive—re-strategizing their business outlook across all sectors.

The majority of the Indian businesses are now seeking new business opportunities in Manufacturing, IT, KPO, BPO, Pharmaceuticals, Hospitality, Healthcare, Education, Media, BFSI, and more.

While many of these new markets can boast essential consumption patterns, English may not be the primary language of transition and conversion in these markets.

Thus, knowing a local language in any of these non-English speaking countries is becoming an indispensable factor for Indian firms seeking to do business abroad.

These firms need to improve their business. The only way is to hire personnel with knowledge of the foreign language where their business interest lies.

That explains the continuous rise in demand for employees with foreign language credentials by Indian companies. This exists in trading overseas and non-Indian businesses operating in the country.

Below are some other pros of learning foreign languages.

1. Become a Translator, Interpreter, or Teacher

With your knowledge of a foreign language, you can work as a translator or interpreter for a company. Besides, you can also work as an independent freelancer as a language expert.

There are so many opportunities for translators and interpreters in India these days. Thanks to the increasing entry of foreign firms and large-scale projects outsourcing to Indian companies by their European and American counterparts.

Acting as an interpreter or a translator can be very lucrative, depending on how experienced you are. You can also work for Media houses, Tourist centers, sports clubs, or any international company, and so on.

Translator and interpreter as a career option are pretty popular among students pursuing language courses thanks to many job opportunities.

There are also career opportunities for editor, proofreader, content writer, teacher, lecturer, and corporate language trainer.

The possibilities are just infinite.

2. Work for the Immigration / Custom Services

It is one area in which you can flourish handsomely with your knowledge of a foreign language.

Language Jobs in the embassy or Government agencies such as the immigration and customs departments will find your resume attractive due to your foreign language skills.

Imagine you qualify as e Spanish specialist. The government is out looking for personnel to fill various positions in the nation’s embassies.

It can be in any Spanish-speaking territories like Latin America and Spain itself. As a result, your resume will receive priority, among others, ahead of others who don’t have such a qualification.

Moreover, if you decide to travel or do business in places like Spain or Latin America, your Spanish knowledge would open up doors of opportunity for you.

It will also enable you to have an equal playing and negotiation dealing with business partners and prospects.

3. Jobs in MNC, KPO, BPO, & IT

ITES (Information Technology Enabled Service), the offshoring industry, and Outsourcing have brought many job possibilities paving the way for learning foreign languages in India.

Adding it to your CV is a surefire way to get a decent job in BPO and MNC.

Jobs could involve speaking skills, collecting information, working on documents in the corresponding language, voice-based employment, training, and transaction. Other works like data processing, migration processes, quality management, email support services, etc.

Indian companies have great expertise in providing a wide range of BPO and KPO services across various verticals.

Multilingual call center services are offered to multiple offshore companies in the financial, telecom, medical, insurance, and banking sectors.

Today, there is a high career demand for experts in foreign languages in Delhi, Noida, Gurugram, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, and other parts of the country.

The minimum salary range with 0-2 years of experience or Freshers is between 3.5 to 6 lakhs per annum.

Foreign language expert salary is generally 25% to 40% higher than their English speaking counterparts.

4. Hospitality, Travel & Tourism

There is never a time when people don’t move.

There is always an exodus of people from different nations to other countries, especially during the holidays and winter seasons.

Millions of people visit India as tourists from year to year. However, most of them do not speak English nor understand the local Indian.

Attraction centers, shopping malls, 3, 4, and 5-stars hotels & suites need workers that can communicate fluently with these thousands of visitors that patronize their businesses from time to time.

With your knowledge in a foreign language, you might be the customer service staff they need.

Your multilingual credentials can get you hired just about anywhere that has to do with clients and foreign-origin customers.

There are plenty of career choices in Tourism for language learners.

5. Reap big from Import & Export Sector

The world has become smaller and smaller due to its digitized global economy.

These have opened up an enormous opportunity in businesses involving various forms of importation and exportation.

The majority of the more substantial corporations in India now prefer to hire people who can speak new or more foreign languages other than their native language.

For example, your Chinese knowledge will open up a career opportunity to export goods or services from India to China. You also get to deal with companies in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mongolia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand.

These are the places where the language is spoken as a first or second language.

Employers who engage in the export and import business with these countries will find your expertise in Mandarin a massive plus for their businesses.

On the other hand, you might decide to go solo by doing business with corporations in the places mentioned above — acting as their rep here in India.

It is a win-win situation for you at any time and in any location.

Final Thought

The career scope of foreign languages is on the rise. The trend will continue until the “alien take over” is complete (pardon my pun).

Now that you have known what career reasons and benefits await you out there in the corporate world.

Why don’t you start a class in one of the languages mentioned in this article?

Don’t forget. You can’t lose out on knowing one or more foreign languages; you will always end up winning.

LanguageNext offers a wide range of French, Spanish, and Foreign language courses in Noida.

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  1. Avatar

    Hi sir.., i have completed my its been 1 year. Now i am doing french course full time, so it’s possible to land good and safe job in french or i have to pursue masters in different field or a different professional course???

  2. Avatar

    Sir, I have completed My 12th. If I am ready to give 3-5 Years and my learning ability is well, which language should I choose between Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, or French for more job Opportunities? What Is The Best Job Languages-Wise (Above Three)?
    Are there any opportunities in Russian or Arabic languages Than these top 5 languages you have mentioned? I need a language that will help me in the future to create my own online /offline business and have more job opportunities aS well. What is the best language between Mandarin Chinese or Japanese, or French for online businesses? Your answer will surely help me. 🙂

    Have A Great Day !!!

    1. Vikash Gupta

      There is no best language, and the choice of language is pretty subjective. This is something only you can decide. I do not recommend a particular language for general purpose as all top ones are useful in one way or another.

      1. Avatar

        Hello sir
        I have done my BSc degree in hotel management. Could you just suggest to me which language is best to learn now, overall growth of my career? I am interested in doing a job in the embassy or import-export sector.

        1. Vikash Gupta

          There is no particular language that would be best for your career. Instead, pick one of the widespread and in-demand languages. If you are looking for relatively easier option, go with an European language.

      2. Avatar

        Can I become a translator or interpreter in the embassy if I have a degree from sol and master’s degree in a foreign language?

  3. Avatar

    Hi Vikash,
    I have completed my post-graduation in financial technology and worked in investment advisory for 8 months. I started learning Korean before I got the job. But now I want to learn the Korean language full-time at a Korean university and start my career as a translator or interpreter or freelance or either in the Indo-Korean companies. Is there a scope to this? Please help me.

    1. Vikash Gupta

      The scope exists, but limited job opportunities to my knowledge. Plus, it will take a few years of study (like 3-5 years). Irrespective of whether it would be worth or not, you need to weigh the pros and cons.

  4. Avatar

    Hi sir. I am a 12th-grade student (going out 12th) looking for college admissions, and I am very much interested in foreign languages. I am currently pursuing French, but in the future, I’ll be okay with learning any other language. So are there any opportunities in this field that are also related to entrepreneurship? Is there anything I can do with management and the language field?
    It would help a lot. Please let me know.

    Thank you

      1. Avatar

        Hi Vikash,

        I am Shivam from India. I want to be a navigation officer on a cruise/cargo ship in the near future. So I have to study a nautical science course related to my field. I would like to study my course in that language of the country where job opportunity is high, the tuition fee is low, good social life, nice people, less crime rate & low taxation, etc.

        I am a little bit confused between Spanish and German. Could you please answer me in choosing the language which suits best to my career?

        1. Vikash Gupta

          It would not be easy to guide you to something specific with many possibilities. I’d suggest finding a consultant dealing with overseas study, job, or immigration. Or someone experienced in that field. They will help you pick the suitable country and courses as per your situation, goal, and budget.

          And once decided, you can choose the language where you plan to go or something that can be more valuable!

    1. Avatar

      Hi Vikash,

      I am planning to learn foreign languages German/French or Spanish language more opportunities in European countries. Please advice.

      1. Vikash Gupta

        In Europe, French and German are more useful. You can pick either one depending on your target destination.

  5. Avatar

    I’m learning Mandarin Chinese for the use of travel, and my career as a graphic designer after college. I also want to learn Tagalog and Korean for those benefits as well. Would it be good to learn them for my field of work?

    1. Vikash Gupta

      Mandarin could be more valuable than the two languages you mentioned. Learn it till advanced level so that you can engage with the language properly. As a hobby, you can always learn whatever interests you!

    2. Avatar

      I am from a commerce background and am interested in learning a foreign language. Which language should i choose to get a job related to the the commerce field?

      1. Vikash Gupta

        There is no specific language for this. Choose any language you understand based on your familiarity with it.

  6. Avatar

    It is good I got a chance to come across your valuable guidance. I am in the engineering field with 20+ exp. Can you suggest me the language which I can take up now.. and the good institute in Chennai to do as a part-time?

  7. Avatar

    Hi Vikash,
    I am Thomas Gill from Jaipur. I am a post-graduate in MBA-International Business and certification in Import & Export with rich experience of 14 years, in which 10 years of administration (Admin Manager). My keen interest is in import and export. According to this field, I want to learn a foreign language to enhance and develop my career. But I am a bit confused about which language to choose.
    1. French
    2. German

    As you are much experienced in the term of foreign languages, could you please help me out choose the language which suits best my experience and field?
    Have a great day

    1. Vikash Gupta

      Although both are beneficial, French might give you an edge in your export-import field. This is because it is helpful in nearly 20 countries compared to German, which is popular in a few.

  8. Avatar

    Hi! I’m a final year graduation student, and I’m confused about my choice of further studies. Between French and Korean, which one should I choose? Like which one would help me more from a job perspective? Also, can you suggest some Korean institutes?

  9. Avatar

    Hello Sir, I have completed my master’s in Data Science but I wish to quit my job and make a career in foreign languages as an interpreter/translator. Can you suggest to me how do I start with? What steps are there to be followed to have this career like where do I start learning languages, what are the general courses, the levels required to be achieved, etc.

    1. Vikash Gupta

      There are too many factors, and it isn’t easy to answer in a few lines. For that, you need to hire a career counselor as it requires time, lots of discussions, and personalized advice. We also have a language career guidance service.

      1. Avatar

        Sir, I m interested in learning a language and aiming to build a career in it but I m unaware of the scope regarding language. So can you please share with me the information?

          1. Avatar

            Sir, I am doing a B.Sc in Biotechnology but I don’t know which foreign language I should take to get a good job in biotechnology. I am confused between Japanese and Spanish languages. I would be very grateful if you could help me in telling me which one to take asuniversityity specialized course.

          2. Vikash Gupta

            You can pick either one as both offer plenty of opportunities, though difficult to say if it will work with Biotechnology. You can enroll for part-time courses at any private institute.

    1. Avatar

      Hello Sir, I am learning A2 level German language from the language Pantheon. And I want to complete till C2 sir. I am very active and interested in making my career in foreign languages. Kindly let me know after learning German which language should I learn that will be suitable along with German for making more money and working as a freelance translator.

      1. Vikash Gupta

        You can learn any in-demand language of your choice. There isn’t any particular one that can be better or best.

  10. Avatar

    Hello sir, currently I am doing bcom hons second year. Further, I want to build my career in the language field can you tell me which language is best to find a good job and how much time did course take?

  11. Avatar

    Hello sir,
    I already have a degree so I want to do a diploma in a foreign language. Is diploma has equal value as a degree in a foreign language. What can I choose diploma or degree? Can you please choose a regular institution for foreign language study?

    1. Vikash Gupta

      No. Diplomas and degrees aren’t the same, and there is some major difference. You can choose a diploma or any authorized certification from any educational institution. There are 100’s of options where you can learn a language of your choice. If you can tell me a specific language and your location, I might suggest you some choices.

  12. Avatar
    Kavya Lakshmanan cv

    Hello sir,
    I am a Bsc graduate student. I completed diploma in secretarial practice. I am interested to learn a foreign language start a career. Can you prefer a language that has high opportunities in the job field?

  13. Avatar

    Hello sir, I am currently pursuing ba Hindi honors. I am looking forward to getting a Japanese certificate from ignou. Does it have any scope with my degree? Also, can I get work as an English teacher in Japan if I learn English as well or the native speakers of English-speaking countries will be preferred over me?

    1. Vikash Gupta

      Avoid IGNOU. Try some good private institutes or even regular courses from Government colleges. The scope of this combination is pretty limited, and Japanese prefer native English speakers over those whose mother tongue isn’t English.

  14. Avatar

    Hello sir, I have basic knowledge of Japanese. Should I go for there any good job opportunities in this field?

    1. Vikash Gupta

      It is not realistic to expect a job involving Japanese without a decent command of the language. So at least aim for the upper intermediate level like JLPT N3/N2 or NAT Q3/Q2.

  15. Avatar

    Hello sir, Will bba and Japanese be beneficial after the 12th or I should go with an animation-related course with Japanese?

    1. Vikash Gupta

      You can do BBA + Japanese. Later, you can always pursue a short-term animation course, along with MBA or/and Advanced level Japanese, depending on the situation/demand.

  16. Avatar

    Sir, I am a post-graduation student. I am interested to learn a foreign language but I am confused about how can I start and learn from which institute I can learn the language. I am also confused which language I had to learn. Sir can you please guide me.

    1. Vikash Gupta

      I can suggest some institutes where you can learn a language, but first, you have to choose the language. I can’t do this as I consider all languages equally good, and no one language fits all.

      1. Avatar

        Sir, I have done graduation in Life Sciences. I was preparing for UPSC for 3 years but now want to start a job-oriented career and I am advised by someone to go for french language till C1 level to get a high-paying job. Could you please guide me please?

        1. Vikash Gupta

          Getting a high-paying job related to French is not easy, though plenty of opportunities exist after completing DALF C1.

  17. Avatar

    Hello sir
    I just passed my 12th class and looking to make my career in the Spanish language. So I decided to do graduation in language from Delhi University but at the same time, I thought I have to do graduation in some other field and take language as a part-time course. But I really want to do major in a language. So can I rely on language to get a good job in the future or can you suggest to me any combination? And by the I passed my 12th from humanities and I have Maths and Economics as main subjects.
    I’m totally confused please help!!

    1. Vikash Gupta

      You can make a career by pursuing a major in a particular language. However, if you want to minimize the risk and diversify the career horizon, you can go with a combination – a degree program in the subject of your choice and a part-time Spanish course. You can decide the choice of the subject depending on your goal, strength, and interest.

  18. Avatar

    Hello sir,
    I’m a master’s degree holder in sociology and a b.ed degree as well. I’m interested in learning French and maybe find work in France-related corporations like the Embassy? Or maybe even fly to France and try to find work there? What would your suggestion be on this idea? And what job opportunities do you suggest I would be able to get?

    1. Vikash Gupta

      I am unfamiliar with Sociology and the job prospects related to that in French companies and France. Therefore, there isn’t much I can say.

    2. Avatar

      Hi. I am a housewife but now looking for some career opportunities in a foreign language. Which institute is best for a career-related course in Gurgaon and which language is most in demand.

      1. Vikash Gupta

        There are several good institutes in Gurgaon that offer various language courses. But first, you have to pick a language. There isn’t any most in demand or best language. It’s all personal choice.

  19. Avatar

    Sir I am bsc student and now pursuing mba major in operation and minor in finance then which language gives me more job opportunities? Can I learn german is this language gives me boost in my career?

    1. Avatar

      Hello Sir,
      Sir I am really interested in Korean language. I am from commerce background. Will Korean language help me in my career and jobs?

      1. Vikash Gupta

        Difficult to say. While the number of jobs requiring Korean is limited, some opportunities exist in nearly every field.

  20. Avatar

    Hello sir,

    I have read your comments and found that your guidance is really helpful. I also need your guidance. Actually, I have done JLPT N2 and working in the Japanese industry for 10 years. Right now, I am working in the administration department and doing interpretation and translation and getting paid well. Recently I have applied for MBA in HR from distance learning for career growth. Do you think it will enhance my career and I can get better opportunities.

    1. Vikash Gupta

      It can be beneficial to some extent at the corporate level, though a regular MBA is much more helpful.

  21. Avatar
    Shatakshi Gaur

    Hello! Sir
    I have a query regarding what I should choose to study as I have taken Commerce with maths. So please tell me the best option cause I don’t really know much about it. And also, I want to study Japanese and give JLPT exam. So is there even scope for a commerce student here?

    1. Vikash Gupta

      Japanese and Commerce are two totally different fields, and there are limited jobs that require this combination. So instead of looking for the best, pick something that interests you and your goal.

  22. Avatar

    Hello sir.
    I just completed my hsc and want to make a career in the Japanese language. I want to know that is there will be scope for me after completing ba in Japanese. Or I have to add some other skills and take Japanese as supporting one. Please help me, sir

    1. Vikash Gupta

      Both kinds of jobs exist — Japanese-based employment and work that requires a combination. If you want to take less risk, combine Japanese with job-oriented studies. Means, add more skills, but that is something you have to decide based on your goal.

  23. Avatar

    Hi! I actually have so many queries if you help me, I will be grateful. I am neet aspirant and I want to take a foreign language as my career after 12th. Will I be eligible for any institute taking the only language as a career? I would have to only focus on the language that I took right? I don’t have to study other subjects? I really wanna study the Korean language in Mumbai but I cannot find any good institute if you know any please let me know. And lastly, the admissions are not yet open of any foreign language institute i mean admission for 2021 students will be open after board result right?

    1. Vikash Gupta

      For a career after the 12th, you can choose either BA in a particular language or a graduation in any stream along with a long-term part-time language course. There is no known good option to learn Korean in Mumbai. Mumbai University and other universities will start the admission process shortly, and you can take admission at private institutes anytime.

  24. Avatar
    Arunima agarwal

    Respected sir, I have completed my class 10th and I want to pursue a career related to foreign languages. kindly suggest whether I should opt for humanities or for science stream in classes 11th and 12th?

  25. Avatar

    Sir, first of all, thank you very much for this blog. It really helps me. Sir, I am learning the Japanese language currently. I’m on the N4 level. I just want to know when I will clear N1 level with good fluency in Japanese, what is high or the average salary I would get in India? According to my plans, I want to be an interpreter, so sir what you think about which type of salary I would get? Please reply sir. Thank you very much.

    1. Vikash Gupta

      It is impossible to give a salary estimate as it depends on multiple factors, which can be too subjective. You will know once you reach there.

      1. Avatar

        Hii sir.
        I want to know which language is fruitful and will have more job opportunities among French, German, Spanish, Mandarin, and Japanese. And learning Arabic has a future or not?

        1. Vikash Gupta

          All languages are good on their own. It would be difficult to pick one. Choose the one as per your career goal, any destination in mind, difficulty level, availability of resources, and interest.

  26. Avatar

    Sir i want to do business in a foreign language career and i have no idea that which types of businesses they have. so sir could tell me which types of business options in this field. I am learning Japanese N5. Please reply with business options in the foreign language career. Your reply will really help me.

    Thank You.

    1. Vikash Gupta

      Consultant, digital marketing, content writing, online courses, placement agencies, translation company, study abroad, language school, tour guide for foreigners are some business choices where language can be valuable.

  27. Avatar

    Bonjour Monsieur,
    I’ve completed my BA in French from Fergusson College, Pune. Also, I have a B1 from Alliance Française de Pune. What will my job opportunities?. Also, please suggest an MBA course between MBA International Business and MBA Marketing.

    1. Vikash Gupta

      While both specializations are good, but I personally prefer MBA in International business. You can get some entry-level jobs in educational institutions or MNCs, but I’d suggest going for a Master’s and complete at least B2.

    2. Avatar

      Respected sir /mam.
      I’m Monika from New Delhi. I want to start a foreign language course certificate in the French language. Please let me know about the course fee and timings and that’s course will be online and offline.

  28. Avatar

    I’m currently preparing for french delf b2 & I plan to take up the French student exchange program in 2022, which is for 7 months. I’ve been teaching French for 5 years, finished my bachelor’s in management studies (Marketing) in 2016. I now wish to switch my career since I’ve always wanted to work in the marketing/ communication/ media fields. I’m planning to take up 1 year part-time Post graduation diploma in advertising and media. Will it help me fetch a good job in an MNC? Does the diploma course hold relevance?

    1. Vikash Gupta

      It would be better to consider 2-year PGDM or MBA. A diploma helps, but not as much compared to a master’s program. If in case it is not feasible, then you can consider the diploma. It will be beneficial to some extent.

  29. Avatar

    Hello sir,
    I completed my Master’s (commerce) in 2018 and worked as a banker for 1 year. Afterward, due to some personal reasons, I quit that. From there till today I’m not working but continue further studies for govt. job. Currently, I’m interested in freelancing along with my studies. Can you please suggest a certified course’s in minimum time so it will also help me out in boosting my career option? I’m interested in Korean, though, but I heard German is a very good option. Kindly reply.

    Diksha Yadav

    1. Vikash Gupta

      Hi Diksha,

      Both German and Korean are good choices if your aim is freelance jobs. Unfortunately, a short-term certificate course won’t help you achieve the knowledge required for such work. It will take 2-3 years, or possibly more, depending on your learning approach and what you want to do with the language.

  30. Avatar

    Hello sir, I’m pursuing BA (Hons) in the French language, and currently, I’m in my final yr. Could you please suggest a few universities for a master’s degree in the same language, or Should I look for a job after graduation? It will be great if you guide me.

      1. Avatar

        Hi, my name Jeeshan Ali. Currently, I’m working with UHC in the US health care process but I want to do some specific courses so can you suggest me that what would be the best course for future.

        1. Vikash Gupta

          That would not be easy to suggest. You can consult any career counselors or filter the courses based on your existing field, interest, availability of courses, and budget.

  31. Avatar

    Hello Sir,
    Firstly I would like to thank you for such an amazing article, it is pretty helpful. I am 18 years old and studying BBA-IB at MES Garware College, Pune. I am also doing a German lang certificate course from SPPU which covers my A1 level. I also plan to complete all the levels. I want to pursue my further education and my job abroad. Can you suggest to me which additional language I should learn and which country I should take into consideration for further career prospects?
    Thank you,
    Regards, Rutuja.

    1. Vikash Gupta

      Thanks, I’m glad it helped you!

      With so many countries and their different languages, it is difficult to suggest something particular. Probably, first, you can decide on the course and then choose the colleges. Then, it will be easier to choose the country, and the language is spoken there.

    2. Avatar

      Hi sir, my name is Aruna from Tamil Nadu. I did my MBA degree and now am interested to learn German and Japanese. So can you please suggest the most demand language and also the highest-paid language in India.

      1. Vikash Gupta

        Both are quite popular and offer plenty of job possibilities. The salary depends on your job profile and not only on the language. East Asian languages like Japanese experts are usually paid more, but they are also a bit harder to learn.

  32. Avatar

    Hi sir, I am 23 yrs now, and work in bookmycargo. Side by side, I am learning A1 level Spanish from a Pvt institute, WORLD language center, Pitampura, New Delhi. But I am confused that gov. Colleges complete this course in max of 3 to 4 years, but this institute complete it in 1 year. How is this possible? I don’t understand. I have already submitted the full A1 level fees. Please suggest to me, sir, because I want to sparkle my future.

    1. Vikash Gupta

      I never heard about this institute. So, I can’t comment on quality. It isn’t fair to compare Pvt institute courses with Gov colleges because universities program runs on slow speed, and their curriculum lacks listening and speaking sessions. Usually, it takes two years to achieve DELE B2. If that is what they are claiming to complete in just one year, then it looks a bit difficult. But then, I’m unsure about that center.

      Since you have already paid for 1st level, continue with that, and based on your experience, you can later go with reputed names like Instituto Cervantes or Instituto Hispania. You might have to take an oriented test for direct lateral entry.

  33. Avatar

    Hi sir, Pratibha here. I am an ENTC (electronics&telecommunication) engineer. I am working as a network engineer. Can you suggest which foreign language I should learn or have scope for my field right now? I also want to know that if I have difficulties in the English language, this creates any barrier for me?

    1. Vikash Gupta

      If you can write this, it means your English is at least at a moderate level, which is good enough to learn any language. In fact, one doesn’t need English at all, but many Indian teachers use English as a source language to explain all nitty-gritty of the language. Thus, some intermediate level is expected. The choice of language is pretty subjective. For engineers, French, German, and Japanese are quite popular. Spanish is a bit easier and also useful in various industries.

  34. Avatar

    Hello sir. Myself Jyoti. I am doing Bachelor in Computer Application (undergraduate). I’m in my final year. And I want to learn Japanese and Korean language. So, can you please tell me if it would be beneficial for me to learn one of the above languages? And also the job prospects after this. The kind of jobs suitable for me with salary packages specifications. And can I get a job with just the certificate?

    1. Vikash Gupta

      Yes, it can be beneficial in your career. For job prospects, you can read some of my articles related to these two languages. No, a certificate is not enough. You need at least a 3-year Advanced Diploma, or JLPT N3/N2 (Japanese) / TOPIK Level IV/V (Korean) if you’re studying at any private institute. This will easily take a few years, depending on your engagement with one of these languages.

  35. Avatar

    Sir, I am 21 years old. I have completed my B.B.A. this year and have already started the A1 course in French. I will further complete it until B2 at least. Please suggest to me how will I apply for MNC’s, KPO, BPO, etc. related organizations. I am a bit stressed about my future. Will I get a good job by considering the B.B.A. and French combination?

    1. Vikash Gupta

      Since you have already completed BBA, I’d recommend going for an MBA too. While a combination of BBA and B2 French can help you get jobs in various MNCs, but a master’s degree will further enhance your career prospects. You can make a profile and upload it on various job sites and LinkedIn. You can try to build your contacts and also send your resumes to various organizations. Initially, you can focus to get some experience that can help you climb the career ladder. Good luck, Srishti!

  36. Avatar

    Sir, I am confused between German and Spanish. Can you please specify which is the better choice in each of the below-mentioned fields —
    1) a higher salary.
    2) more job opportunities.
    3) more chances of selection.

    Reply would be highly appreciated.

  37. Avatar

    Sir, I am a student who’s looking forward to getting a degree in a foreign language. I am basically confused between two languages – Japanese and Spanish. Can you tell me which one has better job opportunities and wages in India preferably in MNC’s, KPO’s, BPO’s, etc? I also want to take some time off in between to prepare for competitive exams. So please do let me know which one suits me and specifically which language has a higher pay.

    1. Vikash Gupta

      Japanese usually offer a better paycheck than Spanish. However, it is also one of the most difficult languages to learn. If you can devout for 3+ years, you can consider that. If you have limited time, say 1-3 years, Spanish would be a better choice!

  38. Avatar

    Sir, I have completed my MBA in information management in 2010 and worked as an HR consultant for some time. Then I quit due to some personnel reasons and was working part-time as a freelance content writer and blogger. Currently, I am pursuing DELF B1 from Alliance Française. I am also planning for a higher level in DELF. What are the different career options with an MBA degree after doing DELF B1 and DELF B2? (Apart from freelance content writer)

    1. Vikash Gupta

      It might be difficult to get an MNC job due to a big gap of no formal experience. Nonetheless, it would better to try some companies. With experience, you can get find better opportunities with an MBA and the French combination.

  39. Avatar

    Hello. I am 38, done my BA in English literature, and worked mostly from home as a Medical Transcriptionist for 18 years. I would like to learn a new language and pursue my career in that. I have the interest to learn Japanese or Spanish/French presently, but I am confused about which language to learn.

    I have a few questions. If I can learn online and work from home how much time and until what level would I need to learn? Secondly, if I would like to pursue work abroad, what level of learning will I need? Also, with my degree and learning where can I work depending on the present situation, and will there be any age limit? I am living in Bangalore, and which is the best institute to learn a foreign language, or is online learning better? Would much appreciate it if you would please guide me.

    1. Vikash Gupta

      As I always say, the choice of language is quite subjective. Between three, Japanese is the hardest one, and Spanish is relatively simple. Career-wise, all 3 are fabulous options.

      If your goal is jobs requiring languages, I’d say aim for the upper-intermediate levels like JLPT N2 (Japanese), or B2 (French or Spanish). While the duration depends on multiple factors like your learning approach and target language, but usually takes 2-4 years.

      You can start learning through online mode, but once you complete the beginners’ level, I’d suggest joining any educational institutions for offline classes. There is no age restriction. To get overseas jobs, you need a great combination and relevant experience. I don’t know much about your existing field.

      In Bangalore, French – Alliance Française, Spanish – Instituto Hispania, and Japanese – Sakuraa, Navis, and Sayuri are some good choices. Good Luck!

  40. Avatar

    Sir, If I learn a foreign language on my own. It means I don’t have any language certificates. Will I be able to apply for various jobs related to a foreign language? Or Do I need a certificate for applying for a job?

    1. Vikash Gupta

      Difficult as most companies ask for certification. The recognized certification helps candidates to move to the next round of interviews. Without that, it will be hard to assess the proficiency level of the candidates. But one can gain by appearing for one of the international exams.

  41. Avatar

    Hello sir, I am Sheetal Kumari from Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. Sir, I need your advice about Asian languages. I am very confused about which language is best to learn — Chinese or Japanese. I have really interested in Mandarin, but my friends told me now learning the Chinese language is not a good choice because India – China relation is not good at this time, but sir is the situation not always going on. Please, sir, tell me the Mandarin language is better for learning. Will, there be job opportunities in the Chinese language in the future or Japanese is better for me as a future career for Indians. I really need your advice on which language is the best Chinese or Japanese.

    1. Vikash Gupta

      The choice of language is quite subjective. Pick the one as per your understanding. The current situation is undoubtedly not good between India-China, but difficult to predict the long term outlook. The impact might decline in long run, but this is just my guess! Plus, some opportunities will always exist, irrespective of bilateral relations between the two nations. To sum up, if you are interested and willing to take some risk, go with Mandarin. Otherwise, pick Japanese! It is the most popular East Asia language in India.

  42. Avatar
    Radhika Varshney

    Hello Sir,
    I’m 20 from Delhi. I want to go abroad (Singapore). Can you please suggest to me not the best but good languages to go there for a job! Now I’m graduating from DU.
    Radhika Varshney

    1. Vikash Gupta

      While English is the de facto language of Singapore, a significant minority speaks Mandarin. Therefore, you can consider Mandarin Chinese.

      1. Avatar
        Radhika Varshney

        Thank you very much. Can you help me with one more thing? Will Advanced Diploma in Mandarin Chinese from DU (St. Stephens and Ramjas) itself will good, or from any pvt. Institutions?

        1. Vikash Gupta

          Yes, Colleges like St. Stephens, Daulat Ram, and Ramjas are good options. But do remember, it will take 3 years to complete the Advanced Diploma. If you go with the private institutions, do take the HSK test to gain international certification.

          1. Avatar
            Radhika Varshney

            Okay. Thank you for your advice. But pvt. Institutions or those colleges, which will be better! I’m asking because forms are out and I’ve to hurry then.

          2. Vikash Gupta

            It depends on the institute and the College. Both have their owns pros and cons. For example, Colleges take more time, but the price is affordable. On the other hand, The quality of teaching at some reputed private institutes are better, but fees are also high. While you won’t get an advanced Diploma, but that can be easily compensated by appearing for the HSK exam.

          3. Avatar
            Radhika Varshney

            Sir, can I contact you in other ways. I want to know several things and good guidance as well. Thank you. [hidden]. If you can contact here.

        2. Avatar
          Trisha Karmakar

          Hello sir I am Trisha Karmakar from Kolkata.
          I have read all the comments but still, I’m confused. I want a clear answer. Please help sir. I want to build up my career in a foreign language. Can you please tell me which language has more job opportunities in India or all over the world! French or German!

          1. Vikash Gupta

            I understand your dilemma, but I don’t recommend which language to learn for various reasons. This is something you have to decide on your own.

  43. Avatar
    Dr Vaidehi Parekh

    Hello sir.
    My name is Vaidehi, and I am a dentist. But I want to learn any foreign language and take that as a career. But I stay in Baroda, Gujarat, and I am the mother of a 7-year boy. So I shifting to another city is not an option. So, I am confused that if I spend a few years learning any foreign language and if that has no career option in Baroda, then all will go in vain. So can you suggest which language should I learn and pursue a career staying in Baroda (online) or so?

    Thank you

    1. Vikash Gupta

      I always use to think that a career as a Dentist is good. But, if you wish to learn a foreign language, you can pick one of the popular and no so hard languages. French, German, and Spanish are three great choices.

      Alliance Française in Baroda teaches French from Beginners to Advanced level. You can also search for German or Spanish courses in nearby private institutes. I’m sure you will find some opportunities there in the future. Good luck!

  44. Avatar

    Hello Sir, Gaurav this side from New Delhi.

    I have done Masters of Commerce and Graduation from DU and have been working in the corporate sector for 4 years. This means that I am from Commerce stream with 4 yrs of experience in the corporate world. Nowadays, I am thinking to learn a language to make my profile more strong. Moreover, I am thinking to go abroad after leaning a language whether for studies or Immigration.

    Consequently, I really need to select that language that offers me all the benefits ahead like Foreign studies, Immigration, or Professional life. I am thinking about German but somehow confused. Could you please help me out to select the best language to learn?

    Thanks and Regards,
    Gaurav Chandel

    1. Vikash Gupta

      There is no best language. It all depends on individual perspective and specific goal. For example, French is an added advantage in Canada, whereas German plays a vital role in central Europe. Then in the Southern United States, Central and South America, Spanish matters. Think about the benefits associated with some of the popular languages, and pick the one as per your understanding. And, yes, German is also a great choice.

  45. Avatar

    Hello Sir, Namaste! I have learned the French Language with Delf B1 and couldn’t continue as I could not make both ends meet those days. After finishing it, I got a job in MNC as a chatting executive with Canadians. After working for 9 months over there I have been selected as Postal Assistant in India post. I couldn’t decide whether to join it or not, but my friends and family members forced me to join the postal dept as it’s a central govt job.

    Now the problem arises. I feel regret after joining this, and I didn’t really like the work and administration here and also I could not go back. Now, I started learning Japanese. Could you please suggest to me whether I could get a good amount of salary with N3 or should I continue in Postal dept or should I do more. Kindly clarify me with a kind heart.

    1. Vikash Gupta

      ‘A Bird in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bush.’ I’d recommend continuing with your current job, and simultaneously learn Japanese to achieve N2/N1 in next few years. In the future, if you find great opportunities involving languages, you can consider quitting your existing job, or you can also work as a part-time Freelance with your language skills.

  46. Avatar

    Hello sir, I am pursuing an advanced diploma in French from St Stephens College of Delhi University and a diploma in Retail Marketing and IT. Can you advise me on what can I do further?

    1. Vikash Gupta

      If you have already completed the bachelor program, you can consider an MBA, MA in French, or DALF C1/C2. It all depends on your career goals.

  47. Avatar

    Hello sir, I completed my 12th class with PCB and I want to become at least an interpreter in the Korean language. I am from Delhi. Which course or program will get me a stable job?

    1. Vikash Gupta

      To become an interpreter, you need to achieve near-native level fluency in Korean. For that, long term courses like BA + MA in Korean, or enroll in any private institute or Korean culture center to complete TOPIK level 6 in a few years.

  48. Avatar

    Hello sir,
    I am preparing for JLPT n4, and I am very confused. Should I complete graduation in B.Com or B.Sc.? And will I get a job in India after n3?

    1. Vikash Gupta

      After N3, you can find some entry-level jobs, however, aim for at least N2 for a better opportunity. B.Com or B.Sc. is quite subjective, and only you can decide.

  49. Avatar

    Sir, up to which level should I’ve to learn for better job opportunities? And I’ll do BCom. as well as the German language. So what if I completed my language course before graduation?

      1. Avatar

        Sir, I am a CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT and a COMPANY SECRETARY, and I want to pursue teaching foreign languages as a career as I am passionate about teaching. Can you Please guide which language should I learn for the same having no prior experience in foreign languages. Which will help me grow my teaching career in India? Also, I am very much open to freelancing translation of foreign languages as a career too. These both sides I want to pursue.

        1. Vikash Gupta

          This is the most difficult and frequently asked question I get. Sadly, there is no perfect language that suits all. You can make a career as a teacher or translator literally in any of the top 10/15 languages. The choice of the language is totally subjective and depends on multiple factors like your language learning ability, duration, interest, location, and goal. I’d suggest reading several language-related articles over the next few weeks, and then take the decision that fits your understanding.

  50. Avatar
    Aakansha Kalsulkar

    Hello sir,
    I just completed my 12th grade via the science stream and I am interested in pursuing a career related to foreign languages. If I have to begin, what would be the process of doing so? and would it be necessary to have a degree in either bsc or ba?

    1. Vikash Gupta

      First, choose a language, and then decide the language course. If you don’t want to totally depend on languages, you can go with any stream of your choice, along with part-time language programs.

  51. Avatar

    Sir, if a bachelor’s degree in any foreign language only provides any job? If I want to pursue any other program and language learning as a side course, which course will do good?

    1. Vikash Gupta

      Both options are fine, but the 2nd choice will provide more opportunities, and you won’t be dependent on only one skill.

  52. Avatar

    Hello sir,
    I want to learn Spanish and want to make a career in this language. I am 39 yrs old. Which job would I get after doing a certificate course?

  53. Avatar

    Dear Sir, I am looking for a specialized foreign language for my son who is doing his final year BBA an intense course. Which language would you suggest and which is the most trusted place to learn?

    1. Vikash Gupta

      The choice of language is a pretty subjective thing, and that’s why I don’t suggest any particular one. Once you decide the language, I can recommend you some good options. Do mention the city.

  54. Avatar

    Hello sir, I’ve been studying Spanish for 2 years and I’m currently on DELE B1 level. But apart from the DELE course, I haven’t done any graduation course. So I wanted to know that will this affect on my job selection, Is a degree like BA or Bsc important for a selection in Spanish jobs or should I solely focus on preparing for my DELE as I have a target of at least C1 level?

      1. Avatar

        Gracias señor, Also I was reading about eligibility for entrance in MA Spanish in a university. It says:
        • A bachelor’s Spanish OR a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline with a certificate of B1 level proficiency equivalent to Advanced Diploma in Spanish
        •Students pursuing the above qualifying exams are also eligible to apply for the course.
        I just wanted to confirm is this true?

        1. Vikash Gupta

          Yes, Graduation and Spanish knowledge, similar to BA/Advanced Diploma in Spanish or B2, are required to clear the MA entrance test.

  55. Avatar

    Hi sir. I’m Nitin. I’m pursuing IT. I’m learning the Japanese language as an academic subject. Other than that, my college provides a course by Japanese foundation for a fee. Now I’m thinking, is it useful to pay the fees and complete a course offered by that foundation, or else shall I stop only with the language only as an academic subject?

    Does the Japanese language is considered as only an added advantage? Or does it play a major role in placements? Just learning N5 and N4 will get me a job? Could you tell me about other various applications of the language in engineering and technology, sir?

    1. Vikash Gupta

      If you’re intrigued by the Japanese language, you can take the beginner’s level. It won’t make a significant difference as far as placement is concerned, but can add some value to your CV.

      The N5 and N4 are JLPT exams, and you will get the certification once you pass the exam. Later, as per your interest, you can continue until N2/N1 and make a full-fledged career as a Japanese specialist in any industry, including engineering and IT.

      1. Avatar

        Currently, I am studying plus two CBSE, and I am interested to learn a foreign language. But I am confused about choosing the language, Sir. Please don’t reply like ‘it’s ur choice’.. Kindly guide me to the next level.

        1. Vikash Gupta

          Of so many choices and reasons, it is nearly impossible to suggest “one” particular language. What works for someone may not work for you. A vast majority quit learning Mandarin within a year because it is too tricky despite great career possibilities. Similarly, many don’t feel like studying Italian due to insufficient opportunities, but I believe it is one of the most beautiful languages, and that is a convincing reason, at least for me. The most important reason to learn any language should be interest or a specific goal. If you don’t have, read more until you find one. Perhaps, this can help you — How to Choose a Language to Learn. Good luck!

    2. Avatar
      Vidhi Bhuptani

      Currently, I am pursuing B1 from Alliance Française, and I had spoken to you previously regarding MA in French. I also want to know whether specialization in International Trade Management, along with the diploma in the French language is a good combination for career prospects?

      1. Vikash Gupta

        MBA or PGDM is a good option, along with B2. I don’t know much about the specialization of international trade management and the career opportunities associated with it. So, difficult for me to suggest.

  56. Avatar

    Hi, I have done B.Com and M.Com both from distance education mode. I want to know that whether learning a foreign language will help me in fetching a good job? I want to learn German and want to work as a school teacher or a translator. As I neither have a regular degree, nor I am an MBA. I am quite confused about whether learning this language will help me or not. Please guide.

    1. Vikash Gupta

      You can get a job, but it depends on your engagement with the German language and place you’re living. You can try for regular classes at any reputed institution. So, you learn correctly and earn a certification in the end. You can also consider the Goethe-Zertifikat exam. Many schools also demand a B.Ed degree. For translation work, you need a higher level of proficiency. Keep al these in mind before start learning German.

  57. Avatar

    Hi sir,
    I’m thinking of doing some foreign language courses, but I doubt that nowadays technology becomes so advanced that machines can do the work of translator/interpreter. So I’m confused that there is a vast scope of learning a foreign language or not.

    1. Vikash Gupta

      Translation and Interpretation is just one possibility for language learners. There are infinite opportunities in a variety of industries. Translating technology is, indeed, becoming more powerful. However, machine translations can never replace human translation. The machine cannot translate accurately when words or phrases have multiple meanings, and when it depends on the context to know what is meant.

      Then we have things such as idioms, tone, proverbs, and varieties. For high accuracy, human translators are required, and this is not going to change anytime soon.

  58. Avatar

    I want to learn a foreign language, but I am confused like most important language to learn. Which type of language learning and levels I need. Please guide me, sir.

    1. Vikash Gupta

      There is no most important language. You can select one of the popular ones and can aim for at least an upper-intermediate level to help you in your career. Rest you can read the blog to understand more.

      1. Avatar

        Hello sir, I have done master in economics and after that, I wasted some time preparing for govt exams which lead to a 3-4 year gap after my master’s. Now, i want to add some fruitful thing to my CV so as to get a better job and sir i want to learn Japanese but some people have recommended that Japanese will not suit my background so I should go for Spanish because Japanese is more towards the technical background. So sir please solve my problem between these two languages.

        1. Vikash Gupta

          Although many Japanese-related jobs indeed require technical expertise, you can still find opportunities without that. However, Japanese isn’t an easy language. If you want something simpler to help you out in the career, Spanish is a great choice.

  59. Avatar

    Hello Sir,

    I wish to learn a language and become a teacher. I am already in my 40s. What course do you suggest to learn a language?

    1. Vikash Gupta

      Select a language, and go with a long term course (2-3 years) in any private institute to achieve upper-intermediate or advanced proficiency.

  60. Avatar

    How does a foreign language course (Degree/diploma) stand as a career option for a 12th-grade Humanities student in comparison to other career options like BA/ BEd/ Law/ Visual/ Performance/ Literary Arts, etc.? Can I, as a parent, rely on a degree course in Foreign languages for my son (assuming he has a keen interest in foreign languages)? Does it pay well?

  61. Avatar
    Miss.Vaidehi Sandip Dawande

    Hello Vikash Sir,
    I am currently in class 12th in Science Stream and wish to learn a foreign language and to explore my knowledge also through it. Can I choose a foreign language as my career even after my 12th science stream?

      1. Avatar
        Miss.Vaidehi Sandip Dawande

        For the Japanese language, which college will be best in Maharashtra. What will be its minimum range of fees?

        1. Vikash Gupta

          There are not many options to learn Japanese at any University in Maharashtra. You can try 3-years Advanced Diploma at Mumbai University or BA in Japanese from Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth in Pune. You can contact the respective institutions for the fee though it would be affordable.

          1. Avatar

            Hello Vikash sir,
            Sir, I am a student of commerce stream, this year I will give my 12 board exam, after this, I am thinking to pursue a degree in a foreign language. My question is, what is the duration of the courses related to these languages and is it equal to graduation? Because graduation is important for any higher level.

    1. Avatar

      Sir, only a language course is enough to build a better career in the future? I want to do something else that relates to the language course.

      1. Vikash Gupta

        Yes, one can make a full-fledged career in languages only with language skills. If you don’t want to take the risk, opt for another long term course other than language.

  62. Avatar

    Hello sir,
    Myself Anchit completed my graduation as marine engineering and pursing as a marine engineer. After every contract, I get a time-lapse for 3 to 4 months, so I want to utilize this time to learn a foreign language and build my career in future when I don’t want to go on a ship. So please guide me accordingly. Since I want to work as an interpreter or translator as a government employee.

    1. Vikash Gupta

      Learning a new language is a great way to enhance personal and professional horizons. You can pick one language as per your interest and start learning it. The choice of language is entirely subjective, and only you can decide. I’d suggest you spend some time reading before beginning the journey of language fluency.

  63. Avatar

    Hello sir,
    I am a Graduate in English (Hons), and I wish to carry on my studies taking a foreign language as a subject like Japanese or Korean. I wish to aspire to a good career, in the long run, taking these subjects. What should I do regarding the courses? Please help.
    Thank you, sir.

    1. Vikash Gupta

      Firstly, you can choose which language you wish to begin. Once you have decided, and depending on your location, you can enroll in one of the learning centers to complete at least an upper-intermediate course. Then to gauge your level, you can appear for international language tests like TOPIK or JLPT. You’ll find plenty of employment possibilities across India.

  64. Avatar

    I have a Bachelor’s degree in Arts and a Diploma in GDT. I’ve studied optional French for four years in college (2 years in PU and 2 years in the University). I also started learning Spanish at home for the fun of it. Is the degree enough to get me an entry-level job? Should I go for a Diploma/ a Certificate course or apply for a higher degree in these languages?

    1. Vikash Gupta

      Sorry, I didn’t get you. If you wish to work based on languages, then you have to consider an Advanced Diploma or B1/B2 in languages. Optional French and some knowledge of Spanish are usually not that helpful in the job hunt.

  65. Avatar

    Hello sir, I am a teacher in a technical school, but I want to become a French language teacher. What type of opportunities can i get after learning?

  66. Avatar

    Sir, I’m in class 12. I want to do foreign language course after 12. Which is the best language and college for this course?

    1. Avatar

      Sir, I want to know what kind of IT courses are suitable for a foreign language learner? These days there are many jobs for language learners in the IT field which demand specific skills besides the knowledge of the language. I have done german till C.

  67. Avatar

    My sister is pursuing BBA. She wants to build a career in a foreign language. Could you please help here with understanding the scope of learning a foreign language with BBA. She also wants to do an MBA after working for a few years. Is it relevant to learn the foreign language along with BBA and MBA? Thanks in advance!! 🙂

      1. Avatar

        Hi sir, if you give some advice for better foreign language. I live in Kolkata and im 22yr old, and doing (undergraduate). So sir, which foreign language is suitable for me? Please guide me.

  68. Avatar

    I am doing Bachelor with the German language. And I am confused with MBA and Masters with German. Can you please guide me? Or any other better option than MBA and MA? Please suggest me better.

    1. Vikash Gupta

      You can study German part-time, but the same is not possible with an MBA. Thus, a Full-time MBA in in-demand specialization from a reputed University along with a part-time German course is an excellent combination.

  69. Avatar

    Hi Vikash,
    I am 35 years old and have a decade of experience as a journalist and content writer put together. I have also done B2 in German from the Goethe Institut and am looking to finish C1 as well. Will I get good job opportunities as a teacher or translator after I finish C1? Is it advisable to do an MA in German too? I am looking at JNU and EFLU as options in India. Please suggest.

    1. Vikash Gupta

      C1 is enough to become a German teacher. Maybe you can pursue C2 too if your intent to become a translator.

  70. Avatar

    I am 38 yrs and working in IT. Would like to take up a foreign language as a secondary profession in 4 to 5 yrs from now. Please advise which language is most close to English. I am confused between Spanish, German, and French. Although I see French is more widespread in terms of teaching institutions in India.

    1. Vikash Gupta

      Between three, German is the closest to English since both belong to the family of Germanic languages. On the other hand, French and Spanish are part of the Romance group. Yes, French is the most popular language as far as teaching is concerned.

      1. Avatar

        Sir, I did English Hons from Patna university. I am planning to study a certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma in a foreign language from Jamia Islamia college Delhi. I’m preparing for the entrance test. Please guide me. Which language I should go for and is it beneficial for my career job opportunities

        1. Vikash Gupta

          I’m a language-agnostic as far the choice is concerned. Thus, I usually don’t recommend a particular language. Maybe you can read some of the articles on this blog on the same topic.

  71. Avatar

    Sir, I’m from Delhi and doing BA from IGNOU. And I want to do a language course. Which language course I should choose for more income and what is the expected salary after doing a language course. And from where I should take admission? Please guide me how can I be a language teacher, and what’s the step to be a teacher?

    1. Vikash Gupta

      So many questions! You have asked for everything. I suggest you read some of the articles, go through it slowly over the next few days. Then, you can ask any specific question! I ‘ll be glad to help you 🙂

  72. Avatar
    Hiron Jyoti Deori

    I am planning to learn the Japanese language to grow my career. I have done my graduation in mechanical engineering. I need your advice. Will it be good for me to learn Japanese language and what will be the opportunities I will be getting to build my career.

    1. Vikash Gupta

      Yes, but that will take a long time. Once you achieve a higher competency level, you can explore the opportunities! Till then keep learning and keep your career options open!

    1. Vikash Gupta

      Well, the last date to apply for session 2019-2020 is over. In which city, you wish to enroll? Let me know!

  73. Avatar

    Sir, I’m doing BCom, and I want a pursue a foreign language. Which foreign language has more demand in the market as of now?

    1. Vikash Gupta

      While it is possible to learn two languages at the same time, I, however, don’t recommend that. The danger of confusing them would be too great. Expanding yourself thin is another way of not providing each language the attention it deserves. You can achieve the Lower/Upper Intermediate level in 2 years. Thus, two languages in 4 years are a realistic approach.

  74. Avatar

    Sir, I am 21 yr old. I want to learn a foreign language, and I want to get a better salary or opportunities. After marriage now, I am in Mumbai. So, Which Language offers more job vacancy in Mumbai.

  75. Avatar

    Hello Vikash,
    I am 32 yrs engineering graduate and presently working in the Industrial Automation sector. I am very much interested to learn any foreign language part-time, which will be helpful for a job opportunity abroad only. So I am confused between German and French. Can you suggest which one will be better as per industry automation concern and land me a good opportunity? How long will I take to learn it? Also, can you suggest which way it will be better like online courses or in some institute? And please recommend some good part-time institute in Pune! And some youtube channel if online is better!

  76. Avatar

    Hello sir,
    I’m waiting for my final year result of graduation from School of open learning, DU. How much time would it take to complete an advanced diploma in a foreign language course? How would it be beneficial for me? What kind of job would I get after this? Please guide me.

    1. Vikash Gupta

      Approximately 3 years to achieve a higher level of competence. It will be difficult to answer in a few lines. You can read some of the articles ion this blog.

  77. Avatar
    Jigyasa pareek

    Sir, I have completed my BCom this year I’m confused between MBA and language course. Which course will give me a good job with good salary please help me with this.

      1. Avatar

        I m MA and B.Ed working in a private school as a teacher. I want to learn a foreign language. Which language will be easy to learn in 1-year certificate course french or Spanish?. Sir, please suggest me.

        1. Vikash Gupta

          Spanish is comparatively easier than French. If you want to learn as a hobby, a 1-year certificate is fine. For career, aim for long-duration courses like a 3-year Advanced Diploma or DELE B2/C1.

  78. Avatar

    Hi, I am Harish Singh and I lived in Thailand for some time. During that time I learned the Thai language spoken and listening part. If there any job option tell me.

      1. Avatar

        Hello sir, I can choose any medical course in the Korean language it’s possible or not, and which stream is good in the Korean language?

        1. Vikash Gupta

          I don’t think that is possible unless you speak Korean like natives. You can pick any good stream as per your goal. There is no particular one that fits the best.

  79. Avatar

    Sir, I have completed my 1st year in BCA. After completing my BCA, I want to make my career as a French language specialist. Sir, I want to give me some tips please sir.

    1. Vikash Gupta

      If you want to make a career as a French expert, why to pursue BCA? Why not BA in French, and after that you will get direct admission in MA in French. Simple, Effective and Affordable. To be eligible for high-paying French specialist jobs in a highly competitive job market, one needs a higher proficiency level which might take 3-5 years. If you have to do BCA for some reason, then my advice is to concentrate on that only. When the time will come, you can nibble about French.

  80. Avatar

    Sir according to you Italian has not much scope as other foreign languages have. According to you learning Italian as a cultural aspect quite okay but as a career aspect it might have fewer opportunities but tell me if it has less scope in comparison to other foreign languages than why GRS offers ba Hons in Italian in its main foreign languages even masters and Ph.D. also. I am totally confused sir if Italian has not much scope than what for I go for political Hons or ba hons in Italian. I have interest in both I don’t which course is more highly paid. Please suggest me sir.

    1. Vikash Gupta

      The DU’s Arts faculty is one of the rare Indian University with BA, MA, Ph.D. in the Italian program. Even prominent universities like JNU, BHU, EFL, MU, PU, VBU, and many more do not offer a similar course. Similarly, Arabic, Tibetan, Persian are offered by over 20 Universities. These things have nothing to do with the career scope.

      If you have the interest, you should learn Italian. While job opportunities are limited but the number of people learning Italian in India is significantly lower compared to other popular foreign languages.

  81. Avatar

    Hii sir,
    M from Chhattisgarh (rajnandgaon). I am 12th passed in the year 2019 and taking admission in BSc (maths) and heard of a language course. Please guide me from where I can do this course and in which language so that get job easily and I am so confused about my future and where to apply after completing this course.

    1. Vikash Gupta

      Most of the good courses and jobs are available only in big cities. Even if I recommend you some course, it might not be possible to pursue in Chhattisgarh. Considering the fact that you are about to start full-time BSc, Will you able to move to some other city like Delhi or Kolkata to pursue such language programs for the next few years? Think what is feasible for you, then I can guide you in a better way.

  82. Avatar

    Sir, I just passed my 12th board and wants to do BA in German. What is the scope of job in this language and what I can do to get a better job ?

    1. Vikash Gupta

      I think you are a little late to apply for BA in German since the last date is over for most of the Universities.

      1. Avatar
        Anchal Bhandari

        Hello Sir, I am pursuing B.Sc. honors in Forestry. And this is my last year. I want to learn a foreign language just to start my career as a teacher. But I am confused about how much chances are there to become successful in being a teacher. And what is the salary of a teacher in India?

        1. Vikash Gupta

          If you want to change your career to languages, you have to start from zero. This will take time and money. The career prospect and earnings as a language teacher are good if you have decent experience, and you are living in one of the top cities.

  83. Avatar

    Hello, I have pursued BSC biotech and I am planning to change my field, and focusing on the German language as a career option, I was inspired by the ways you provided above, but I am still really concerned about getting a good fine job after completing B1 certificate.

    Please guide me How to start my career, as in earnings? As German teacher requires the experience of 2-3 years. Will BPO or ITES experience helps? Is it reputable? What I have to do get a job in the German embassy? Thanks!

    1. Vikash Gupta

      Hi Neelima,

      Few Points:- (i) These days B1 is not enough to get any decent-paying jobs. Aim for at least B2 if not C1. (ii) While Experience is a prerequisite in nearly every professional career, you can still find many entry-level jobs that don’t need any experience. (iii) The experience in BPO, KPO, and ITES might not help in your teaching career. Job reputation is a quite subjective thing. (iv) Getting a job in an embassy is difficult. You may need other in-demand qualifications like MBA, experience, and contacts. German is just an added advantage.

      Think about learning German and not career or monetary gain. Most people achieve a higher level because of interest and once you learn it properly, you will surely find something good enough.

  84. Avatar

    Sir, I am doing from du (non-collegiate 1st yr) and also Diploma in German from YMCA. I want to go further in this field. Can I do a full-time course from du? and from where I can do. Please tell me everything.

    1. Vikash Gupta

      Only the GRS Department at Arts Faculty of DU offers Full-time BA in German.

      Admission is done on the basis of marks obtained in 12th. You can apply when forms will be available in 1st week of June. In addition, you can also join any reputed private institute after the YMCA course with an aim to complete B2.

  85. Avatar

    Sir, I have completed Chinese language course so how can I further work, how to go for a job in India itself? Please guide me.

    1. Vikash Gupta

      The career possibilities in Chinese can open up depending on your level of engagement. You can apply to any new openings as the requirement, proficiency in Mandarin, and location. You can register on various job portals for the same.

      1. Avatar

        Hi 你好
        I am 12th passed. I am currently looking for a college or a university where I can learn the Chinese language with having a good certificate or degrees. So Sir, please guide me where I can learn Chinese, especially in Northern India. 谢谢?

        1. Vikash Gupta

          Ramjas, Jamia Millia Islamia, Doon University, St. Stephen’s College, Ramjas, and Sri Venkateswara are some good Colleges in North India, from where you can study Chinese. All are reputed Colleges and provide Diplomas/Degrees in the Chinese language.

  86. Avatar

    Does completing B2 along with graduation from Delhi University offer good career opportunity in Spanish.

    1. Vikash Gupta

      Usually Yes, but it also depends on several factors including subjects you undertook in the bachelor program. You can always do a Masters in in-demand subjects.

  87. Avatar

    I m nearly 37 years old and banker by profession, I would like to learn a foreign language (interest), is there any chance to get a career for me.

    1. Vikash Gupta

      You can definitely learn a new language as a hobby or interest. From a career perspective, it may or may not benefit. It depends on several factors, both subjective and objective. If you wish to learn, you should but only as a hobby and who knows you might end up getting something you want with the combination of your existing and language skills.

  88. Avatar

    I just gave my boards and I want to take up Japanese for my further studies. Sir can you suggest me some colleges (govt. / private) that offers full time course for Japanese language. And if I take up Japanese language what can I be in the future?

    1. Vikash Gupta

      There are several Colleges and Universities with a full-time Japanese program but without knowing the city where you want to study, it would be difficult to suggest anything meaningful.

  89. Avatar

    I’m learning Japanese and I’m in commerce stream. After bcom what job can I do related to foreign language?

    1. Vikash Gupta

      That will depend on your skillset including Japanese and job type. For example, if you are proficient in Japanese, you can make a career as a Translator and Interpreter. On the other hand, the intermediate-level (like JLPT N3) can help you land a job in any BPO or KPO industry.

      In the end, the job options will depend on your proficiency in Japanese or any language. You can appear for JLPT to check your Japanese level.

    2. Avatar

      Hi sir, I have done B.Com correspondence from Delhi University in the year 2015. Then I started doing a job in the travel industry. Now I want to join the full-time German language course. Please suggest should I go for Delhi university or any private institute?

  90. Avatar

    Hello sir. I’m 20 years old from Delhi. My Spanish exams are going on of level B2 from Delhi University. But still, I’m not sure that what do I have to do in future !! I’m thinking to do the advanced diploma in Spanish language but I’m confused a lot. I’ll complete my B2 level around August. I’m concerned for the future.

    1. Vikash Gupta

      DU does not conduct any DELE B2 classes. The University offers Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma. If you’re doing a Diploma in Spanish (which is not equivalent to B2), then you can continue with Advanced Diploma. After completing that, you can try for DELE B2 or C1 exam.

      Additionally, there is also an option to appear for the entrance test for MA in Spanish from DU’s Arts faculty (Dept. of GRS) or JNU. If you’re concerned about the future, you can add more skills to enhance your career prospects.

    1. Vikash Gupta

      There is no particular language that matches with M.Sc. in Physics. You can learn any foreign language as per your interest, goal, or any future planning.

  91. Avatar

    Sir I m in 1st year in Ramjas College, Delhi University pursuing History Hons..I want to know if diploma in any foreign language will be enough for getting me a reputed and high salaried job. if not, then when and which course should I do while continuing my graduation.

    1. Vikash Gupta

      Firstly, you have to pick a language. If you’re interested in jobs involving languages, you should at least aim for higher-level like 3-year Advanced Diploma or B2 or equivalent depending on the language. After the Advanced Diploma, you can also try for MA in the language concerned. For a successful career as a language specialist, think about long term course.

      1. Avatar

        I want to learn Korean. I am a computer science student. Which university should I choose and what I can do later on as in career?

        1. Vikash Gupta

          DU, JNU, Jamia Millia Islamia, CUJ Ranchi, Nalanda University, Manipur, Jadavpur, Kolkata University are some of the Universities offering a variety of Korean course in India. Additionally, you can also join any private institute with a goal to achieve higher proficiency in TOPIK exam.

  92. Avatar

    Hlo sir ,
    I’m done with my secondary education now and I want to learn French language from Delhi university. What should I do now to get maximum salary just after my course and which course should I pick? Thank you

    1. Vikash Gupta

      You can try 5 years (BA and MA) in French from the GRS department in DU. After MA, you will be eligible for most of the high-paying language jobs. The Admission process will start in 1-2 months and is done through cut-off marks. Read — Delhi University French Course.

  93. Avatar

    I’m currently doing electronics engineering and want to pursue my career ahead in foreign language. is there any scope or opportunities for me to do so?

    1. Vikash Gupta

      Foreign language skills are useful in a variety of industries. The number of language jobs in India are aplenty and growing. The combination of and language offer limited opportunities. If you just want to add an extra skill to enhance your CV, you can learn as a hobby. 1-year short-term course is fine.

      If, however you want to make a full-fledged career in languages, it will take a few years to achieve higher proficiency, a prerequisite for good jobs.

  94. Avatar

    sir i have done my 12th class just now. I want to learn Japanese and after that what kind of jobs can i get and how should i go from this point for learning Japanese?

    1. Vikash Gupta

      There are a variety of jobs, ranging from translator & interpreter to working in an MNC as a Japanese specialist. If you want to make a career in Japanese, you should try long term courses like BA + MA in Japanese or join any reputed institute to achieve higher proficiency like JLPT N2/N1. You can read some articles to get the idea.

  95. Avatar

    Hello sir.
    I aggressively dedicate 2-4 hours daily for my Spanish Skills. How long do you think will it take for me to achieve the B2 proficiency. And what kind is B2 Level? Does that imply a native speaker?

    1. Vikash Gupta

      Well, if you study 15-25 hours weekly, you can achieve B2 language proficiency in 2 years. B2 is equivalent to Upper-Intermediate / Lower Advanced level. No, Native Spanish speaker is technically at a C2 level. As far as I know, Cervantes does not conduct the Spanish DELE C2 exam in India. C1 is enough for most of the language jobs.

      1. Avatar

        Sir i have done my 12th class just now. I want to learn German language and after what kind of job i can get. How i can make career in this and which is best class in Pune for German language and is German language is hard.

        1. Vikash Gupta

          You can try Pune University. The University offers a 3-year Part-time Advanced Diploma in German. After that, you can also try for MA in German. Fergusson College and Modern College of Arts also offer a BA in German. You can also enroll one of the reputed private institutes like Goethe-Institut, ASAP, or SIFIL with a goal to complete Goethe-Zertifikat B2 in 3 years. German is neither difficult nor easy. There are plenty of Jobs.

    1. Vikash Gupta

      That will depend on you. If you have the interest or want to learn from a career perspective, you can definitely embark on the journey of Japanese learning. Do remember, that learning Japanese takes time, at least a few years.

  96. Avatar

    Hello Sir
    I’m a graduate in Bachelors of Journalism & Mass communications. Currently I’m working with a Production house but side by side I’m also pursuing Certificate course in Spanish Language (Part- time) from DU. And with my interest leaning towards spanish, I want to pursue a career ahead. Please guide me the educational qualifications needed for applying in the jobs in MNC and embassy. Also, after certificate course, there is Diploma and Adv. Diploma. so do I need to pursue them or should I go with higher degree in Spanish. I’m awaiting for your response.

    1. Vikash Gupta

      Either you can target Advanced Diploma from DU, or join any reputed institute with an aim to complete DELE B2. The latter is better though little expensive. To clear the entrance for MA in Spanish, you need knowledge equivalent to Advanced Diploma or B2.

      If you don’t go with MA, you will still be eligible for at least 70% jobs in MNC. Let me know if you have any questions.

    2. Avatar

      I have done 12th class. I want to ba (hons) in foreign language like as German or French. Is jnu is best for me. And please tell about career opportunity after completion of the course.

      1. Vikash Gupta

        You should definitely try for the JNU entrance test. After a BA, you can pursue an MA. You can also apply to any new opening as diverse as interpreting, translation, teaching, tour guide, customer support, content writer, in the tourism and hospitality sector, as a language specialist in the MNC, export-import business, just to name a few. Read – Language Courses in JNU

  97. Avatar

    Respected Sir:
    I am now 39 years of age, completed my graduation in 2001 with B.Sc. (BIOSCIENCE) from C.U. and now I am keen to learn a foreign language. Could you guide me on which language would be the right option to lean for me and also please let me know it is a suitable time to learn a foreign language? Also please guide me career option after learning this. I have been working in the ITES-BPO industry for the past 18.5 years in Kolkata.

    1. Vikash Gupta

      Age is no barrier to learning languages. Spanish and French are the two most popular foreign languages in the BPO industries. I would suggest you read a few articles and then decide.

  98. Avatar

    Hello Sir,
    I am working in the BPO sector for the last 2 yrs but I am not good at English. I want to learn the Japanese language. In how many days I can learn good Japanese. Is this the right choice if I am looking at this language as a career? or which language is suitable in corporate? Please guide me, Sir.

    1. Vikash Gupta

      Japanese is indeed a good choice. Japanese offers plenty of job opportunities. You can read more and make the right decision.

  99. Avatar

    Hello sir,
    I have completed my graduation in ba (prog) from Delhi university in 2017, from the last 2 years I am preparing for the government job. I want to start my career in a language course for job prospects. How to start and which language to choose and how much it will cost. I want to work in MNC, so what’s the job after learning language course. please guide me.

    1. Vikash Gupta

      Choosing the right language is the first and very important decision on the language journey. No language is better or best. It is an extremely subjective topic. French, Spanish, German, Japanese, and Chinese are the top 5 foreign languages in India.

      The rest of the questions will depend on several factors. There are hundreds of language jobs and learning centres. It will be difficult to suggest anything specific. I suggest you to first decide the language, then later I can recommend you something specific.

  100. Avatar

    Hello Sir,
    Currently, I am pursuing a BA (Hons.) in German from BHU. I want to know different courses and fields in which I can go. And what is the procedure for it?

    1. Vikash Gupta

      After BA, you can try for an MA in German from any reputed university like JNU, Pune University, Mumbai University, DU, or BHU. Admission will be easy in BHU since you’re an existing student. In other universities, admission is generally through the entrance exam. You can also appear for the International German test to check your German.

  101. Avatar

    Thankful to you Sir.
    But Will you elaborate it, please! I mean how one can get for IFS and What area I need to look in IFS for Foreign Language thing. Even I’ve heard in one of the articles for applying UPSC exams, so how that plays a role.

    1. Vikash Gupta

      I’ve already replied that prior knowledge in a foreign language is not required if you want to be IFS. They will teach you during the training once you’re selected with a good rank. As far as IFS, UPSC, etc. are concerned, this is out of my competence area. So, it will be difficult for me to answer. You can contact someone else.

  102. Avatar

    Hello Mr. Gupta,
    You really shared important information for clearing anybody with a linguistic career. Wondering if you could help in more detail about post-learning language job options and also as foreign diplomats via clearing UPSC exams. Help with your knowledge and experience!

    1. Vikash Gupta

      The entire article is full of job options in foreign languages. These days, foreign language skills are required in several sectors. You don’t need to know a foreign language to be eligible for the IFS or diplomat, although you will have to learn one Compulsory Foreign Language (CFL) during your training after you’ve been selected. If you secure a high rank in the civil services, then you can choose IFS and decide which language you want to learn. Prior knowledge in a foreign language is not required.

    1. Vikash Gupta

      Demand on what sense? Spanish offers more entry-level KPO/BPO Jobs and it is quite easy to learn for English speakers. It is also more useful in the USA, Central & South America. Thus, if you don’t want to take the risk and want to learn a language with a decent opportunity in 2 years – Spanish is the right choice.

      On the other hand, the Japanese offer more high-paying jobs provided that you are ready to study for the next 3-4 years. Japanese is also more useful in the field of engineering, multimedia, electronics, etc. People also learn as a hobby since the Japanese offer a unique learning experience. I like both that is why I have studied both.

    1. Vikash Gupta

      You can choose between French, Spanish, and Japanese. All 3 offer plenty of career opportunities. Between 3 – Spanish is the easiest one and the Japanese is the most difficult one.

      1. Avatar

        Hi I had a query. I’m an architect by profession 20 years in the field. I am 40 right now and interested in learning a language for an alternative to the main career. I have left my job to take care of my 12 yr old and would like to which language would be better, prospects for the same and which institution would be good for learning. Staying in Mumbai

        1. Vikash Gupta

          While learning a language is a good thing. I’m not sure changing your career after 20 years of experience is the right thing to do. I believe success comes from experience. In the end, only you can decide. Since east Asian language will take a long time to master. Thus, you can pick between French, Spanish or German. All three are equally popular from a career perspective.

          Whatever you decide, aim for high-level proficiency like B2. For French – One of the 7 centres of Alliance Française, German – Goethe-Institut, and Spanish – Hispanic Horizons or Academia De Español or Instituto Hispania in Mumbai. Read — Language Courses in Mumbai

      2. Avatar

        Sir, I’m 20 from Mumbai, and now I’m pursuing my engineering in electronics and telecommunication (present in 3rd year). So, I’m confused like after my graduation I don’t want to work as an engineer. So, I am quite interested in learning foreign languages, and after graduation in electronics, I want to learn the German language. Please would you suggest me the best institute in Mumbai for learning a language? And sir, if any suggestion for me, please, if I’m on the right track or not?
        Waiting for your concern.

        1. Vikash Gupta

          For German, you can consider Goethe-Institut Max Mueller Bhavan in Mumbai.

          A career shift should happen gradually over time and not merely based on liking and hearsay. A big decision like this shouldn’t be taken in a jiffy. I’d suggest continue in your field and try to get a job related to that after your Concurrently, you can learn German part-time. Based on the circumstances and opportunities, the shift will become apparent in time. You can then choose to act on them that will allow you to move ahead in whatever field suits you best. Good luck Shreya!

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