Benefits of Learning the Spanish Language in India

Are you Interested in Learning Spanish? But maybe you're not sure. Explore excellent benefits, scope, career options, and job opportunities after learning the Spanish language in India.
advantages of learning spanish

Are you Interested in studying Spanish? But maybe you’re not sure. Explore excellent benefits, scope, career options, and job opportunities after learning the Spanish language in India.

Why Learning Spanish is important for Indians

Apart from the fact that acquiring other foreign tongue opens you up to the people and culture of that language, Spanish is one of the most remarkable tongues spoken worldwide. There are several benefits of learning Spanish in India.

If you are an enterprising Indian, learning Spanish will open you up to Spain, the USA, and Latin America in terms of career. Although there are several regional dialects in a different part of the globe, you will do just fine with the particular Spanish you have studied.

Why learn Spanish in the first place?

Benefits of learning Spanish Language in India

If you are wondering why to learn Spanish and who learns and speaks Spanish in India these days, well, I want to tell you that you have been missing a lot. Spanish is one of the best foreign languages to learn for Jobs.

With more than 20 Spanish speaking countries in the world, Spanish is a language spoken by well over 400 million native speakers. In the business field, the Spanish language is proving to be a critical means of closing deals, due to the growing level of economic interaction between India and Spanish speaking nations of the world.

Let’s take a moment to review the place of India in the global economic scale. Presently, Asia is ranked relatively in the universal economy gauge, as the continent is deemed to have reached the halfway mark. A rating that states India is just 10 to 20 years away from becoming a global provider of critical economic activities in areas like agricultural products and sustainable energy.

With these economic activities and interaction in mind, the global economy will need a workforce of over 480 million people. And among this, Spanish will play a crucial role.

Now you see why so many Indians are rushing to learn the language today; you too need to learn Spanish now for many advantages. 

Of the 480 million workforces, the state of India will be providing over 150 million—a workforce that will have to cope with the increasing demand created by the global economy. And it is blessed for those Indians who have different foreign language experience up their sleeves, as more and more international companies flood the Indian market.

For the Indian economy to integrate well with the rest of the world, it needs to create awareness within the educational and private sectors as an attempt to restructure its vision for the foreseeable future. The rate at which India students are now pursuing Spanish courses, it is clear this is already paying off.

You can’t be left behind—the future isn’t far away.

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The career benefits of learning Spanish in India

Acknowledging that Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. A job seeker armed with Spanish language certification on his/her resume will undoubtedly make headway when if push comes to shove in a particular job selection exercise. That’s a tremendous advantage for anyone who wants to travel or conduct business around the globe.

Scope of Spanish in India

If, as an Indian, you are into a business, and you want to increase your market share by diversifying your marketplace. Your ability to market to the ever-increasing Spanish world would open lots of opportunities for you.

Today, several companies in the IT, education sector, Hospitality industry, MNC banks, and export houses are looking for Spanish language experts who can work with them.

You do not need to travel in-person to these Spanish countries. Your ability to market your startup online and focus on Latin America and Spain will give you an improved window of opportunity to increase your market share — even far away from your domestic competitors.

From conglomerates Aditya Birla Group to the IT giant TCS to other Indian companies, all have opened development centers or acquired companies all across Latin America. The jobs involving languages are usually paid quite well. Many Spanish-speaking regions, such as Latin America, are specifically seeking bilateral cooperation with India.

Further, Spanish companies as Navantia, Inditex, Zara, Abengoa, Agroalimen, Indolink, and others are setting up business branches in India. More than 150 Spanish companies have subsidiaries, joint ventures, projects, or liaison offices and purchase offices in India.

The future of Indo-Spanish bilateral relations has been growing steadily with potential sectors like Infrastructure, science, and technology, energy, IT, tourism, biotechnology, environment, agriculture, etc. waiting to be untapped. You can also try Spanish Jobs in the Embassy in India.

The Indian economy maintains close ties with the USA economy in many market areas—providing customers with services, tech support, and many other services in various fields.

You can imagine being able to cater for the needs and services of the ever-growing USA Spanish-speaking population would take your market share to a higher level and increase your business reach and turnover rate. It can only be possible if you know how to speak Spanish.

We are living in the era of globalization—one which makes your native language highly insufficient. With such an overwhelming population of Spanish speakers across the globe, knowledge of the foreign language in India would put you a step ahead of others.

Proficiency in Spanish puts in a firm position to succeed in export and import business to Latin America, and also to the USA, where it is the second most influential language after English.

Career in Spanish

In the tourism sector, the Spanish language plays a vital role, and it’s also very essential for employment in KPO and BPO. Traveling would become more comfortable for you by the time you have started speaking Spanish. Besides, Spanish offers a wide array of job opportunities in the Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality industry.

An Increasing Spanish Job Opportunities in India

In India, as stated earlier, the KPO and BPO industry offers a fantastic career scope in Spanish for speakers and would-be speakers of the language. The majority of these KPO and BPO come from the USA. So many Spanish companies are speedily taking root in India’s vast and ever-growing market. These companies are giving people in India an excellent and reliable career scope in the Spanish language.

With the Spanish language, you have the option of choosing from different career pathways, such a Language Teaching, Traveling and Tourism, Translation, Interpretation, Foreign Service, International Business, and Journalism. These areas where you need proficiency in the Spanish language as a valuable asset that would bring in the big cash.

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Other advantages of studying Spanish

Apart from the career opportunity knowledge of Spanish offers you, there are other reasons why you should learn the language. These are;

1. Cultural Connection

Spain ranked third as one of the most visited nations on earth. The language gives you the ability to interact, blend into the Spanish culture, including those areas outside Spain, such as Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, and more.

Spanish is a beautiful language, and there are lots of critical Spanish histories. You can only learn better if you are equipped with knowledge of this foreign tongue. The Spanish language offers you a wealth of rich and astonishing literature in both traditional and modern art—including music and cinema.

2. A Global Language

Are you aware that some 21 countries of the world speak Spanish as an official language? That’s right. After English and Mandarin, Spanish is the most popular language spoken in Spain, Central, and South America. And as far as volume content is concerned, Spanish is one of the most commonly used tongues on the internet.

3. Inculcating a Bilingual Spirit

A research conducted in the state university of Pennsylvania concluded that the ability for one to juggle and easily switch between different structures builds better brains. That is what learning Spanish as a foreign language offers you. In addition to what you already have as a native and English-speaking Indian.

Studying a foreign language like Spanish in India makes you bilingual. It improves your efficiency in prioritizing tasks, resolving problems, and excelling well in multitasking while creating in you the tendency to make more informed and rational decisions.

Final Thought

Foreign languages like Spanish gives people a competitive edge in a high and ever-increasing competitive world. Whether you are contemplating building a successful business career or just trying to add more firepower to your resume, a course in the Spanish language can do the magic.

As a result of these career prospects, Spanish is now regarded as a full-fledged career and not mere a sideline profession. It is never too late—evidence suggests that you can do it and make a sound investment off it.

Combining all of these benefits and reasons paints a clear picture: You should be studying Spanish. LanguageNext offers a wide range of Spanish classes in Noida.

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Vikash Gupta

Vikash Gupta

I take a great interest in the languages of the world and that is why I choose this career. By profession, I'm a College lecturer and trainer and by passion, I am still a language learner. I write at and

57 thoughts on “Benefits of Learning the Spanish Language in India”

  1. I want to start my career back again. So, I am interested in the Spanish language. Can you please help me which is the best institute to start?

  2. Hello sir, I want to learn a foreign language for my career. I am confused between French and Spanish. What should I prefer?

  3. Hello sir, I am a B.Com graduate and now planning for a pg in history. I also wish to study a foreign language, either French or Spanish, along with that. What would you suggest if I am thinking of a career in language too? I would also like to know the institution providing part-time classes in Delhi.

    1. If you don’t want to put all eggs in one basket, you can learn French or Spanish. There is no disadvantage in that. For part-time language courses in Delhi, you can try Alliance Française and ILSC for French, and Instituto Hispania and Instituto Cervantes for Spanish.

  4. Hello sir.
    I am 36 and currently working in a university in the placements department. I am interested in learning Spanish. Can this language help me in any way in making my career in metro cities or abroad? Please guide me.

      1. Thanks!
        So from where should I learn this language? And can I do it along with my job? Are evening classes available in Delhi? or shall I take a personal sabbatical for this? Will it be safe as we can see the job market at present is down. Please advise me.

        1. There are plenty of options in Delhi/NCR where you can pursue a part-time weekend/evening Spanish classes. No need to leave your current job. Start learning as a hobby, and once you will feel confident enough or get job opportunities, you can consider it as a career.

  5. Hi, I had completed my graduation from GGSIPU in 2016. I have been working in CA FIRM from last 2.5 years. I like traveling, meeting new people, and good at finance. I am looking for a foreign language. Is Spanish a good option or not? Please help me with it.

    Thank you
    Ankur Arora

  6. I want to learn the Czech language, where is the course available in Mumbai or thane? Please mail me Vikasji. What is the scope of business in the Czech Republic country?

    1. As per my knowledge, Delhi University is the only option in India to pursue the Czech language. I’m not the right person to elucidate about the business opportunity in the Czech Republic.

  7. Hello sir,

    I am Divya from Bangalore, I am B2 in Spanish, I wanted to know about the scope of Spanish for part-timers. Do schools hire language teachers? What other options I can look forward to in this regards.

    1. Yes, many Schools do hire a part-time Spanish teacher. Furthermore, you can try a few companies or educational Institutions for a variety of work including a job as a Spanish trainer.

  8. Hello Sir, I passed 12th this year and want to learn a foreign language for my career. Which language should I learn? I’m confused between Japanese and Spanish.

    1. Spanish is relatively easier than Japanese. You can achieve an upper intermediate level in 2 years. If you’re ready to study for 3-5 years, go with Japanese. Career-wise, both are valuable.

      1. Hello Vikash,
        I have experience of 2 years in accounts payable. Does Spanish has the scope of accounts payable and in this automation era? What if I start with at the age of 25?
        Please advice.

        1. While age is no barrier to learning Spanish at 25, however, the opportunities will be limited in the fields mentioned above. It will be useful if you’re working in a company that deals with Spanish speaking clients, people, or region.

  9. Hello Sir,
    Was going through your articles quite some time and am confused a lot in choosing between 2 languages – German or Spanish? Currently working as a Business Analyst (SAP) I was just wondering how useful it would be for my career perspective going for a Foreign language as everything is in English only. Secondly, if not in my full-time job is there any freelance projects in Chennai – once I have completed till B2? Accordingly, I would plan my career. Awaiting your response. Thank you!


    1. Over the past 14 years, I have always recommended learning a foreign language to nearly everyone. Having said that, I rarely suggest a career change for three reasons. Firstly, language learning takes time, much longer than most people anticipate. Additionally, experience matters more! Secondly, there is no guarantee of a bright future. Maybe that was the case a decade ago. Not anymore! A career shift is a precarious decision. Lastly, there are very limited employment opportunities as a freelancer / part-time for language enthusiasts in the overcrowded market. While exceptions are always there but they are not examples.

      Enough of demotivation! I still suggest acquiring a new foreign tongue. The benefits are limitless! There are no cons only pros provided that expectation matches the reality. Keep doing what you’re good at and take a new language as a hobby and who knows you might find something satisfactorily enough down the line. Whatever you choose between German and Spanish, you won’t regret in the future. 🙂

  10. Hello Sir, I just passed 12th and want to learn a foreign language for my career. Which one I should learn? I am confused between Japanese and Spanish.

  11. Good morning sir. I am a post graduate in Agriculture. Which foreign language is beneficial to me to work in India. Prasuna Rani, Hyderabad

    1. I’m not aware of any job where the combination of PG in Agriculture and a foreign language is required. if you’re thinking about a new career as a language specialist, you can pick any language from the list of Top 10 Foreign Languages. A caveat, you have to start from scratch and it will easily take a few years. Think and take an informed decision. Good Luck!

  12. What are the part time jobs for 2 to 3 months in Delhi for a foreign language speaking person like Spanish, french, Chinese, etc?

    1. Most companies don’t hire for 2-3 months. Some companies do offer short-term assignments but to gain these kind of jobs, one has to actively track jobs on various platforms including jobs portal.

      1. Sir, I m doing graduation from du BA Honours from the Spanish language. Can you tell me that internship is required or not. And if needed then at what time I should start it. Thank you.

        1. It depends on the University but usually, an internship is mandatory. Most of the internship takes place during the summer or winter holiday. You have to consult your GRS department.

  13. Hello Vikash,

    I am working as a SAP consultant having total 13 year of experience. What is the scope for me and which language you will advice me to learn? Thank You.

    1. Foreign language won’t make a significant difference in your career as a SAP consultant. Ability to speak a foreign language is an added advantage on your CV if you’re dealing with clients from the region where that language is spoken. French is the most popular choice followed by Spanish and then German for IT professionals. Read — Advantages of learning French, Career Scope in German, Career in Spanish and Which foreign language has more scope in India

  14. Hello sir,
    I am a class 12 student preparing for my board exams. I want to pursue English as my graduate degree but I am also interested in learning Spanish. I am confused as if to take up Spanish a full-time graduate program or do it side by side with my English course? Will it help in my career that I am fluent in both languages?

    1. You can study Spanish part-time and by the time you will complete BA in English, your Spanish will be good enough something like DELE B2. Yes, higher fluency in two languages will add more value to your CV. You should pursue a Master’s in either English or Spanish.

  15. I completed my certificate degree in Spanish from Bhartiya vidya Bhawan and now I want to complete my further course of Spanish from embassy so what’s the process to complete my course from the embassy.

    1. You can visit the Instituto Cervantes in Connaught Place and take the admission. Admission is done on the basis of first-come-first-served. You might have to appear for an orientation test if you want to enroll at any level beyond the first one. You can find all the details at — Spanish Language Classes in Delhi

    2. Hi, could you pls share your experience about language learning from Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan. Because I am also making up my mind to learn the same from BVB. It will be a great favour.

      Neha Sharma

  16. Dear Sir,
    I am completed B.Sc. Hon (Economies) in 2013. Presently working in a private firm. Please guide me on which language should I learn for a better career in the future. I request you to please advise for the same.

    1. Unfortunately, there is no “one-language-fits-all”. People learn different language for different reason. It’s a very subjective and an individual choice. From career point of view — French, Spanish, German, Japanese and Mandarin are top 5 options and offer good job opportunities. You can read more and decide accordingly. Why Learn German? , Career in Mandarin, Scope of Japanese in India , Career Options in Spanish , Benefits of Learning French and Which Language to Learn

  17. Hi Sir,
    Currently, I am working for the BPO Airline ticketing process. I have completed IATA. Could you please suggest me which language I should learn For a better opportunity in the Travel industry. Spanish, French or German?

  18. Hello Sir,
    I’ve completed my graduation in B.A. Hons. (Economics) and currently working with a reputed school in Jaipur in the Admin Department with experience of one year now. I am keen to learn a foreign language that can open me with a wide range of career options. I have learned the basics of French during my secondary level in school, but after reading your article on learning Spanish, now I’m confused between both the languages. I would be grateful if you can help me in choosing a language between these two or any other language that I can choose for a better career path.
    Thank You.

  19. Hello sir,
    Which language should I pursue? as I’ve just completed my major in English and now I’m confused that which language has huge scope and more job opportunities in the future. Spanish I would love to learn. However, a bit worried that if I can do better in other Asian languages like Chinese and Japanese because these are one of the fastest-growing economies. Therefore, please guide me that which language I should go to for European languages or Asian languages? Waiting for your reply.

    1. In European Languages, French and Spanish are the two best options. You can choose either one. Both are equally good. However, if you’re interested in East Asian Languages – You can choose between Japanese, Mandarin or even Korean. Currently, Japanese is the most popular choice in India as far as the career opportunity is concerned. Which one is quite subjective.

      You can read about these languages. Chinese Vs Japanese Vs Korean? and Which Language to Learn?

  20. Your dedication is really appreciated able you spend your time for the student for our better development thanks a lot.

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